Falling in Love With You...

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~ 19 ~

On stage at Ashley’s the next night, I have this excitable energy flowing through my body.

Seeing Miles yesterday, after a month of avoiding him, made me want him even more. I am not prepared to stay away from him, and going by his camping invitation to me, I think he might feel the same way.

He is going to pick me up tomorrow and we are going to Lake Willow for the night. I haven’t told Trey as I don’t want to end up in another fight with him.

“Bee, Ash wants you in room 2 for a private.” Courtney tells me.

“Yeah ok, sure thing.”

“You’ve been working so much, Bee, that we have hardly caught up. I think we are due a shopping trip soon, don’t you think?”

“Sounds fab, actually!”

“Great! Now get your sexy ass to room 2!”

I do just that. Knocking on the door to announce my arrival before I slowly open it. When I do, I am met with a young man, probably close to my age, sitting nervously in the chair. I make eye contact with him and gift him one of my sexy smiles.

“Hey there.” I speak.

“Um, hi. I’m Eric. Look I’m getting married next week, and this is part of my bachelor party.” He tells me in a hurried manner.

I smile in understanding, no wonder he looks nervous.

“Who’s the lucky lady?” I ask while I sashay closer to him.

“Michelle.” He blurts out.

“Lucky Michelle. Well your mates have booked you in for a lap dance. Are you ready?” I place my hands on the back of his chair, resting either side of his face.

“Um.” He swallows harshly, making his adams apple bob up and down.

“Relax Eric.” I giggle.

Swaying my hips from side to side, I reach up pull the hair tie from my hair, allowing my strawberry blonde locks to cascade down my back. Rubbing my hands up and down my body to the tempo of the music playing over the loudspeaker. I turn around, my back to Eric and play with my ass cheeks. Squeezing them through the yellow lace of my g-string, I give them a loud slap before turning back around.

Eric’s eyes are huge, and I wonder if this is his first ever lap dance. He seems unsure but aroused at the same time. I straddle his lap and he drops his hands so they are hanging down the sides of the chair.

I lean forward and whisper in his ear “I’m not going to bite. That is unless you want me to.” I pull away and grin. Eric’s breathing has intensified, and his cheeks hold a pink tinge.

I arch my back so that my corset clad breasts are now pushing against his chest and I slowly move them from side to side. Underneath my g-string, I can feel the beginning of an erection and I inwardly cheer. He likes it, no matter how much he’s trying to hide it.

I place his hands on my breasts and he needs no further encouragement as he toys with them through the material. He smiles as he succeeds in making my nipples harden. I let out a moan to let him know he’s doing a good job before I hop off his lap and dance in front of him. His eyes stay glued to my body the entire time and I feel so sexy under his gaze. This is what I love the most about my job; my body has the ability to put those kind of looks on people’s faces. It’s such a thrill!

As the alarm sounds above us indicating time is up, I stop dancing and turn around to face Eric.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself, Eric. All the best next week.” I smile and walk out of the room, but not before I notice Eric attempting to hide his engorged length. I laugh, he’s going to have to take a trip to the bathroom!

In the change rooms, I am taking a minute to refresh myself before heading back out to the busy club. I am on topless waitressing for the rest of the night, so I remove my corset to get ready.

“Babz, there’s a girl out the front asking for you. Sarah, I think she said.” Macy comes in to tell me.

“Oh cool, where is she? I’m just heading out to the bar.”

“Yeah I told her to wait by Jase.”

“Thanks!” I wave and head out. Jase is one of the bartenders, so I go straight for him. Though, now that I am topless, it takes me a bit longer to get there than if I was wearing a top thanks to the extra looks from the patrons. Eventually I see Sarah and it looks like she is flirting with Jase! Man, Sarah is such a flirt, she’d fit right in here.

I tap her on the shoulder “You trying to get a job here? Your flirty nature, would get you some sweet tips!”

“Shit, Beth. Your tits are out. Fuck of course they are.”

I laugh at the surprise in her voice. “How are you?”

“Good. I was just heading home from a night out with the girls and walked past here and remembered you work here. I wanted to check it out.”

“And what do you think?” I wave my hand around the club.

“It’s fucking awesome. How you don’t turn gay or at least bi, with those sexy woman up there, I don’t know!”

“The girls are hot!” I agree.

“Bee, these are for the group in the VIP section.” Jase tells me, handing me a tray of drinks. “There’s another tray here.” He points in front.

“I’ll carry those.” Sarah chimes in and picks up the tray.

“Thanks! Follow me. And be prepared to be groped!” I warn her.

I weave my way through the crowd, getting many whistles and air kisses as I go. I hope Sarah is okay behind me. Approaching the VIP’s I set down the tray with a smile.

“Nice fucking tits babe!” shouts a very obviously drunk man.

“Thanks.” I say and grab them in my hands to wobble them.

“Fuck!” he sighs and I laugh.

“Enjoy the drinks gentleman.” I start to turn.

“Hold up.” The man says opening his wallet. “Here’s a $50. Can I touch them?”

“Yeah, go ahead.” I reply.

As we walk away, Sarah looks at me stunned.

“You just made $50 and all he did was touch your boobs. Maybe I do want a job here!”

I laugh in response. “Look if you really do want a job, I can introduce you to Ashley, the owner of this place.”

“Fuck yes!” she jumps up and down.

“Okay, let’s find her. But listen. It’s not always easy. There’s a lot of scumbags and crazy drunks and you have to be prepared for that.”

“Yeah, I figured. I’m not some prissy princess. I can handle myself.” She tells me seriously.

“I thought you could but I have to warn you.”

Before I can find Ashley, I have more drinks to deliver and tables to clear. I look over at Sarah who has taken perch on a stool by the bar next to Jase. She seems quite happy and I think she will fit in here.

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