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Falling in Love With You...

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Bethany Marsh is an only child who, as an exotic dancer, has never looked for love. Having a good time and lapping up all the attention at the club she works at along with her friends, is all she needs..... that is until love finds her in the most unexpected way and in the form of Miles, her dad's best friend....... I open the door to the dimly lit room and see the guy facing away from me staring at the overcrowded dance floor through the one way glass window. He’s tall, maybe 6 ft, brown hair that looks a little messy, as if he has been running his fingers through it, from the back I can see he is a muscular man – fit. His muscles are straining against his white linen shirt. Nice. I feel a stirring down below.

Romance / Erotica
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I love my job. I really love my job. I thank Courtney on a regular basis for getting me this job. The pay is, ha, more than I could spend. It’s not only the money that keeps me donning my sexy outfits or attending beauty appointments on a weekly basis, no it’s the satisfaction of my body giving pleasure to other people. When I was fifteen, I was so shy and shamed by my body that I would wear jumpers in the middle of summer to hide my slightly wider hips and smaller breasts than the other girls at school. Looking back, I was so stupid. It doesn’t matter that Laura has bigger breasts than me or that Chloe’s ass was petite, and she knew how to walk in a way that had all the boys ogling after her.

In five years, I have come so far and I am so proud of myself. My body is just that… mine. Now I flaunt my curves and I own the shit out of my C cup boobs. I stand on the stage at Ashley’s three nights a week and dance my ass off loving the desire etched on the clients faces, both men and woman as I happily collect their generous tips. I don’t shout from the roof tops that I am an exotic dancer; I would never hear the end of it from my very conservative parents. They think I accompany wealthy families to events to ensure their children behave. Most of my friends know what I really do and some of them work here with me.

“Amazing set Bee!”

“Thanks, Court. Did you catch the older gentleman stuffing notes into Marcy’s g-string?”

“Yeah, lucky bitch! I meant to ask you, are you able to fill in for me on Wednesday night?”

“Yeah, of course. You got a hot date?”

“Not quite. Ashley has a private client booked for me. $5000 if I go.” Courtney looks at me with anticipation written all over her chocolate brown face.

“Holy shit!”

Ashely’s was a pretty upmarket venue that attracted a lot of classy clientele who weren’t afraid to splash their cash. Every so often a big roller would request a private booking with a particular girl. If requested, we were required to spend a maximum of four hours with the client doing whatever they wanted. Sometimes this meant attending an important event as a girlfriend or simply hanging out with the client, sexually or not. We could turn it down of course, but it’s a lot of money for a few hours work so we usually jump at the chance.

“Who is it?”

“Denver. So that means…”

“Sex, wine, sex, jewelry!” I finish her sentence.

“Yep. And Denver is pretty hot for an older guy.”

“I’m jealous girl!”

“I’m up next, thanks a bunch babe. I owe you one.”

“I’ll take some of the jewelry and we’ll call it even.” I joke as I slap Courtney on her bare ass as she struts to the stage.

I don’t need to go back on tonight, so I head down into the dressing room to change. As I make my way through the narrow hallway and down the stairs I begin to loosen the straps on my golden corset, sighing in relief as I can now take in a deep breath. I pause and hold on to the brick wall, I can faintly hear the cheers and wolf whistles coming from the main bar area. With a smile planted on my face and a spring in my step I continue to the dressing rooms. It’s fairly early, only 1am. I usually work until about 4am but if I’m not rostered on the stage or needed for a private booking I can take off. I’m pretty tired so decide to sneak out before the next girls come off stage. They like to take shots to keep their energy and charisma going for the last few hours. Which I would gladly do with them if I was staying, but I’m not so I hastily step out of my matching golden sequin lined g-string dropping it into the basket along with the corset and jump at the voice interrupting the complete silence of the dressing room.

“Bethany, you want a shot before you go?”

With my hand resting on my chest trying to get my heart rate back to normal, I turn to face the intruder, who is holding a vodka bottle in my direction.

“Amanda, you know you aren’t supposed to be back here.” I reach for my robe hanging on the hook to my left.

“Don’t cover up on my account. I think you’re smokin.”

“Thanks, but I’m heading out. Don’t let Ash catch you down here. The last time someone’s partner was found down here, it didn’t end well.”

“Yeah I know. Sammy said if I stayed here, I wouldn’t be tempted to punch the ogling twats in their smug faces. I’m whisking her away for a romantic getaway the second she gets her sweet ass off the stage.”

“You guys are so cute together.” I say as I slip into my leggings deciding to forgo underwear. When you spend so much time parading around in sexy underwear it feels good to go natural every once in a while. I’m only heading straight home to bed.

“I love her. I just don’t love her job.”

“Yeah. That’s why I’m still single.”

“You can’t shake that sexy ass forever Beth. But love, it doesn’t come round often. When you meet the one, you need to give this up.” She says sweeping her arms around the room.

“Duly noted Amanda. Have a good getaway.” I blow her a kiss and walk out the back door of Ashley’s stopping briefly to chat to Mark, the security for the back door tonight.

“Hey Mark.”

“Bethany, all done for the night?”

“Yeah, sneaking out early.”

“Good for you. Big crowd tonight?”

“Ah, not huge. But I did manage to get a handful of notes.”

“I wouldn’t expect any less from you Bethany.” He smiles at me. I like Mark, he is probably the nicest security guard at Ashley’s. He’s about 40 years old and a father figure for a lot of the girls. Always protecting them and looking out for us. Won’t let anyone treat us unfairly.

“How’s Tommy?” I ask, referring to his newborn baby.

“Loud. Really fucking loud. The little guy doesn’t sleep. Poor Katie is exhausted, her mum is coming up tomorrow to stay for a few days, give Katie a bit of a break. If we could afford it, I’d take some time off work but having a baby is not cheap!”

I laugh and give him a friendly hug and peck on the cheek.

“I’m going home, to my bed, to sleep uninterrupted for as long as my body desires.” I tease him and then walk away to the sounds of his laughter.

I happily get into my blue Mazda MX -5 and pull out of the staff carpark and onto the main road. At this time of night, or should I say morning, there is no traffic and I make it home in under fifteen minutes. I live in a secure apartment building that has a security guard on the front door twenty-four hours a day. It’s not that it’s a bad or high crime area, but I do live on my own and I like the idea of having the guard there. I drive down into the carpark and park in my designated spot, noting that my neighbour must still be away as his car isn’t there. I make a mental note to send him a text asking if he wants me to check on his birds as I often do when he is away. Heading up in the lift to the seventh floor, I realise how tired I am. I’ve worked three nights in a row and I’m completely exhausted. I now have the next four nights off and apart from my hair appointment and day at the beauty salon I have no other plans. Unlocking my door I switch on the light straight away, sighing at the amazing feeling of being home.

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