Falling in Love With You...

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~ 20 ~

I am packed and ready for our camping trip. Miles is picking me up any minute. He is taking care of everything, I just had to pack clothes. I feel like a teenager with a crush and I can’t stand still. It’s a good thing Miles turns up when he said he would.

I open the door and a massive smile breaks out on my face.

“Hey you.”

“Hey yourself. You ready?” Miles returns my smile and I feel myself beaming at him.

“I can’t wait.”

“You have no idea how much I am looking forward to this time away with you.” He smiles.

“Probably just as much as I am looking forward to it.” I tease him.

Miles bends down and retrieves my duffle bag from the floor.

“This everything?” he asks me. I nod my head and lock my apartment door behind us.

Lake Willow is a two-hour drive east and it’s a comfortable trip in Miles’ Hilux. We spend the time singing along to classics like Go Your Own Way, Rocket Man and Here Comes the Sun. About half an hour out from our destination I reach down and turn the music dial down so I can talk to Miles.

“So, what’s with the change of heart? I thought you said it was best to stay away from each other?”

“My heart never changed, Beth.”

Holy shit, my insides are all fluttery!

“Oh yeah?” I probe him.

“I just realised I don’t want to not explore this thing between us. I know that I might just be igniting WWIII with your family, including Trey, but I’m willing to lose everything if it means being with you, even for a little while. Though I’m really hoping this trip will be the start of something special.” He finishes with the sexiest look on his face.

I think I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say. He has been completely honest with me and I won’t lie, it’s turning me on.

“Smooth words, mister.” I smirk.

I reach out and put my hand on his thigh, while turning my head to look out of the window. He removes one of his hands from the steering wheel and laces his fingers with mine on top of his lap.

“I had a hell of a month avoiding you. Every time I went to the gym or a self-defence class at your friend, John’s, clinic, I thought of you. I thought of you when I told myself not to think of you.”

“We’re hopeless, aren’t we.”

“I guess you could say that.” We laugh and the rest of the journey passes by in a blur of jokes and silly conversation.

When we arrive at Lake Willow, Miles choses a spot that is close to the lake but away from the few other campers. We put the tent up together and then decide to sit with a drink before unloading the rest of the equipment.

Perched on our camp chairs overlooking the lake, beer in hands, I decide there is nowhere else I’d rather be right now. I know that shit will hit the fan soon enough, that there are people that won’t be happy about Miles and me if they ever found out. But I am choosing to live in the moment. I can see something special in Miles and I can’t wait to see where life takes us. So, for now, while we are here away from everybody and everything, I am going to do what I want, when I want.

Which is why I jump off my chair so fast it causes Miles to look at me alarmed, I hold out my hand for his and he sets his beer down on the floor and places his hand into my outstretched one. I pull him up and lead him to the tent.


“Shhhhh.” I put my finger on his lips to silence him.

I stare into his eyes and see excitement, bewilderment, and something else… fear maybe? Of what, I don’t know.

Very slowly I lean forward, and he leans in to me and softly our lips touch. We kiss each other gently and sweetly. It’s nice. I feel his arms come around my waist and hold me against him. I reach up and place my arms around his neck and let him deepen the kiss. I feel his tongue against my own and can taste the beer on his tongue.

I pull away first, breathless and totally aroused. I lift the hem of my sundress and slowly bring it up and over my head. I drop it to the floor next to me.

“Fuck.” Miles runs his fingers through his hair and stares at me. Eyes raking over my body. I stand before him in my bra and panties.

“Bethany, you are fucking beautiful.” He breathes out.

I reach for the bottom of his shirt and pull it off him, letting it fall next to my dress. I run my hands up and down his defined ab’s. For a man nearing 40, he’s fit as fuck. I trail my hands down his stomach to the V shape leading me to the place I most want to see. Hooking my fingers in the waist band of his shorts I attempt to shimmy them down only for Miles to place his hand atop mine.

Now it is my turn to look at him confused.

“I need you to know that once we do this, there is no going back. We are in dangerous territory here and I don’t want you to do something that you might regret.” Miles warns me.

I am grateful that he said that. Giving me a choice. What happens next, well that’s up to me. I don’t give it a nanoseconds thought though, because I already know what I want.

Nodding my head, I step back and reach around to unclasp my bra, exposing my breasts to him. Next, I slide my panties down my legs and let them pool at my feet.

“I get it. Now can we keep going?” I raise my eyebrow at him.

“By all means.” He gifts me with a huge grin and then I open my eyes wide and blow air into my cheeks, as he pulls his shorts off and I can finally see his manhood and let’s say I am not disappointed.

“Wow. I felt it and knew it was going to be big, but I had no idea. Not going to lie. I’m freaking out just a bit.” I giggle.

He steps forward and takes me into his strong arms. I rest my cheek on his chest and can hear his heart beating. It’s quite fast, I daresay my own beat matches his. Miles’ erection is firmly trapped between us, taking up most of my stomach area. As nervous as I feel right now, I also feel safe and excited.

Looking up, I stand on my tiptoes to reach Miles’ mouth. I moan into his mouth as our kiss releases yet another surge of arousal. He guides us down so that we are now lying on the air mattress, me beneath him.

I hook my legs around him so that I can push him closer to me. He moans as his cock glides up my slick folds and rests between out bodies. Fuck that felt good.

Lost in our kissing, we are enjoying this moment. I use my hands to explore his toned body from his ruffled hair, past his well-defined biceps and I finish off with a squeeze to his firm butt cheeks.

“Mmmmm, man this feels so fucking good.” Miles tells me between kisses.

I lift my hips up in agreement.

“Greedy, are we?”

“Yes.” I all but whisper.

Miles laughs and that sound makes me so happy. He glides down slightly and begins to lick the outline of my areolas. Immediately I am covered in goosebumps at the pleasure he is giving me. He takes my nipple in him mouth and teases it, causing it to lengthen and harden.

“I remember when I did this the first time.”

“It’s hard to forget.” I sigh in pleasure.

“I thought, I must have been dreaming.” He uses his fingers to pinch and play with my breasts. “You were so beautiful.”

I moan loudly as he continues playing with my breasts.

“I couldn’t see your face, just your mouth and I could tell the second you orgasmed by the way you tilted you head back and your mouth opened wide in pure ecstasy.”

“Ah, please Miles…..”

“You want me to fuck you, Beth?”

“Yes, oh god yes!”

He trails his fingers down slowly to my aching pussy, inserting a finger.

“Fuck Beth! You are saturated.” He marvels which brings another wave of wetness to my core.

I moan as he inserts another finger and begins pumping them in and out of my warm, hungry pussy. Closing my eyes, I think I might come this way. It feels so fucking good. His thumb grazes my swollen clit which causes me to buck my hips.

“Oh god. I think I’m going to come.” I manage to get out between gasps of pleasure.

“Yes, let it go baby.” He increases his speed and pressure on my clit and in seconds I am screaming out my release. Miles covers my mouth with his free hand while he continues to extract an intense orgasm from me with his fingers.

Once I relax my body, I open my eyes to find Miles watching me. He takes his hand off my mouth.

“Sorry, you were so loud, and I didn’t want the other campers to think I was attacking you.” He smiles.

“I’ll try not to be so loud when you fuck me.”

“I love hearing your moans and screams and when I take you back to my place, I expect you to be loud.” He kisses my neck as I try to get my breathing under control.

He reaches over me and unzips a bag next to the bed. My curiosity is answered when he takes out a condom. Opening the packet, I watch in amazement and arousal as he slides the cover over his straining erection.

Positioning himself between my legs, he takes his cock in his hands and guides it to my waiting hole. Resting just at the entrance he looks at me, but I can’t take my eyes off the sight of his impressive cock opening up my lips. It is so erotic.

“Look at me, Beth. I want to see your face when you feel my hard cock inside you for the first time.”

Holy shit, I am melting at his words and I stare into his eyes as I can feel the tip slide into my wet pussy.

Miles pushes in further and I feel quite full. He is clearly the biggest cock I’ve taken and I’m not sure if this will be too much for me. I tense my legs and he must notice because he stops pushing and smiles at me.

“Relax, it will go in easier if you relax.”

I nod my head and try to relax my legs. He pushes in further and I think that must be it. Surely, he must be all the way in.

I close my eyes and am surprised when he begins to pull out. But I am content when he slides back in this time bottoming out.

“Ah, Beth you feel amazing. Your pussy is holding my cock so tightly.”

I love it when he talks like that. I bend my legs at the knee and then look down to see my pussy stretched around the base of his cock. Just looking at that turns me on so much.

Miles begins thrusting his cock in and out, slowly at first, but I encourage him to go faster. It’s not uncomfortable at all, this full feeling, it’s actually amazing. He is pounding me so hard and fast I am surprised the air bed we are on has not popped.

Miles begins grunting and then stops fucking me. “Shit, your pussy feels so good. I just need to stop for a second or I won’t last much longer.”

He bends down and kisses me, and I moan into his mouth as this new angle means he is hitting my walls and my sweet spot is now begging for attention. I roll my hips beneath him and we both moan. He begins moving again and in this new position I am close to coming apart.

“Fuck, yes Miles. Just like that!” I whisper shout.

He picks up speed and I close my eyes, aware that I am going to have what feels like the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.

“Shit, ah, fuuuuucckkk…..!”

“I can feel you tighten even more around me.” He huffs out.

I can hear the sounds of my juices squelching between us and I can feel my wetness running down my bottom.

This is it; I am undone. I let go and the orgasm rushes through me powerfully. His strokes are long and hard, and I come around his cock.

“Fuck! I can’t hold on. You’re squeezing my dick so hard. Ahh.”

We both moan and grunt as we finish our releases. I wince slightly as he withdraws his now semi erect cock. Pulling off the condom, tying the end up and placing on the floor next to the bed, Miles lays down next to me, holding my hand.

Once our breathing returns to normal, he turns toward me. “Are you ok?”

“Can we do that again?” I laugh.

“Fuck, I hope so. Many more times. I just need maybe another ten minutes to recover. That was….”

“Incredible.” I interrupt him.

“I was going to say astonishingly amazing.” He smiles.

“I love it when you smile. You’re so sexy.”

“You, Bethany are the sexiest woman I have ever met.”

I lean up on my elbows and place my lips on his. The afternoon is spent in the tent where we explore each other’s bodies numerous times. It is bliss… absolute bliss.

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