Falling in Love With You...

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~ 24 ~

“Mmmm, I have to go.” I attempt to wriggle out of Miles’ grasp but I’m not very successful.

“I don’t want you to go. This is your third night in a row.” He objects.

“I know. But it’s three weeks until Christmas. I need to save enough money to finish my shopping and then take two weeks off so you and I can go away together.” I kiss his soft lips again.

“Fine, but note that I will be so lonely without you.” He pouts.

“God, you are so cute when you pout.”

“Cute enough to stay here with me?” he smiles a wide tooth grin, and I can’t help but laugh.

“Sorry, but no.”

He sighs and relents by letting me hop off his lap. “What’s your roster like for the rest of the week?”

“Um I have the next two nights off but I’m hanging out with Trey tomorrow night. And then I’m working all weekend.” I answer him while looking around for my bag. I’ve been spending a lot of time at Miles’ house. I hide my car in the garage, and we are least likely to be caught here.

“Have you figured out what you’re going to tell Trey?”

I ignore his question and pick up my bag.

“Beth, babe. He’s going to know you’re seeing someone. You’ve hardly been home this week and you are in a pretty good mood all the time.”

Sighing I face Miles. “I don’t know. I can’t lie to him, but I can’t expect him to keep our secret. I won’t ask him to.”

“For what it’s worth, I don’t think it will come to that. I don’t know Trey as well as you, obviously, but I do know that he treats you as his sister and he won’t let anything or anybody come between that relationship. If anything, he’ll hate me even more.”

“I have to go.” I mumble and step forward to hug Miles.

“Chin up babe. Have a good shift.”

On my drive over to work, I can’t stop thinking about Trey. I can only hope he doesn’t ask me who my mystery man is. If he doesn’t ask then I’m not technically lying to him. I try to tell myself that there is no point in stressing over this because that isn’t going to change anything.

Walking into the change rooms, I spot Sarah locking lips with Jase.

“Hey, hey. Don’t let Ash catch you in the change rooms. No men allowed back here.” I wink at Sarah.

This is Sarah’s second week here at Ashley’s and she’s fast become a favourite among the clientele. I was right, she fits in perfectly with the staff… Jase has especially taken a keen interest in her.

“He’s just leaving.”

I go and have a look at the roster for tonight after I’ve put my bag in my locker. I’m on private shows pretty much all night. That sucks because I was hoping to get some alone time with Court. She’s just gotten back from visiting her sister who had a baby so we didn’t get the chance to go on our shopping spree. I have so much I want to talk to her about. I see that she’s on the stage and has a few privates booked.

“You look deep in thought.” Sarah tells me.

“Just got a lot of things going on.” I smile. “You and Jase, huh?”

“Ah, it’s just a casual thing.”

“Does he know that? The way he looks at you!”

“Stop it. Of course, he knows. I mean, doesn’t he?”

“Have you told him?” I laugh.

“Well no. Shit. Do I need to?”

I can’t stop laughing and Courtney joins us wanting to know what is so funny.

“Sarah here has started sleeping with Jase only he doesn’t know its just a casual thing.”

“Oh Sarah. You’d better tell him. Jase is cool but he can latch onto the ladies pretty quickly.”

“Shit. Ok fine I’ll tell him. I’m definitely not looking for anything. I am living the best years of my life and I am not giving up any of my other fuck buddies for him…. As good as he is.” She adds.

“Oooohhh are we taking Jase, ladies?” asks Lila. “Cause that man is fine with his tongue.”

I leave Sarah and Lila to discuss Jase and drag Courtney over to the side to pick out our costumes.

“So um, things kinda happened between Miles and I.”

Courtney’s jaw drops and her eyes bug out. “No shit! Tell me every dirty little detail! You naughty girl!”

“I will, but maybe not here.” I tilt my head to indicate Sarah. I don’t think her and Miles really have much to do with each other anymore, but I don’t want to take any chances.

“Fine. I’m coming over tomorrow and I want to know everything!”

“Yes please, I need advice! Come over after lunch.”

“Just tell me one thing. How big are we talking?”

I smile at her question and raise my eyebrows.

“Damn girl!”

Before we can discuss anything else, Ashley comes in to make sure we are all ready for the night.

It turns out that tonight is hella busy and I’ve been doing private’s back to back with no break. After my tenth session, I decide I’m going to keep the next one waiting a little as I desperately need a bathroom break.

After I have refreshed myself, I pause outside room 6 and take a deep breath before entering the room holding the awaiting couple.

“Hello.” I say seductively and smile as I look at the young couple standing before me. The male looks excited but nervous and very fidgety. The female however has so much fire in her eyes which ensures me this is going to be a good twenty minutes.

“Perfect. Isn’t she perfect Matt?” she says without taking her eyes off me.

“Mm hmm.” Matt replies, with wide eyes.

I do a little curtsy and then spin around slowly.

“We want you to watch us. Just sit in that chair and watch us.” Says the female.

Nodding my head, I take my place in the velvet chair in the corner of the room.

“This has been a fantasy of mine for so many years. Matt wasn’t so sure but we’ve done some research and he is on board, albeit a little nervous.” She smiles up at Matt before untying her robe and dropping it to the floor. The sight of her body is enough to make me swallow harshly, she has the most beautiful hour glass figure and skin that looks so soft. Her breasts are a symmetric round shape, with perky nipples. Her pussy is shaved bare and I can see a tattoo of a frog on her hip. To put it in one word, she is hot!

She makes eye contact with me a sends me a knowing wink, she knows I was checking her out. I smile back and shrug my shoulders. Turning to her partner, she wraps him up in a fiery kiss, before unbuttoning his shirt and running her hands over his waxed chest. He was hiding some definition in his shirt. She licks her way down his chest and stops at the top of his jeans, where she slowly unzips them and pulls them all the way down, quickly followed by the removal of his underwear. They are both completely naked and I am beginning to feel slightly over dressed.

She takes his semi erect cock into her mouth and begins to give him a blow job. She looks like she is very good at it, Matt is trying hard to stifle his moans. I wonder if he is feeling nervous that I am watching. He makes eye contact with me and immediately closes his eyes. I find this interesting and instead of watching his partner sucking him, I take pleasure in watching his face. His mouth forms a little O shape right before he throws his back in enjoyment. He periodically makes eye contact with me but never looks at me for very long.

Suddenly she stops sucking and his cock pops out of her mouth.

“I could tell you were about to come, baby and I’m not ready for that yet.” She purrs.

Standing up, she pulls him to the couch in front of where I am still sitting.

“Fuck me.” She commands.

He smacks her on the ass and pushes her face into the back of the couch. Far out, where did that come from? I got the impression he was nervous and quiet. He spreads her legs wide and I can see the glistening arousal on her lips. He loudly spits on his hand and then begins rubbing her arse hole.

Oh, it’s not what I was expecting. He inserts his pinkie finger into her puckered hole and she moans.

“Your arsehole is so fucking tight.” He grunts inserting a second and then third finger into her small hole and begins stretching it. I’ve never done anal and watching this doesn’t make me want to try anytime soon.

She must be ready, because he takes his fingers out and then positions his large cock at her back entrance. I think he will ease it in, but I’m proved wrong when he slams into her so fast the couch moves.

She screams out and for a second, I think she must need help, but then she starts moaning and as he reaches around and begins tickling her clit her moans become louder.

“Oh my god!” she screams.

“Yeah, you like that. Huh? You like daddy fucking your arsehole?” he pounds even harder and gone are all traces of this shy man that was standing here before.

“Answer Daddy!” he yells and smacks her arse leaving a red handprint.

“Yes, I love Daddy’s cock in my arse. It feels so good.” She moans.

I am mesmerised by the complete change of dominance and the sexual act taking place in front of me. It’s pretty erotic and I can’t help the slight wave of arousal coming over me.

“Harder on my clit.”

Another big smack.

“Sorry, harder please Daddy.”

“Sure baby.” He complies and increases his pressure on her clit. That must do it because she explodes in a mass of screams and shaking. It’s a good thing these rooms are soundproof because the whole club would have heard her.

He pulls out of her arse and pumps his cock a few times and then shoots his white, creamy release all over her back.

Fucking hell.

He stands up and he must have forgot I was there because he does a double take upon seeing me still sitting here. He begins mumbling and then walks over to retrieve his clothes.

I look up and see the girl still laying across the back of the couch. I swipe the towel from the floor and hand it to her.

“Thanks. I was so glad Daddy came out to play. I was worried he might not with you watching.”

“Ah, you’re welcome.” I reply, not sure what else to say.

The timer goes off in that second and I say goodbye to the couple and leave them to clean up.

That was interesting.

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