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Rising from the Ashes

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Chapter 2

“Thank you for the ride.” As she sat in the front seat, Shaylee felt comfortable with the officer. His scent filled her senses, calming and soothing her worries. There was something about him. She trusted him completely. She didn’t know why. She was raised to not trust anyone, especially Legendary. But this man was different. She HAD to know him. How could a man make her feel perfectly safe, even after the events of the morning.

She was also incredibly attracted to him. How was it possible for a man to be so gorgeous? He was the perfect specimen of a man. Strong, kind, gorgeous, protective, honest. Everything Shaylee thought a man should be was wrapped in this giant of a man. It was a good thing he drove the Tahoe instead of a cruiser, there’s no way he would fit in the tiny car. His body was very solid. He was built like a tank. “Have you been a cop long?”

“About 5 years." She gave him a look that encouraged him to go on. “I like to help, you know, serve and protect. I’ve always had a soft spot for the little people.”

“Since most people are little compared to you, that pretty much means everyone?” He smiled at her little joke. “Exactly how tall are you?”

Smiling he shook his head “I’m 6’5. And before you ask, I'm 290 pounds, give or take.” She eyed him again from head to thigh and back again. His uniform fit perfectly making him look even hotter.

Damn. If he’s that big, I wonder how big he is elsewhere. Stop it, Shaylee. He’d probably crush you anyway.

“I meant what I said about keeping you safe. I think you may be right about the boss looking for you. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but based on the descriptions you gave me, I’m pretty sure I know who your kidnappers were.” Shaylee looked up, her eyes pleading for more information. “They’re notorious for kidnapping beautiful women and selling them off. Their boss is good at what he does. He knows how to get away with it. Which is why the brothers weren’t in jail.”

“The brothers?” Wait, did he just call me beautiful?

Lance nodded. “Yeah they were brothers. Joey and Jesse Felix.”

Shaylee looked around her, not knowing where he was taking her, she sat up in her seat. “I thought you said you were taking me home."

“I am Angel, just gotta stop at the station.” He gave her a smile, showing his cute dimples.

She relaxed back into her seat. “I’m sorry, I assumed you would take me home first.”

“No worries, guess I should’ve told you. I just have to check in with my Sargent, then we’ll get you squared away. He turned his head toward her and smiled. She smiled back. She had to squeeze her legs tighter, though. He had no idea how much his smile affected her, in ways she had never been moved before.

They arrived at the station. She followed him inside. She checked out his ass all the way to a desk right in front of an office. He had the kind of ass that made you want to drop a quarter, just to watch him pick it up. A quarter-picker, she remembered the inside joke she shared with her best friend and guardian Crae. Oh no, she’s probably worried.

“You can sit here, I’ll be right back.” She nodded as he turned and walked into the office. He winked at her as he shut the door.

She sent Crae a quick text. I’m alright. Be home soon. She looked around trying to get a feel for Officer Lance. His desk was clean. Papers were stacked neatly in a basket. A small laptop sat square in the center. The only personal item was a silver picture frame showing off a photo with two men; Officer Lance O’Neil and a man that looked like he could be his brother. They were definitely related. The only distinguishable difference were the eyes. Where Lance had honey colored eyes, the other man had silvery blue.

Officer O’Neil turned to his boss as he entered the room. “Hey, Garrett. We got a problem.” Leaning forward with his fists on the desk. “The fire was not just a fire, it was an attempted kidnapping. Looks like the Wyvern are at it again."

Sargent Garrett Harris leaned back in his chair and crossed his fingers on his chest. “It was more than that Lancelot. Fire chief said there had to be an accelerant, the fire was over 2500 degrees. We’re talking hotter than jet fuel, but they couldn’t find anything. Also the Wyvern didn’t get out. Looks like Joey and Jesse finally met their match… good riddance. I’ve been wanting to take those two bastards out for centuries. Not sure Dominic is going to be too happy. Shit, the sleazy fucker will probably try to pin it on us. What could’ve taken out the Wyvern?”

Lance’s mouth hung open. “You’re not thinking Dragon, are you? Garrett, come on, that’s insane.”

“I'm sure that’s exactly what Dominic will be thinking. What else’s fire gets that hot? Have you heard from your brother lately?” Harris stood from his desk to peer out his blinds. “I’m assuming the girl at your desk is the one that was almost kidnapped? How did she get out of that fire? Or did she start it?”

Lance shook his head “No way. Alec hasn’t been in town in years. He’s still in Nevada, last I heard. Also yes, the girl said the Wyvern tried to throw her into a van, but then everything caught fire. She didn’t say anything about how she got out.”

Garrett turned around staring Lance square in the face, his obsidian eyes trying to put the pieces together. “What is she? Is she Legendary?”

Lance shook his head. “No idea, I thought she was human. If she were Dragon you and I would both know. Why would they go after a human? Either way if she took out the brothers, she’s gonna have Dominic after her. He already tried to take her once. I can protect her and figure out what she is. I guess we’ve got targets on our backs now too, huh…? I’ll get in touch with Alec, have him come out. It wouldn’t hurt to have some more backup, right?”

Harris ran his hand through his jet black hair and grunted. “You sure your brother isn’t in town?” Lance nodded. “It might not be a bad idea to get him out here. I have a feeling a war just started.” He let his head fall back, eyes closed. “Why do we always get caught in the middle of these things?” Garrett rubbed the back of his neck. “She’s your assignment now. Find out everything you can and keep her safe. Make sure Dominic doesn’t get near her. And keep me in the loop."

“Yes sir.” Lance turned to leave.

“Lancelot.” Lance stopped just before he opened the door. “Watch your back. Dominic is a vicious bastard, he’s Wyvern, you know they don’t like to play by the rules. Once he's here, Alec and I will try to locate the fuckers and take them out.” Lance nodded and stepped out, leaving the door open.

Shaylee stood up as she saw him walking toward her. “Alright, Angel, let’s get outta here.”

He led her to the back of the station to the parking lot. He stopped at the passengers side of a massive white Chevy Silverado and opened the door for her. He placed his hand on the small of her back, helping her to climb inside. Warmth spread down her inside stopping between her legs, causing her to catch her breath. Her hair tickled his hand and made his pants bulge, again. He quickly closed her door, adjusted himself, walked around to his side, and opened his door to join her. “Where to, Angel?”

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