Falling in Love With You...

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~ 17 ~

The next morning, I drag my sorry ass out the door and down to Trey’s preferred café, Orbell’s. I get his favourite breakfast of bacon and egg roll and a chai latte and slump back into our building. I know that this food isn’t going to be enough of an apology for the things I said to him, but at least he’ll let me in the door.

“Knock, knock. Trey open up. It’s me.”

Seconds later his door opens but it’s not the person I was hoping to see. I recognise this man as the guy Trey was kissing before. Orlando, I think it is.

“Um, hi. Is Trey there?”

Orlando is naked except for a white towel covering his groin and upper legs. I try to keep my eyes on his face and not any lower.

“You must be Bethany.” he says, and his voice is so quiet.

“Ah yeah. I was hoping to see Trey.”

“He’s just ah, cleaning up. I’m sure he won’t mind if you come in.”

I mutter a thanks and walk inside taking a seat on the sofa, placing the breakfast on the coffee table.

“Um, I probably wouldn’t sit there.” Orlando says so quietly, I strain to hear him. He’s the complete opposite to Trey who is loud and flamboyant.

Understanding what he means, I jump off the sofa as quickly as possible and notice a grin on Orlando’s face.

“What are you doing here? I was busy.” Trey comes into the room and folds his arms over his bare chest.

“Sorry to interrupt. I was hoping we could talk? I brought you breakfast.” I point to the bag on the coffee table.

“Fine. But only because I can see that’s from Orbell’s so it’s probably my favourite breakfast.”

Trey picks up the bag and coffee and heads to the kitchen. I follow him and Orlando mutters something about waiting in the bedroom.

Once Trey is seated on the bar stool and has started eating his food, I begin.

“Trey, I’m sorry for what I said to you last night. It wasn’t nice of me and I know now that you were only trying to do the right thing.”

“Damn right, it wasn’t nice!” he shouts. “But I also said some shitty things that I’m not proud of.” He takes a sip of his hot drink before continuing.

“Beth, I know you want to hope that everything was going to be rainbows and butterflies and that you and Miles could be together. I want nothing more than for you to be happy. Truly I do! But I could see what you were blind to. I’m grateful that you and your family took me in as one of your own and it’s for that reason that I had to get you to see what you were gambling with.”

Wiping the tears that fall from my eyes, I nod my head and stand up. “I know.”

Trey wraps me up and squeezes me tightly.

“I love you, baby cakes.” He kisses my forehead and I return the sentiment.

“Now, you kind of interrupted my play time….”

“Say no more. I’m going.”

Trey laughs and offers me a wink.

“Thanks Trey, for looking out for me.”

I spend the day warding off phone calls from mum. I know I’ll have to talk to her eventually, but I send her a text telling her that Trey and I worked it out and hope that will keep her satisfied for now.

Mid-afternoon, my phone rings and I gear up to ignore mum again only to find it’s Ashley.

“Hey Ash.” I answer.

“Bee, great! Look, I know you are supposed to be easing into coming back and I wouldn’t call you if I weren’t desperate but I am and I really need you to come in tonight. Pretty please??”

I laugh “Yeah, of course. I’ll be there.”

“Oh, thank fuck! You are a lifesaver. Marcy and Sammy have both gone down with the flu and I’ve got most of the other girls covering the privates, so I’ll need you on the stage.” She says in a hurried, slightly stressed tone.

“No problem Ash. I’ll be there.”

“Super star, thanks!”

I decide on having a little nap now that I am working tonight. But I struggle to doze off. My mind is too active. In trying to avoid thoughts of Miles I am filling my mind with mental check lists.

1)Book in for a hair appt,

2)Get a massage,

3)Learn to cook more,

4)Sign up for self-defence classes

Oh shit, that makes me think of Miles. It was his friend that run the classes. I could always look for another class but I don’t know. Damn Miles!

After the conclusion we both reached last night, I’ve tried so hard not to think about him. About his defined ab’s, the way his eyebrow turns up when he smirks, his contagious smile, his manly hands that feel so good on my body.

Before I know it, I am so aroused as I think of Miles touching me. My nipples begin to tingle at the dirty thoughts, and I slide my hand down my body softly.

I imagine it’s Miles’ hand and I delve under the band of my underwear and glide over my clit. I release a quiet moan at the pleasurable feeling. With my eyes closed I let my racy thoughts take over. It’s not my fingertips rubbing up and down my wet folds, it’s not my fingertips applying pressure to my sensitive nub. No, it’s Miles’ fingers. I slide a finger between my lips and invade my pussy, slowly and gently I push it in as far as it will go, I lean up on my free elbow and open my legs wider so I can see my finger going in and out.

Soon I add another finger and I can hear the squelching sounds of my juices as I play. Closing my eyes, I picture Miles’ face as I start to go faster, I use my thumb to tease my clit and short, sharp moans leave my mouth. I curl my fingers inside and pump my hand faster and rub my clit in circles. It doesn’t take long for me to reach my climax.

I lay there breathless and satisfied. Rolling over so I don’t lay in my wet patch, I fall into a deep sleep. Picture of Miles, filling my head.

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