Falling in Love With You...

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~ 18 ~

The next month travels by so quickly. I do extra shifts at Ashley’s so I can save up money because it’s Christmas next month. I know my parents can afford to go on their own holiday, but I want to spoil them this year by booking them a safari trip. It’s something they have both wanted to do for as long as I can remember but they just never got around to it.

I still think about Miles but not as much. I also have not seen him since he left my bedroom. He has given me the space I asked for and I’m grateful for that. I still joined his friend’s self-defence classes and also signed up for the gym side. I’m loving the thrill of exercise. I feel so much more energetic and positive.

On a rare day off, I stop by mums to see if she wants to have lunch with me and am delighted that she is free and willing.

“Great idea, Beth! You’ve been so busy lately that you’ve missed all the dinners we’ve had at home.”

That is true. Maybe I also accepted extra work at Ashley’s to avoid going to my parents house for dinner because I know I’d see Miles there and even though I think about him less, I’m not sure my self-control has improved.

“I know, work has been so busy mum.”

“If you don’t slow down Bethy, you’ll end up burnt out and exhausted. Are you taking time off over Christmas?”

“I hadn’t really planned on it.”

“Please think about it. We could stay at the beach for a few days. Just you and me. Oh, you could ask Trey to come along to!”

“Maybe mum.”

“My treat, darling.”

“Well okay then. I’d have to be pretty stupid to turn down a free beach holiday!”

At lunch we both enjoy fish and chips and decide to indulge in some cocktails. After our second cocktail, Mum brings up my love life.

“So, Bethy tell me. Are you seeing anyone?”

“Oh god. No mum, I’m not.”

“Are you sure none of the rich people you work for have brothers or uncles or anything like that?”

“If we are going to discuss my love life, I’m going to need another drink.” I groan.

“Great idea. I’ll leave the car here and we will call an Uber to take us home later. Let’s have more drinks. It’s been ages since we’ve done that!”

Before I can protest, Mum has called the waiter over and ordered another round of cocktails. Looks like I’m staying here and drinking copious amounts of alcohol while discussing my romantic life, or lack thereof with my mum.

“So darling, tell me. Are you just not into relationships? Do you prefer the sex and go thing? Is that what they call it these days? You know when you go home with a man and fu……”

“Mum!!!” I glare at her.

“Oh, come on Bethany. You are old enough and mature enough to talk about sex with your own mother.”

The waiter coughs and looks slightly alarmed as he sets our fresh drinks down on the table in front of us.

“Thank you, Sir. Just keep them coming.” Mum smiles. And then leans in and says “What about him? Would you do the sex and go thing with him?”

I look up horrified to see the waiter’s face turn red. Even though he had started to walk away from our table, I’m 100 percent sure he heard that. I offer him a resigned smile and lower my head into my hands.

“Mum, you can’t talk like that!” I groan.

“Oh, you are too sensitive Beth.” She laughs and takes a long sip of her drink.

I manage to steer the conversation away from my sex life and we enjoy a few more drinks together. I am certainly feeling the buzz from the alcohol. Mum excuses herself to go to the bathroom and I rummage through my bag to retrieve my lip gloss. I am startled by the waiter standing at our table with two more drinks in his hands.

“Thanks, these will be our last.” I nod to him.

“No problem.” He replies as he sets them down.

“Oh, and what your mum said about the sex and go thing? I’d be into that, with you.” He adds and slides a piece of paper on the table. I am too shocked to say anything. He winks at me and walks away.

“What the hell just happened?” I murmur to myself. Reaching for the paper I open it up and see his name, Justin and his phone number. I am flattered but not sure I want to do the sex and go thing. I could really use someone in my life as more than a fuck buddy. Didn’t think I was ready to admit to that just yet.

“Oh darling, I think we should probably go. I was sitting on the loo and the room was spinning. I’m not as young as I once was and the fact of the matter is, I’m drunk.” Mum returns with her hand holding her head.

“Yes, let’s go. I just got hit on by our waiter.”

“The waiter hit you?!” shouts mum, while holding on the edge of the table. “Where is he?”

“Shhhh, mum. No. He gave me his number and said he’d be down for the sex and go thing.” I whisper as I gather our handbags.

“Oh, that’s alright. I bet he has a lovely piece of meat hanging between his legs.” Mum giggles.

Mortified, I grasp mum’s hand and lead her out of the restaurant. I didn’t order us an Uber but I see a taxi in front so I head for it.

“Oh Beth, I really think I need a lie down. Are you feeling faint?”

“No, I’m okay mum. Let’s get you home.”

Sitting in the taxi, I begin to feel the full effects of the cocktails. My eyes are slightly blurry, and I can feel a headache. I don’t feel drunk though, my mind is still in control. Twenty minutes later and we are at my parents’ house. I look down and mum has fallen asleep.

“Damn.” I wonder how I am supposed to lug her out of the car and up the steps.

I pay the driver and coax him into helping me, but the top of the stairs is as far as he will go. I can’t open the front door, so I push the bell instead, hoping that Dad is home to help. Mum is beginning to snore softly while I prop her up between my body and the wall. I push the bell again and let out a sigh of relief when Dad opens the door.

“What in the hell?”

“She’s all yours, Dad.”

“Oh gosh. Did you girls go out and get drunk?”

“We had a mummy daughter lunch. Now here, she’s getting really heavy.” I hand her over to dad, who easily scoops her up into his arms and walks inside.

“I’m going to take her up to bed.”

“Good idea. I’m getting Panadol and water.”

I make my way to the kitchen only to pull up short as I see Miles standing in the kitchen, beer in hand.

“Hey Beth.”

I swallow, unable to speak. Why must he be so god damn handsome?

“You okay?” he asks.

I push past him and head for the fridge to get my water. Seeing him here, now is such a surprise. Earlier I was thinking my self-control wasn’t great around him but now I can confirm my self-control is non-existent. He is still the same handsome man that I was falling for. Instantly I feel almost sober.

“Hey.” I close the fridge and turn around to face him.

“So, this is weird, right?” he shrugs his shoulders.

“Yep.” I agree, laughing.

“Your mum okay?”

“Yeah, she’ll be fine. Probably not so fine when she wakes up though.”

“Ah.” Miles replies and places his spare hand into his pocket.

We stand there just staring at each other. I have no idea what he is thinking but I’m fully aware of my thoughts. I want to walk into his arms and kiss him. This month of not seeing each other has done nothing to dull my feelings for him. My need for him is still there, maybe even more so than before.

Turns out, he was thinking along the same lines because he places his beer on the counter and takes 2 long strides to me. Pulling me into his body and smashing his lips to mine. I am immediately lost in his kiss. I don’t fight him for dominance, instead I let him in my mouth. He swirls his tongue around, tasting my cocktails. I place my hands on the back of his neck and stand on my tip toes. Even though he has a tight grip on me, I feel like I am not close enough. I pull him tighter to my face and our kiss intensifies. I wrestle my tongue with his and it feels like we are one person. I let out a small moan because kissing Miles is so fucking good. I know that I do not have the ability to stay away from him and I hope that he doesn’t want to stay away from me.

Too soon, our kiss is over, and Miles rests his forehead on mine.

“I have been wanting to do that for so long.” He breathes.

“I can’t wait for you to do it again.” I reply.

Suddenly he pulls away from me and I look at him, confusion all over my face. Understanding hits me when my dad walks back into the kitchen seconds later.

“Bethany, give me some warning before you get your mother drunk like that again.” He says.

“Hey, it was her idea to drink so much and to leave the car there.”

“She is going to wake up with the worst hangover. She doesn’t do hangovers well. You hanging around for a bit?” Dad asks me.

“Actually, I’ve got to go. Trey is picking me up.”

“Ok. Drop and run kind of situation. I get it.” Dad wraps me up in a hug.

“Good luck with her. See ya Dad. Bye Miles.” I wave and head outside to wait for Trey who should be here any second.

On my way home my phone dings with a text.

Miles: Come camping with me, please?”

Beth: Ok.

I feel giddy and excited.

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