Falling in Love With You...

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~ 3 ~

I’m standing at the front door of my childhood home. It’s a modest two-story brick house in a quiet cul-de-sac. I am clutching the bottles of wine in my hands as I wait for someone to open the door. My face turning into a smile as my dad swings the front door open, immediately pulling me in for a hug.

“Ah my favourite child!”

“Dad, I’m your only child.” I say muffled from his tight embrace.

“Yes and therefore you are my favourite!” he laughs, releasing me. “No rich, snobby families need you tonight?” he rolls his eyes.

“No dad. I’m off for the next two nights.” He takes two bottles of wine from my hands and leads the way to the kitchen. Mum is bustling around, no doubt trying to make everything perfect.

“Mum, I’m sure the food is delicious. Have a glass of wine and sit down.” I say as Dad opens the wine and proceeds to pour the two of us a glass.

“We haven’t seen Miles for so long and he’s bringing a girl with him I just want it all to be perfect.”

“It will be.” I ensure her. Minutes later, the doorbell can be heard and Dad practically runs to open it to the sound of my laughter. Mum wanders towards the door at a slower pace, her wine glass clutched tightly in her hand. I decide to stay here, I’ll see him when he comes in.


I turn at the sound of his voice and see a genuine smile on his face.

“Miles. Good to see you!”

“Same kiddo, you look so grown up!”

“It’s only been two years. I’ve hardly changed.” I tell him.

“You got a hug for me?”

I jump up and walk into his open arms for a brief hug. Upon hearing voices coming closer, I pull away and turn to see who he has brought with him.

“Bethany, this is my friend Sarah. Sarah this is Bethany, my best friends’ daughter.”

“Hi Sarah.” I say politely while taking a minute to stare at her. She’s very short, probably 5ft. Huge blue eyes and a very friendly face. She looks happy and bubbly and young.

“Bethany! Hey!” she says excitedly. I am taken by surprise when she wraps her arms around me.

“Sarah, let the poor girl breath!” laughs Miles.

“Sorry, I’ve just heard so much about you and I’m excited to have someone young to talk to! I moved here with Miles and I don’t know anyone my own age.”

“Oh, are you guys not a couple?” I ask.

“God no!” Sarah laughs. “I mean he’s easy on the eye, but a bit old for me.”

“Hey, standing right here!” Miles interrupts.

“Wine?” I ask Sarah.

“Yes please!” she says as she removes her jacket, hanging it over the bar stool.

“Coming right up. Miles, you want a beer?”

“Sure. Thanks.”

Dinner was great. I didn’t really talk to Miles very much but Sarah was a breath of fresh air. She left with my number and a promise of a girl’s night out. I can see her and I becoming friends. Dad and Miles talked nearly the whole time, I guess they have a lot to catch up on with Miles being gone for a few years.

“Gah, I’ve drank too much wine. Can I stay here tonight?” I say whilst helping mum clean the kitchen.

“Of course darling. Go on up, you look exhausted.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. I’ll see you for breakfast.”

“Alright, dinner was perfect mum.” I tell her and give her a hug goodnight before making my way upstairs to the spare room.

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