Falling in Love With You...

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~ 6 ~


“Ah, nothing. Here have a seat.” I say, far too quickly. I turn around and begin swaying my hips while I gather my composure.

Holy shit.

Standing in the room with me is none other than Miles. My dad’s best friend. I am supposed to be giving him a 10-minute show. My heart rate picks up as I realise, I was just getting hot for my dad’s best friend. I don’t know what to do. I run my hands up and down my sides, hoping to by some time. Time!

I look up at the clock and see it reads 8 minutes 37 seconds. Shit. Ok chances are he won’t recognise me, right? I’ve got a mask on which covers two thirds of my face and I’ve worn my hair up instead of my usual down style. Not to mention, I’ve seen him once in two years so the chance of him actually knowing who I am are slim. I hope!

“You have a nice ass.” he tells me and immediately I can feel myself become wet. No. Come on mind, don’t let him in.

“Well thank you, Sir.”

“It’s Miles. My name is Miles.” Yeah, I already know that!

“Can you turn around?” Fuck. I don’t want him to give a bad review or leave feeling disappointed, so I very slowly turn around, glancing briefly at the clock as I do; 8 minutes 04 seconds. I watch his eyes rake down my body and up again resting on my breasts. My nipples become hard at his gaze and I feel them pointing straight through the flimsy material of my bra. His eyes widen so that I am aware he can see them.

“Shit.” He says and I can feel my cheeks redden. I begin dancing for him, running my hands up and down my bare skin, his gaze is making me feel so sexy and I step towards him. I tease him by touching his shoulders while I go behind him in the chair. I bend down and whisper quietly in his ear “Do you like what you see?” I smile at the goosebumps appearing on his neck and can’t help but lick them. He moans out at my wet touch and his sounds go directly to my pussy.

There is something forbidden about this, but at the same time I am excited and turned on. I bravely move in front of him and straddle his lap. Instantly his hands cup my ass and then it is my turn to moan. I fall forward slightly so that my breasts are directly in his line of vision. I revel at the twitching that occurs in his pants as he openly stares at my breasts.

“Can I…..” he begins but then stops and shakes his head.

“Touch them? Yes, you can.”

He wastes no time in removing his hands from my ass and touching my breasts through my bra. He trails his finger across the top of my left breast, and I shiver at his soft touch, my nipples hardening even more. He slides his finger down the valley between my breasts and then underneath my right breast before achingly slowly moving his finger up again brushing my nipple. I can’t help the gasp that leaves my mouth and the moisture that fills my g-string.

“Take it off.” I boldly demand. I close my eyes as Miles reaches behind me and undoes the clasp on my bra letting it fall forwards, while my breasts bounce freely in front of him. He slides the straps down my arms and I shrug the bra completely off. I can feel his erection getting harder underneath me and I try to adjust myself on his lap so that I can feel it more. My movements catch him off guard and he jerks his hips up and I moan as his erection pushes his zipper right on my clit. Fuck, that feels good.

I lower my head to look at him and see that he is still focused on my breasts. I hold them and wobble them before pinching my nipple urging him to do the same with my eyes. He must understand because he leans forward and takes a nipple in his mouth. I cry out at the unexpected action. I thought he was going to touch them.

“Sorry. Should I stop?”

“God no!” I all but shout. He giggles and takes me in his mouth again. I roll my pelvis back and forth on his hard erection. Shit, this feels so good. My pussy unleashes a fresh wave of arousal and I can feel my g string is so wet. I want more friction, so I reach down and lift up the small skirt so that my wet g-string is the only things between my pussy and his jeans. His erection hardens at my moans of pleasure and I don’t know what comes over me when I begin grinding on him holding onto his shoulders for support. His tongue relentlessly swirling around my nipple and when he sucks hard I let go, an orgasm ripping through me; my clit pulsing on his jeans. Fuck yes!! I moan while closing my eyes. When I open them at the completion of my orgasm, I find Miles looking directly at me, wonder written on his face.

“Did you just…?”

“Shit. Yes. I’m so sorry.”

“Fuck, that’s hot.”

“Wait, you’re not annoyed?” his friends paid for this after all and I’m the one who seemed to enjoy it the most.

“Annoyed? A seriously hot fucking girl just came all over my jeans. You must have been so turned on by me, by what I was doing that you orgasmed. I’m not annoyed. If anything, I’m jealous. Jealous that you came and not me.”

“I’m sorry. We aren’t allowed to help you with that. There’s a bathroom you can use. Or I could leave if you want to ah…. you know.” I say shyly.

He chuckles. “You’ve gone all shy on me? First you come on me and then you go all shy on me?”

I make to move off of him but he grabs me holding me on him. He pulls me gently so that my head is resting in the crook of his neck. I can still feel his bulging erection which only turns me on more.

“Never have I been so horny in my whole life then I am now with you. I want to kiss you, but I know I’m not allowed to. I just wanted you to know.”

Fuck it. I want to kiss him to. It’s probably because I’ve just orgasmed and I’m not really thinking this through, but I want to feel his lips on my lips. I pull back and look at him glancing down briefly at his lips which are a slight shade of red. I bring my head down to his and our mouths meet. I can feel his tongue seeking entrance to my mouth and I let him in. He groans in my mouth and then abruptly ends the kiss.

“I need to stop now or your come won’t be the only one on my pants tonight.” He shivers.

Above us the alarm sounds indicating our time is up. I climb off him and reach down for my bra. Once it is on, I head to the door turning to see him again. He is smiling as he stands next to the chair, I can’t help but look down at this jeans and smirk at the wet patch that holds my release. He too glances down and then looks at me shrugging, he doesn’t seem bothered by it.

“Thanks for a good time, Miles.”

“Wait, I didn’t get your name?”


“Thanks Bee. You are amazing.”

I walk out of the door and down the hallway. I don’t stop until I reach the bathroom. All of a sudden, a thought hits me. My mask. Fuck! I frantically reach up and audibly sigh upon feeling it still in place. Thank goodness. Miles won’t know it was me.

The enormity of what I’ve just done hits me and I take a minute to calm down. Not only is Miles my dad’s best friend and that is kind of gross because I’ve never thought of him as anymore than a boring workaholic, that is until now. Now that I grinded all over him while his movements on my breasts brought me to climax on his jeans, now that I kissed him and tasted him. Also, that has only happened one other time, where I orgasmed during a private session. It was a very erotic session with a couple and the three of us were very turned on. All other times when I’ve felt like I needed a release and couldn’t hold it in, I was able to either leave the room or distract myself from the feeling. So why did I let myself go this time, I wonder. I finish up in the bathroom and make my way to the stage as I am rostered on there for the next half an hour.

“Must have been some private show Bee, your tips tonight are huge thanks to that gentleman.” Ashley tells me as I pass her, just at the stage door. I don’t know what to say so I just smile at her and shrug my shoulders.

Pushing out my chest, I saunter over to the pole wrapping my hands around it and begin dancing seductively to the music. I try to look out into the mass of people drinking and watching me to see if I can spot Miles. Over the course of my dancing, I don’t manage to find him, and I feel slightly disappointed? over that fact. I crawl on my hands and knees to the edge of the stage making sure my breasts are very visible to the crowd. I then sit down facing the excited drinkers and spread my legs for them. I hear a few men at the front groan and whoop at the sight. Not that they can see anything; my skirt just covers the thin fabric of my g-string. I feel like the sexiest woman alive right now. I shimmy my waist forward and touch my breasts, closing my eyes to show them how good it feels. I am very surprised when I start wishing it was Miles, who was playing with my breasts right now.

I finish my last set of the night and wander out to the dressing room. I don’t usually shower here, preferring to do it when I get home. However tonight, I have the urge to do it while I wait for my tips to be placed in my locker. Standing under the hard jets of the shower I realise how tired I am, its nearing 4am and I will definitely be sleeping the day away. I have to be back here for another shift by 9:30 tonight. As much as I love my job, it’s physically tiring and times like these, where I am exhausted, I wonder what it would be like to have a typical 9-5 day job.

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