Putting The Pieces Back

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It’s the start of senior year when Alia is suddenly pulled out of her fancy prep school, and told that she will be leaving her rich life behind in Westbrook and tossed into the less than ideal North Isles public school. The reason? Her mother and assistant, Brian, will be leaving town and go into hiding while she works on clearing her name before the police come with a warrant. Alia will fend for herself in North Isles. The rule is, she cannot tell anyone she’s from Westbrook, who her mother is, or why she is there. She must wait until her mother comes back – if she ever does. In a new atmosphere and away from her mother’s influence, Alia is able to be herself freely, even with the constant fear of being left in North Isles for good. She befriends Letty, who is free spirited and not afraid to tell you her opinions. It’s not long until Alia’s focus turns to Jay and his group of friends. He’s a good-looking young man who plays the guitar but has a mysterious and dark past that no one will talk about. She grows closer to him, his friends, and Letty but the questions and suspicions about her past come rolling in. They’re easy to dodge until two men break into her apartment and demand to know where her mother is. She can no longer keep Westbrook a secret. And the hunt for her mother puts Alia in dangerous situations.

A. Henderson
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Distraught and filled with rage, Diana Langston yanks her eight-year-old daughter, Alia, into the car. She has had enough of this child. A child she didn’t even want. Her now ex-husband pressured Diana into having the kid, saying that her opinion on children would change. She would be a gentle and loving mother. But after Alia was born, Diana never felt a thing towards her, only detest. When he grew tired of Diana’s inability to show any genuine compassion towards her daughter, he left. Didn’t even take the child he wanted with him.

Diana drives a few miles outside the city limits and finds a spot that has little life or traffic on, and decided this is the right place to leave her daughter. After parking the car on the side of the road, she yanks Alia out of the car, not caring that her daughter falls to the ground and scrapes her knees. Alia, sobbing, looks up at her mother—wondering what she did. But Diana looks at her daughter and doesn’t have a single ounce of regret on her mind for what she’s doing. Maybe a car will drive by and not be paying attention as Alia walks into the road. Maybe a wild animal will drag the child off. Whatever happens, Diana didn’t care, as long as she never had to look at this thing again. “Stop crying.” She yells, but this only ensues more sobbing from Alia. “I never want to see you again!” Those were Diana’s last words to her daughter before getting back into the car and driving away.

Alia watches as the taillights steadily disappear into the darkness. Fear envelopes her as her eyes slowly adjust to the darkness. The night sky offers no light as it’s void of stars and a moon. Unable to move because of fear, Alia sits down on the ground. Hoping that if she waited like a good girl, her mother will come back for her.


Two hours after Diana left her daughter, a recently off duty police officer is traveling home down the same road. He yawns sleepily but reminds himself to pay extra attention to this road because of the wildlife. There have been several calls he has personally responded to of people hitting deer, wolves, hogs, and all sorts of wildlife. As the thought passes through his mind, his eyes spot a pink blob on the side of the road. As he slows his car, the wind blows and lifts dark human hair into the air. He turns his police lights on and safely parks on the side of the road. He steps out of the car, hoping it’s not a dead body. “My name is Officer Riggs; can you hear me?” He says sternly. The body moves and big puffy brown eyes peer up at him. His heart sinks at the sight. “Hey,” His voice is softer than before as he squats down a few feet from Alia, hoping his shrinking size will put her more at ease. “I’m Officer Riggs, what’s your name?”

“A-Alia.” She says, her voice hoarse from hours of crying.

“What are you doing out here by yourself?”

“My-my mom-” Is all she can say before sobs take over her again.

“Hey now, it’s okay.”

“She left me.” Alia screams out through another bout of tears. She stands to her feet and walks over to Officer Riggs with outstretched arms. He embraces her and rubs her back, unsure of how to comfort someone so young. He can feel Alia shivering from the cold, and although it’s summer, the nights out here can get cold—especially for a kid. “Let’s get you somewhere safe.” He leads Alia to his car and lets her sit upfront, knowing the back seat of a police car is no place for her. The drive to his station is short, but it’s enough to get him heated at someone who would leave their child like this. Alia could have been run over! Or dragged off by an animal!

Back at the station, a female officer sits down with Alia to see if she knows her last name, address, or even a phone number. She only knows that her last name is Sanders ‘like her dad because mommy doesn’t like her’. While Officer Riggs is talking to his Captain about Alia, a cop just walks by and hears her last name. “Sanders? I knew a Mike Sanders, but he moved off a few weeks ago.” From this, they’re able to find Diana Langston, who is still living in town. A quick call to her had Officer Riggs in even more of a fury. She feigned ignorance and stated that she had awoken an hour ago to find Alia missing and has been looking every for her. Diana even shows up to the station thirty minutes later in tears. But Officer Riggs knew it was all an act. He’s about to confront her when his Captain holds him back and shakes his head as Diana and Alia walk out of the station. “You can’t honestly believe that Alia walked that far in the middle of the night?” Officer Riggs says angrily.

“I don’t but it’s Dianna Langston.”

“She’s not God.”

“She’s damn well close.”

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