Falling in Love With You...

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~ 10 ~

I collect my bag from my locker and head to the back door, eager to get some fresh air. I push open the door and and gulp the cool night air. Closing my eyes briefly, before opening them to see Mark is on the door tonight.

“Hey Bee.”

“Hi Mark. I’m not feeling great, so I’m heading out.” I tell him with a small smile. He begins to reply to me when his phone ringing interrupts him.

“It’s Katie.”

“Answer it, I’ll talk to you next time. Give that baby of yours a hug from me.” I walk towards my usual parking spot only to remember the parking lot was full when I arrived and I had to park out on the street. Sighing, I take out my keys and walk across the road towards my car. As I approach the drivers side and reach for the door handle I am stopped when I hear a voice behind me.

“Looking good love. You got time for a dance for me?”

I spin around and drop my keys in the process. Shit. This guy standing in front of me appears to be pretty drunk. He stands taller than my 5'6 frame and his greasy shoulder length hair hangs messily in front of his face.

This is why we are told to park in the carpark because the security on the back door can always see us. There is no way Mark can see me from here. My heart rate picks up and I won’t deny I am feeling scared.

“I said, have you got a dance for me?” he says and smiles to reveal some missing teeth.

“If you want a dance, you’ll have to go in there.” I say and point in the direction of the club. Despite my shock, my voice comes out quite strong.

“Ah, but I want a dance from you.” He says as he steps closer.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help you.” I reply.

“I think you can and you will.” He lifts his right hand and tucks a piece of my hair behind my ear. His touch makes me shiver and I can’t help but instantly feel dirty. He has tattoo of a cross on the inside of his wrist. He leans forward and his face is inches away from mine. He opens his mouth to speak again and I can smell the alcohol on his breath, my stomach churns.

“Let’s see what’s under this coat. I’d bet it’s nothing much between this coat and your body. I saw you come out of that club.” His dry hand runs down my cheek and stops at the top button of my jacket. Fear has frozen me and I can’t move. Even though we are told about what to do if we find ourselves in a situation like this, I’m stuck and haven’t the faintest clue. It’s like my brain isn’t working.

“Mmmm, lookie here. What a nice set of tits you’ve got.”

A tear runs down my cheek.

“Oh man, my dick is getting hard and I haven’t even seen your pussy yet.”

That’s is. Something clicks and I scream out “Help me!”

He slaps me across the cheek and then covers my mouth with his hand.

“Shut up, you stupid girl!” he hisses.

I look wildly around me hoping to see someone, anyone who can help me. Tears begin pooling in my eyes and I am determined to get out of this situation and away from this drunk psychopath. I can’t see anyone close enough to me, I am going to have to do something myself.

Taking a deep breath to help steady my nerves, I bring my knee up with so much force that I almost lose my balance, but I hit my intended target and for a few seconds truly believe I am going to get away. I start taking some hurried steps as my attacker is bent over wailing in pain. My foot work is shaky and unsteady and I seem to trip over my own feet and as I look up I am terrified. He grabs me by my hair and begins dragging me along the road. The tears that I have managed to hold back escape me now.

“Shut up! I never intended on hurting you, love. All I wanted was a dance.” He says through gritted teeth.

I’m not quite sure what happened next exactly, but a man comes out of nowhere and tackles the drunk man to the ground. I look up and scramble to my feet with one goal in mind; running back to Mark. As I begin running back across the road and into the carpark I feel myself begin to panic. I can’t breathe anymore, my eyes blurred with tears make it difficult to see. I try to call out Mark’s name but no sound is coming from my mouth no matter how hard I try.

“Bee!” shouts Mark the second he sees me. He says something into his radio and begins walking in my direction. Running into his arms, I finally feel safe.

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