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Chapter 1

I was on my bed, dressed in a pair of dark jeans, paired with a yellow shirt and my long dark-brown kinky hair tied into a tight bun.

It was the summer in July and I was set and ready to go to college to fulfill my dreams as a journalist. I’m not quite sure what exactly I want to target as but for now, I want to enjoy the moments I have left yet with close friends here in my small town in Florida.

I was holding an old photo in my hand and in it was me in a park when I was ten, surrounded by my older sister, Jasmine, and my youngest sister Jamie. We’re exactly two years apart. Jasmine is more of the ″mom″ sister, yet the one who has the best sense of humor, while Jamie is more of the Rachel Berry type of sister, controlling, too-blunt, and loves music. I mean love.

There was a knock on the door and I placed the photo on top of my makeup desk, I went by and slowly opened the door and there was Jasmine. She was wearing a green crop-top, off the shoulder, skinny jeans, and her hair was braided in space-buns.

″Hey,″ she said. ″Ready to go to the party?″

I rolled my eyes.

The summer party before going to school. It’s a tradition from the Anderson’s brothers. Lance and Logan. Lance is a bit older just like my sister and Logan are the same age as me. They are the kings at my school, I mean literally.

Tall, dark, and handsome, jocks and their parents literally own the school since they fund the school’s gym. There’s going to be so many people at the party and my introverted self doesn’t think I am capable of being at a big house with people.

Especially white people.

No offense.

Growing up in a white neighborhood, I never really connect with any other classmates except for Robin. She’s Asian and very beautiful and I felt like we were the only ones that got each other, you know?

″Come on, Robin is waiting for us, outside,″ Jasmine said.

″Yeah, let me get my phone,″ I said in a tiring tone.

″Ohh, I’m so excited,″ Jasmine shrieked.

Is this what eighteen feels like?

If so, it feels like shit.

After getting my phone and other items, I left my room and head downstairs. There, Jasmine and I caught Jamie practicing her vocal octaves in front of the mirror as she kept critiquing herself.

″What a loser,″ Jasmine blurts as Jasmine flicks off.

″Jamie!” My mom, Natasha shouts to Jamie when she saw she flicked Jasmine off.

″Bye, mom.″

″Woah, hey,″ she says, coming towards us. She puts a butterfly clip on her fro and twirls to give us a look. ″What y’all think?″

″Umm, pretty,″ I said.

″Pretty? Well, I was expecting you to say fine, sexy.″

Jasmine and I chortled at the same time.

″Yeah, okay, mom, you’re fine,″ Jasmine responds.

″What are you guys heading to?″

″The Andersons,″ Jasmine and I said together.

″Oh, yeah, the party. Ladies, please be careful. You guys know how it is here.″

″Yes, mom.″

″Be back by-″

″Midnight,″ we said again, together. ″We know mom, it’ll be fine,″ I said.

″Why can’t I go?″ Jamie said, coming over next to my mom. She pushed her red locks to the side and gave me and Jasmine the ″come on, let me go with you″ look.

″Cause, you’re a Glee, nobody wants that at the party,″ Jasmine said.

She scoffed my mom let out a soft laugh. We told her good-bye once again and head out, meeting with Robin.

Robin was leaning against her car with her hands in her pocket. Her long brown hair was tight in a slick-ponytail as she waved to us. ″I’ve been waiting for you all-day Smith,″ she said blurting our last-names out loud.

″Sorry!″ I said to her and gave her a quick hug then went inside and sat in the passenger seat as Jasmine sat in the back.

Robin tunes into her turn-up playlist on Spotify as we drove to this big party. We were jamming to I Gotta Feeling from Black Eyed Peas, After by Drake, and lastly Creep by TLC.

We park on the grass next to a pick-up truck. The three got out of the car while others were entering into this enormous home. There were people drinking at the front porch, some in small groups, and others just hanging around.

We walked into a crowd of people dancing to old-school hip hop music.

″Holy shit,″ Robin said, as we looked around trying to find somewhere to hang out.

″Jasmine! Get over here, girl!” Some girl said from a distance. Without a doubt, Jasmine left me and Jasmine over to the popular crowd. Jasmine may be the typical mom sister but she does sure gets attention from the popular folks in highschool. Even after high school she still gets that attention.


I’m still trying to figure that myself.

″Well, Well, what is Ms. Smith doing here,″ Evelyn said. Evelyn or as I and Robin say ″Evil-Lynn.″

Same age as me, a bit taller and sort-of runs the school. She’s one of the popular girls here and not everyone really enjoys being around her. At times, I want to punch her right in the face, other times I just clap back at her in the classiest way ever.

″Evil-Lynn, hi, oh I’m sorry. Evelyn,″ Robin says.

″Hi Ling, oh wait, it’s Robin. Robin right?″ She said.


″Ladies, come over and play Spin the bottle.″

″No thanks.″

″Okay,″ she said then firmly grabs Logan next to her.

There he was.

Logan Anderson. About six feet, messy brown curls with gorgeous hazel eyes. Well defined in every inch of his body and his soft-pink lips gloss after he took of a sip of his drink.

He was handsome from the depth of his eyes. His perfect lips are ripe for the kissing. His strong hands, slightly rough from working, held mine as he stared deep into my eyes. I couldn’t help but blush. His smile etched its way back into his face.

″Logan we are going to play Spin The Bottle, tell everyone,″ she demands.

″What?″ His voice was deep, with a serious tone.

″Spin the bottle tell everyone.″

″Um, okay,″ he said, not knowing why he was there in the first place. He left us alone as my eyes continued to gaze to the back of Logan’s body.

″What are you staring at?″ Evelyn snapped.


″Don’t even think about it Smith, he’s not yours.″

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