Falling in Love With You...

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~ 26 ~

It’s been two months and Christmas has come and gone. Miles and I spend nearly night that I’m not working together and most weekends. Trey and Miles actually get along quiet well, but there is still that resentment Trey has towards Miles. I’m not sure that will ever go away. Trey has began dating someone on a regular basis, which is huge for Trey. Usually it’s one-night stands or strictly sex only type of relationships but not this guy. I think Trey really likes him. Tonight, we are all going to my parents for dinner. Trey is bringing his boyfriend along and has warned mum not be too excited!

Of course Miles and I have to arrive separately because Mum and Dad still have no idea we are together. It hasn’t been smooth sailing the whole time. We have had a few discussions after a couple of close calls, about telling mum and dad. But I’m afraid I won’t be strong enough to deal with the fallout. Miles wants to tell them because he’s sick of hiding. I get that, I’m just not ready.

I’m serving drinks out by the pool area to Mum, Dad, Trey and Lucas when Miles arrives.

“Sorry I’m a little late. I got held up at the office.”

“That’s ok Miles. We’re just glad you’re here now.” Mum answers and gets up off the chair to hug Miles.

“Did you catch the game last night?” Dad asks him and the two of them retreat to the other side of the table to discuss the football. I have to keep telling myself to stop staring at Miles. He looks incredibly sexy in his work attire of black slacks and a bright blue button up shirt which is rolled up to his elbows.

Trey kicks me under the table, and I shoot daggers in his direction. Ouch! He stands up and announces he will gather the items to start the barbecue.

“Come with me Bethy.”

Once we are out of earshot from the others I say, “Are you sure it’s okay to leave Lucas there with Mum?”

“Yes, he’ll be fine. Your mum has practically labelled him her son in law.”

“That’s what I was afraid of.”

“You are making it so obvious that there is something going on with you and Miles.”

“What, how?” I panic.

“You can’t keep your eyes off each other!”

I smile. “I’ll try harder not to look in his direction all the time.”

“Good. Because I’m starving and I don’t want a huge fight to occur and ruin dinner.” He nods his head.

“Always thinking of your stomach, Trey.” I laugh.

We make our way back outside with our arms full of meat, salads and plates. Setting them on the table, my Dad says, “That must be my cue to cook.”

“Oh, I forgot the sauces. I’ll be right back.” I say.

“I need to excuse myself to the bathroom.” Miles says.

No one takes much notice as we walk into the house together. No one that is except for Trey who shakes his head at me. I really do need to get the sauces. This wasn’t planned I mouth to him.

The second we hit the kitchen Miles drags me into the laundry room and attacks my face with kisses.

“I have been fighting off an erection since I walked in tonight. Then you wouldn’t stop looking at me and I knew I wouldn’t last the entire night.” He breathes into my neck.

“Mmmmm.” I look up at him and our lips connect.

“Have you forgotten I’m on my period. You’re going to have to last until tomorrow.”

“Fuck. I forgot.” He pouts.

“How horny are you?” I whisper into his ear.

Instead of speaking to me, he grabs my hand and places it on his erection over his pants.

“Shit. Miles!” It’s so hard and straining. I scramble to undo his fly and take out his cock.

Miles sighs in relief before crashing his lips back to mine. I drop to my knees and take Miles in my mouth. Licking and sucking his engorged length. If possible, I can feel it harden more in my mouth. I look up at him to see him looking down at me with a look of pure pleasure on his face. I suck harder, knowing that we’ve been gone for a while. I use my hands to jerk the lower half of his cock.

Miles fists his fingers through my hair and pushes my head to a stop and then my mouth is filled with his semen. He guides my movements, using my head so I can suck the remaining come from his cock.

Dropping to his knees, Miles takes my face in his hands and kisses me with so much passion. He doesn’t seem to care that I just swallowed his creamy release and that he can probably taste it. I sense adoration in his kiss, a feeling I’ve become used to the last few weeks.

I break the kiss because I don’t want anyone to come looking for us. “I hope that will get you through the rest of dinner.” I say and stand up.

Miles tucks his penis away and zips up his fly. “You amaze and surprise me, babe. Are you staying at my place tonight?”

“Do you want me stay?”

“Absa-fucking-lutly!” he kisses me. “I stayed late at the office tonight, so that I could take tomorrow off. I know you have the night off. I thought we could go hiking?”

“I’d love to! Now I have to get back!”

I grab the sauces and go straight back outside. Trey immediately raises his eyebrows at me in a knowing manner.

“Gosh, I thought you’d gone to the store to get the sauces, not the kitchen, Beth.” Dad exclaims.

“Sorry.” I mutter.

With full tummies and fresh drinks, the six of us sit around the outdoor table feeling rather relaxed.

“So Miles, when are you going to bring your girlfriend to meet us?” Mum asks. “Scott told me it sounds like it’s getting serious between the two of you?”

Fuck, I didn’t know Miles had discussed his girlfriend with dad. I sit there stunned.

“Well yes, it is getting serious but I’m not sure I’m ready to introduce my girlfriend to you yet.” Miles replies.

“Don’t leave us hanging for much longer. I’m dying to meet the woman who has captured your heart.”

Miles just smiles and when no one is looking, he sends me a wink. Phew, that was close. I am silent for a while so my heart rate can slow down.

“Beth, did you ever call that lovely waiter fellow from the club?”

“Ah no, I didn’t. He wasn’t really my type.”

“So there’s no one on your radar, then?”

“Um actually there is.” Wait, what??

“I knew it! The phone calls and texts you were getting the other day made me think you were seeing someone!” Mum gushes. “Your whole face lit up every time you read a text.”

I have no idea where this comes from but suddenly I don’t want to hide our relationship anymore.

“He’s very special to me.” I add and look directly at Miles.

I can hear Trey’s intake of breath, but I don’t see anything else apart from Miles smiling face.

“Why are you looking at Miles like that? Does he know who your mystery man is?” Mum pries.

My heart rate picks up again and I think it might jump right out of my chest.

“Yes, he does know.”

“Beth!” Trey warns.

“What? What is going on? Scott, what’s happening?”

Dad doesn’t reply, instead I watch in horror as he punches Miles straight in the cheek and Miles falls to the floor.

I scream and Mum screams and Trey leaps out of his chair to stand between an angry dad and shocked Miles.

“Don’t lie to me Miles. Tell me the truth.” Dad screams at him.

“For fuck’s sake, will someone please tell me what the hell is going on here?” Mum shouts.

“Miles’ girlfriend is sitting right here. Am I right?” Dad laughs.

What have I done? I look to Miles and see blood trickling down his face from a cut above his eye. A bruise is already forming there. Immediately tears run down my cheeks. Miles looks at me and smiles. How can he smile. I just outed us with no warning. He should be mad at me.

“But Bethany is the only other girl here besides me? I don’t….. oh my god!” Mum covers her mouth and her eyes begin to water.

“Fucking answer me, Miles. Or I swear to god I’ll put you on your arse again!” Dad shouts.

Switching from my gaze to look at Dad, Miles speaks. “Yes, your daughter and I are in a relationship.”

“I can’t believe it.” Mum wails.

“Son of a bitch!” Dad steps towards Miles with his fists raised. “Move, Trey. For the love of God, get out of the way!”

“I can’t let you punch him, Scott.” Trey says and holds his hands up.

“The fuck you can’t!” Dad pushes Trey to the side and lands another punch to the centre of Miles’ face, hitting him square in the nose. Blood starts running down, staining the front of Miles blue shirt.

I scream and rush to Miles only to be held back by Trey. A stunned and frightened looking Lucas leave his seat and comes to my side.

“Come Beth. Let’s go.” He says and him and Trey attempt to guide me into the house.

“NO STOP!” I get free from their grasp and run to Dad. “If you are going to hit Miles because of this, then you’ll have to hit me too.”

Dad scoffs, “I’m not going to hurt you Beth.”

“You’ve already hurt me, dad.” I begin crying.

“Scott, that’s enough.” Mum demands. Dad lowers his fists and looks at me shaking his head.

“How long?”


“How long have you been with my daughter, behind my back?”

“Four months.” Miles answers. His voice is nasally, and I’ll bet his nose is broken.

“Fuck you Miles!” my dad shouts.

“Beth, I think you and Miles should go. Your father needs to calm down.” Mum turns to me.

I stare at Dad for a minute and then I shake my head at him. I take Miles’ hand and together we leave my parents house.

I drive Miles home after hugging Trey and making sure he is okay. Trey assures me he is fine and that I should worry about Miles right now.

“Should I take you to the hospital? I think your nose is broken?” I look at Miles as I drive his car.

“Yeah, it probably is.” He sighs.

“I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad at me.” I change direction and head toward the hospital.

“Beth, are you kidding? I am far from mad at you.”

“But I just told mum and dad our secret.”

“A little warning would have been nice, but I’m glad you told them. I’m the one that wanted to tell them ages ago.”

“I’m sorry. Does it hurt?”

“Fuck yes, it hurts!” he laughs.

I drive further up the highway and once we reach the hospital I park the car and turn to Miles, who has his shirt balled up and pressed to his nose.

“So you’re really not mad at me?”

“Beth, Christ. I love you!”

I stare at him, not believing what he just said.


“I said, I love you. I wanted to tell you tomorrow on our hike. Hell of a lot more romantic than in a car after getting punched by your dad.”

Tears prick my eyelids once again. He loves me!

“Baby, please don’t cry.” He unbuckles his seat belt and then my own and pulls me onto his lap.

“It will be okay, you know. It was just a shock for your Dad to find out that his best friend is dating his only daughter. We knew he wouldn’t be cheering at the news when he found out. At least now we don’t have to hide. We can go to dinner whenever and wherever we want. Give him some time to process it all.”

“I’m not crying because of that. But I agree with it all, though I feel a bit like a traitor.”

“Then what has you upset?”

“I’m not upset. I’m happy.” I laugh through my tears.

“Baby, you have a funny way of showing it.”

“They’re tears of joy, you idiot!”

“Oh.” He hugs me tighter. “I love you Bethany.”

“I love you too, Miles.”

“You have no idea how that makes me feel… hearing you say those words.”

After a few minutes I look up at him and my heart skips a beat. How did I get so lucky?

“Come on. Let’s get your nose all fixed up, old man.”

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