Falling in Love With You...

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~ 7 ~

I wake up and stretch my aching arms above my head. A long yawn leaves my mouth and I slowly open my wyes squinting at the brightness taking over my bedroom.

“Fuck, I forgot to close the curtains.” I mumble to my otherwise empty bedroom. Rolling over I grab my phone which lays on my nightstand next to the bed. I can tell it’s well after lunch time, heading into early afternoon. I see I missed a call from Sarah earlier this morning. Hitting the redial button I put the phone to my ear and listen to the ringing tone.

“Sarah’s phone.” Says a voice I didn’t expect.

“Ah hey, Miles? It’s Bethany.” I say while my heart rate picks up slightly as I remember what happened at the club last night.

“Bethany, I guess you’re looking for Sarah. Of course you are, this is her phone you called.” he laughs.

“Um yeah. Is she around?”

“Are you ok? You sound weird.” He asks.

I clear my voice before answering. “Yep. Just a late night at work. I guess you could say I’m still recovering.”

“You and me both!” he says quietly.

“What was that?” I ask, though I heard loud and clear, I just can’t believe what he said.

“Nothing. Sarah’s not here. She popped down the street and left her phone behind. I’ll tell her you called.”

“That would be great, thanks.”

“No problem, kiddo.” I feel like he wouldn’t call me that if he knew it was me last night coming on his pants!

“How are you, anyway?” I ask, while sitting up against the fabric of the headboard.

“Great. Caught up with a few mates last night, drank way too much but hey, you only live once, right?”

“YOLO, you got it.”

“Hey, I gotta go. I got some research to do. I’ll see you on Sunday?”


“Your old man’s charity golf match?”

“Oh fuck, I forgot about that!”

“Sweet jesus, she swears!”

“Yeah, well I told you the other night, I’ve grown up a lot Miles.” The sound of Miles’ laughter plants a big smile on my face.

“Catcha later Beth.”

“Bye Miles.” I hang up the phone and find myself still smiling as I head into the bathroom.

Thankfully I had last night off because if I didn’t, I would not be able to spend the afternoon at the golf club supporting Dad in his charity match. This day requires one to be well rested. There are so many of my dad’s clients that I have to talk to and I’ll be in the sun all afternoon. I slip into a summery knee length, flowy dress and pull my hair into a half up half down style, my wavy locks hanging down past my shoulders. After I finish applying foundation and a splash of lip gloss, I feel ready to take on the world! Ok, not the world but I can definitely get through an afternoon of watching golf……. As long as I don’t run into Miles, that is…..

“Beth, honey. You look good.” says my mum as I walk into the marquee set up between the first and second holes.

“Thanks Mum, is that a new outfit?”

“Sure is.” She smiles as she does a twirl in front of me.

“Is Trey coming along? I haven’t seen that man for so long!”

Mum and Trey get along so well and have done since the second I introduced them. They often go to lunch and the day spa together.

“Yeah he is. He wouldn’t miss it.”

At that moment Miles comes up to us and my heart starts pounding recalling all the things we did at the club.


I startle and come out of my daydream as I hear Miles call my name.

“Sorry, what?”

“I said, would you lovely ladies like a drink?”

“Oh, um yes that would be great, thanks.”

“What were you thinking about, darling? You were lost for a while.” Asks mum as she elbows me in the ribs.

“Oh nothing.” I smile.

A few hours later and 4 champagnes down I am feeling rather spritely. I have talked to as many of dad’s clients as I need to and I am starving, so I excuse myself from another client and make my way to the food table. Piling a selection of finger foods on my plate, my mouth watering at the sight of all the delicious goodness, I jump at the feel of someone’s hands on my bottom. I turn around a little too fast and thanks to the champagne I’ve drank, I almost topple over. I do manage to grasp on to the table ledge but my plate of food falls to the grass below.

“Oh shit, sorry baby cakes!”

“Trey, you jerk! I’m starving!”

“Relax, I’ll get you a new plate. Go sit down. How much have you had to drink?”

“Like 4 glasses. Not that much.”

“I’m betting you’ve had no water and no food.”

Instead of replying to him I stick my tongue out and walk over to the empty chairs. Sitting down I being to feel the effects of the alcohol and think I really shouldn’t drink anymore. I close my eyes and open them again just as fast as my surroundings begin spinning. I look up and see mum talking to Miles. Oh Miles. I can’t help but see him differently now. I take a second to check him out. He’s wearing knee length shorts and a collared t-shirt. He is so good looking, I can feel myself becoming aroused.

“Here.” Trey hands me a plate and a cup of cold water before taking a seat next to me.

“I’ve gotta jet. I’ve got a date with a handsome young man.” He tells me.

“Ooohhh, lucky you. Come over in the morning and tell me all about him.”

“Eat! And drink all of this water.”

“Yes sir.”

Trey leans over and plants a kiss on my forehead before walking away. I eat everything he put on my plate and feel so much better. Sculling my cup of water, I get up and put my plastic dishes in the bin and try to find mum. I glance down at my watch and note that the golfers should be just about finished and mum is probably waiting at the eighteenth hole like majority of the other guests.

Heading that way, I fall in step with Miles.

“Hey Kiddo, having fun?”

I can’t help the giggle that leaves my mouth at his name for me. “The best. I’m more than ready to go home though.”

“Yeah, it’s a long day. I’m grateful that I’m not out there playing golf.”

“Do you play?”

“Not really. Golf isn’t my thing.”

“What is your thing?”


“Cool! I love camping. I went with some mates about a month ago, to Lake Willow.”

“Nice! How was the water?”

“Still a little cool but refreshing.”

“How’s work?”

“Ah you know, interesting.” I smile at him.

“You still enjoy it?” he asks me.

“I love it. What are you up to now?”

“I went back to Oscar’s.”

I nod my head. “Sarah still living with you?”

“Actually she’s moving in with a few girls that she made friends with at the gym. That girl is a social butterfly.” He laughs.

“Good for her! I might give her a call. She wanted to catch up the other night but I was working.”

“Just be careful with Sarah. She’s great but can sometimes dabble with the wrong type of people.” He warns me.

We approach the silent group of people, halting our conversation, I’ll have to remember to ask about that later.

I stayed until the presentation and then decided to head home, feeling absolutely exhausted! I need an early night before I start 3 straight nights at Ashley’s.

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