Falling in Love With You...

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~ 4 ~

After enjoying my next two days off, here I am in the dressing room at Ashley’s getting ready to go on stage. Tonight, all the girls are wearing red, it’s not a scheduled theme night, just something fun we like to do. I feel so sexy in my cherry red plunge bra and lace panties set with suspenders. It pushes my boobs up and the lace panties are a teeny bit see through which is pretty erotic. I will be on the pole most of tonight. The pole is not my favourite, because I always feel sore the next day. I probably should be going to the gym, obviously my run that I go on every so often isn’t enough. With about 5 mins until opening, Ashley comes in and tells us the last-minute notices.

“Alright my sexy ladies, Courtney and Bee I want you two on the poles tonight. Sammy can you do some topless waitressing? Marcy and Candice, you guys will do stage dancing; throw some kissing in there too please. I have Lara coming in soon to do a pre booked couples private session and then she can take over the waitressing. All good ladies?”

We nod our heads and there’s a chorus of yeses that follow. “Ok get out there and have fun you sexy beasts!”

“Court, are you excited for tomorrow night?” I ask her as we make our way to the stage.

“Fuck yes! My pussy is dripping in anticipation. Denver is my favourite.”

“I need to get me a Denver. Where are you going?”

“I don’t know yet. It’s all part of the surprise so I’m told. I get picked up at 9 and taken to wherever he plans to be.”

“Think of me dancing my ass away for you while you have your mouth full of cock.” I say and start dancing as the music begins indicating the opening of Ashley’s.

It’s about halfway through my shift and I am desperate for a drink. I look around while I am hanging upside down on my pole and follow most of the guys eyesight to see Marcy and Candice doing a full on make out session on the stage. These two often get carried away and Ashley loves it. Extra tips and more people through the doors. I glance at Court who has just come out of a Hollywood swing making eye contact with me, she rolls her eyes and signals to me that she needs a break. I nod in agreeance and we sexily crawl off the stage.

“Fuck, I need a drink.” I tell her.

“I’ll get us some. You freshen up and I’ll meet you in the dressing room.” She tells me.

Gratefully I make my way down the dimly lit hallway and into the empty dressing room. As soon as I sit down, I let out the biggest sigh and roll my shoulders. I’m going to have to book in for a massage soon, I feel so tight in my neck and shoulders. I reach for my bag and pull out my phone to see a new text from Sarah sent a couple of hours ago.

Hey, are you free tonight? Want to meet up for some drinks?

I text her back.

Hey chick, Sorry I’m working. Raincheck?

Courtney returns with shots and vodka and orange juice on a tray. Perks of working here mean we get free drinks. Ashley doesn’t encourage us to drink too much, but understands some girls need a little liquid courage for the more difficult private sessions.

“Ah yes! Thanks.”

“Bottom’s up girl.”

We down the shot and clink our vodka glasses together before chatting for the next twenty minutes.

“We’d better get back out there. I’m sure the crowd have had enough of just watching Marcy and Candice’s porn show.”

Laughing, I stand up and hold my hand out to my friend and we make our way back on stage. About ten minutes later Ashley signals to me from the side of the stage that I am wanted for a 5-minute session. Grateful to be off the pole for a while longer I happily walk towards her to get the details.

“Room 2, 1 female. Paid for 5 minutes.” She tells me.

“Gotcha.” I cross the main floor getting many slaps on the ass as I go by. I could have gone the internal way round but sometimes it’s nice to go through the crowd. They are always well behaved because Ashely won’t hesitate to have them thrown out for inappropriate behaviour.

Knocking twice on the door to room 2, I open it and am met with an unexpected sight. A girl is laying on the couch with her top off, one hand fondling her perky breasts and the other quiet obviously fingering her pussy. Usually the client waits until we enter before anything begins, which is why I am surprised.

“Mmmm, I was watching you on that pole. The way your breasts fall forward when you hang upside down. The outline of your pussy lips when your legs spread with the pole in the middle.”

Even though I’m not into other woman sexually and watching her perform for me, it’s my job to make her feel sexy and that’s what I keep in mind when I respond.

“Oh really, so how would you like to touch my boobs?”

“I would love nothing more. Come to me.”

I slowly wander towards her and lower myself down into a kneeling position so that my breasts are situated right in her face should she turn her head, which she does and I watch her eyes go wide before she stops playing with her own breast and pays mine some attention. She moans loudly while skimming her fingers down my bra to cup my full breast. Her hand that is down her pants seems to move faster and faster as she touches me.

“You like touching me?” I ask her.

“Fuck yes.” She moans louder. “Talk dirty to me.”

“You like touching my aching breasts while your finger slides in and out of your soaking wet pussy. Faster and faster. A little pressure on your sensitive clit and a pinch of my nipple will send you over the top.” I say with a very sultry voice. I don’t break eye contact with her and I can see her eyes begin rolling to the back of her head. She must be close. I reach out and very softly trail my own finger across her nipples, which are so long and swollen. She begins panting and I speak again.

“Are you coming on your fingers?” I ask her.

“Yes, yes oh god yes!”

I give her a minute to finish before I smile at her. The alarm sounds, indicating the time is up. Before I stand up, I lean forward and place a kiss on her forehead. An easy $100 to add to my total tonight.

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