Falling in Love With You...

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~ 2 ~

The upbeat sound of my phone ringing is what breaks my deep slumber many hours earlier than I would have liked. Groaning, I reach for my phone which sits on my nightstand and squint to see the person responsible for waking me up.

“Hi mum.” I mumble into the phone.

“Bethany, oh shit. I’ve woken you up again. Did you work late last night?”

“Yes mum.”

“Call me when you’re up then. Your father wants you to come over for dinner one night.”

“Bye mum.” I slur and hang up, throwing my phone on the soft carpeted floor below my bed. I try so hard to get back to sleep but it’s just not working. I roll over on to my front for what feels like the tenth time before letting out a massive sigh and sitting up. I can see the sun shining in through the tiny gap in my dark curtains and feel a slight headache coming on. Getting out of bed I walk into my bathroom and run a bath tipping a generous amount of essential oils into the hot water, hoping this will stop my headache getting any worse. Sliding into the full bath I close my eyes placing a wet washer over my eyes and I am soon feeling very relaxed. An hour later, when the water begins to feel cool I get out feeling much better. I dry off and wander into my walk in to get dressed. Choosing basic leggings and a t-shirt as I don’t plan on leaving my apartment all day. Retrieving my phone from under my bed, I make my way to the kitchen.

“Tea, I need tea.” I say to myself.

Perched on a barstool with my tea, I begin scrolling through my messages. Noting that it is almost midday, I decide to call mum back.

“Hi darling! I’m so sorry about waking you up. I never know when it’s a good time to call you.”

“It’s ok. I’ve got the next few days off if that helps.”

“Great. That means you are free to come over for dinner tomorrow night?”

“Um, do I have to?”

“Yes. Your father’s best friend has just moved back and he’s invited him over and since he hasn’t seen us in about two years, your dad wants you there.”


“Yep. Dad is so excited!”

“Fine. I’ll be there.”

“Try to sound excited Beth. Miles is your dad’s best friend and he spent a lot of time with us when you were younger.”

“I’ll make sure I turn up with a smile on my face and a bottle of wine in my hand.”

“Oh Bethany!”

“Love you mum.”

“Yeah, I love you too.”

I spend the afternoon eating junk food and watching Netflix. A day well spent I say. I drag myself off the comfort of my sofa at 7 o’clock and decide to put on some loud music and shake my booty with a broom cleaning my house. Time flies and it’s nearing 9pm when I declare my house clean. Turning off the music I have a quick shower, brush my teeth and I’m in bed by 9:30. Earliest I’ve been to bed in ages. I set my alarm for 8 the next day as I have a hair appointment at 9 in the city.

I really enjoy getting my hair done. I don’t change the colour because I love my strawberry blonde locks, but I revel in the feeling of the hairdresser’s fingers massaging my scalp and I do get a trim every month or so. At the moment my hair hangs down in fresh salon blow dried waves to just past the middle of my back.

“That’s $89 Bethany.” says Shelly, my usual hair stylist.

“Thanks Shell.” I say as I hand over my credit card.

“Anytime lovely.” With a big wave, I pop my sunglasses over my eyes and walk out of the salon. I glance down at my watch and see that it’s just after 11am and decide to go shopping. Yes, I’m one of the very few people who actually still wears a watch, only when I’m not at work though; watches aren’t exactly sexy.

Laden down with many bags filled with new clothes, my destination is now home. I am starving after all that shopping and decide to have a light lunch as it’s already nearly 2pm and I don’t want to fill up before dinner at home tonight. I am waiting for the lift to collect me from the carpark to take me up to the seventh floor when my phone rings.

“Fuck.” I say out loud. There’s no way I can retrieve my phone from my jeans pocket when I’m carrying so many bags. The constant vibrating is annoying me though and I contemplate putting my bags down to reach for it but as the lift door pings open I’m met with Trey, my friendly bird loving neighbour.

“Beth! My darling. Just doing a spot of shopping? Anything in there, I might like?” he laughs.

Trey is openly gay and often borrows my clothes, getting him to return them is another story!

“Not until you give me back my black mini skirt, Trey.”

“I think I left that at some guy’s place. I’ll have to give you money for it instead.” He wiggles his eyebrows at me. “Your pocket seems to be ringing. Need a little help?”

“Yes please!”

Trey delves into my jeans pocket for me, pulling out my still ringing phone. “Ah Claudia!” he says answering my phone. I jerk my head in the direction of the almost closing lift, indicating that I really want to get inside so I can put these bags down.

“Yes she’s right here, but she’s currently got her hands full.” I roll my eyes and step into the lift as Trey follows me.

“No, I’m not that lucky. She has shopping bags in her hands.” I cough upon hearing that and look into Trey’s amused eyes.

“I’ll be sure to tell her. Look after yourself you beautiful woman.” With that he hangs up.

“Did my mother think I had your dick in my hands by any chance??”

“Maybeeee.” He laughs.

“Thanks Trey. If my hands weren’t about to fall off from lugging these bags for so long, I’d have smacked you in the face.”

“Keys?” he asks as we step out of the lift on our floor.

“Bum pocket.”

“Oooohhh lala, can I give it a pinch while I’m looking for the keys?”

“Go for gold, Trey.” I giggle along with him.

“Such tight buns, Bethy. I am so jealous.”

I finally drop my shopping bags on the sofa and turn to Trey.

“Thanks for helping me. What did my mother want?”

“She said to bring two bottles of wine and that pot you borrowed from her ages ago.”

“Right, well that means I need four bottles of wine and I have no idea what pot she’s talking about.”

“I’ve gotta jet baby girl. Your hair is on point by the way!” he kisses my cheeks and then is gone before I can respond.

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