Falling in Love With You...

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~ 5 ~

Sarah and I are having lunch together today, so I’m just blow drying my hair. I’m looking forward to getting to know her a bit more. She seems like a really fun person.

Walking into the café I spot Sarah straight away. She appears to be flirting with the older man at the booth next to her. Rolling my eyes, I slip into the booth opposite Sarah.

“Hey girl!” Sarah says turning to face me. She’s quite a pretty girl. Her big, bright, blue eyes are clearly her best feature. They light up her whole face. Her brown hair is up in a messy bun on top of her head.

“Hey. Sorry to interrupt your flirting session.” I say quietly.

“Haha, I was just playing. He’s much too old for me.”

A waiter arrives at our table and Sarah orders a hot dog, fries and a coke. I order a cheeseburger, fries and a water.

“Have you found a job yet?” I ask her.

“Yes. As a receptionist at The Elton. You know the hotel?”

“Ah yes.” I know it well actually. A lot of the out of club private sessions take place there. I’ve been there a few times. “It’s a fancy place.”

“You’re telling me!” she laughs. “How’s your work? What do you actually do? Look after kids?”

I made a quick decision to tell her what I really do.

“Actually, no. That’s just what I tell my family. I work at Ashely’s. Have you heard of that?”

“The strip club?” her eyes widen.

“That’s the one.” I wink.

“Holy shit! That’s awesome.”

Before I can answer the many questions I can see brewing in her mind, the waiter is back with our lunch. I am so hungry, and my burger smells amazing!

Lunch passes quickly as we get lost in conversation. Sarah seems to have settled well after the move here with Miles. She says she was friends with his ex-girlfriend who ended up cheating on Miles with 5 other guys. When he announced he was moving, Sarah thought she’d go with him. Having no family around, she looked forward to the change. There’s never been anything more than friendship between her and Miles. As it nears 3pm, I decide I’d better go as I have work tonight.

“Thanks for lunch Sarah. It’s great to have another girl around.” I give her a friendly hug which she returns.

“Let’s go out one night.” Sarah exclaims.

“Yes for sure. You’ll get along great with the girls I work with!”

“Beth, are you free for a ten-minute private?” Ashley asks me.


“Great, room 4. I think it’s a dare from his mates. Seemed a bit shy. Don’t scare the fellow.” she laughs as I push up my boobs before heading toward room 4. Tonight is masquerade theme night which means all of us dancers have masks on. It’s kind of empowering actually and I really like wearing it. I also have on a dark blue bra set with a skirt covering my skimpy thong, I’m glad the skirt is there because the very thin material keeps riding up and I’m sure at times, my pussy lips would have become visible, especially on the pole.

Private shows are so much fun, there aren’t many rules so we can pretty much do whatever we want as long as there’s no penetration and it’s not really acceptable to orgasm. Different girls have their own personal rules though. For a ten-minute private, I’ll probably just let the guy fondle my boobs.

I knock quickly twice on the door to signal to my client that I am coming in, I open the door to the dimly lit room and see the guy facing away from me staring at the overcrowded dance floor through the one way glass window. He’s tall, maybe 6 ft, brown hair that looks a little messy, as if he has been running his fingers through it, from the back I can see he is a muscular man – fit. His muscles are straining against his white linen shirt. Nice. I feel a stirring down below.

Being a stripper, I’m usually very good at controlling my sexual desires; being able to hide my arousal sometimes and then pretending it exists other times. There were times in the beginning of my dancing career where I would have to abruptly end a private show in order to run to the dressing room to get myself off because we weren’t technically allowed to have an orgasm in the short private shows; Ash didn’t like it happening at all really, preferring we pretended to orgasm only in the more expensive private shows. But sometimes, I can’t control it.

“Hey there handsome.” I say with a husky type voice as I close the door behind me, which starts an automatic timer on the wall. 9 minutes and 58 seconds.

“Ah hi.” He sounds shy and I think that’s kind of cute.

“I heard your friends payed for this experience for you. Is this your first time?” I wonder, which would explain his nervousness.

“No.” he says simply. Still facing the dance floor. “I mean, it’s been a while.”

“Ok, well we can take it slow.”

I watch him as he moves to turn around. I start looking at his black dress shoes and run my eyes slowly up his jeans stopping briefly in hopes of seeing a bulge in his pants, but I am a tiny bit disappointed. I continue up and note a visible black tattoo outline through his white shirt. My eyes settle on his face and immediately I mutter “Fuck!”

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