Falling in Love With You...

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~ 8 ~

I’m woken with the sudden urge to go for a jog. This happens very rarely and I usually make sure to go for a long jog when the feeling arises. Despite the champagne from yesterday, I feel energetic. I get dressed in some workout tights and a singlet and pop my ear buds in, tuning into my favourite podcast. My feet pound the pavement and I soon get lost in the rhythm. I jog past the cafés bustling with the early morning work crowd eager to be caffeinated in order to start another working week. I’m glad I am not one of them, I prefer my working schedule much more.

As I pass the last corner before I return home, it begins to rain. Slow drops of moisture falling from the sky. My favourite kind of weather. I feel like today is going to be an amazing day! Pausing out the front of my building to catch my breath, I pull the earbuds out of my ears and take in the world before me. I feel so lucky to be here. I have a great job, earn plenty of money, my family is amazing and I’m lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Deciding to walk up the flights of stairs to my apartment on the seventh floor, I am all but dead by the time I open the stair well door. I’m going to book in for a massage ASAP! Rounding the corner, I stop as I see a shirtless Trey locking lips with an equally handsome man. Lucky bastard! His visitor leaves before I get to the doorway.

“I take it, it went well last night?” I raise my eyebrows and walk into Trey’s open apartment door.

“You want all the deets??” he says following me inside.

“Mmmm, maybe not the dirty ones. Who am I kidding, tell me everything!” I laugh as I help myself to a bottle of water from his fridge before plopping down on his sofa.

“His name is Orlando. He’s 19 and just the cutest thing I’ve ever met. So shy and innocent.”

“Oh, a young one this time! Don’t scare him away.”

“He’s not relationship material, but I’ll definitely be hooking up with him again.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from you Trey.” I smirk.

“So, you look like you pulled up alright after yesterday.”

“Yeah, I feel fine. Well I did before my run. Now I feel like I need a massage!”

“Don’t we all. Get your mum to book us in.”

“You could probably get her to book us in faster than I could, Trey.”

“Hah, yeah you’re right. I’ll call her today. You working tonight?”

“Yep, I’m working for the next three nights. I’m getting a mani/pedi at 11 if you wanna join me?”

“Ah yes! Absolutely!”

“Ok, I’ll go shower. Come over when you’re ready and we’ll go.”

From my vantage point in the far left corner of the stage I can see the overly packed floor pumping with enthusiasm. It’s my second of three nights in a row and it’s crazy busy tonight; horny, drunk men and a few ladies shouting and admiring us dancers. I like it when it is this busy, I seem to get a big dose of confidence and it wills my tired body to keep going. Joining hands with Marcy, we run our eyes sexily over each other’s bodies before she guides her hands up and down my body.

“Loving this colour on you, babe!” she tells me referring to my green corset.

“Mmm, it’s becoming my favourite!” I agree with her. She dances behind me, grinding her hips into my ass. We are putting on quite the show for the group gathered in front of us.

“You are sexy as fuck!” shouts a man from the front which prompts Marcy to blow him a kiss. I giggle and indicate to Marcy that my set is up. She turns me around and sends me off the stage with a smack to my ass. I can hear the masses whistling as I walk towards the dressing room for a break.

The dressing room is surprisingly empty, the other girls must be really busy up in the private rooms. I rummage around in my bag for something to eat and breathe a sigh of relief when I locate a muesli bar. I am starving and manage to eat the entire thing in less than a minute. Reaching for a bottle of water, I replenish myself so I can go back out there. I already know that tonight is going to be a really late one. It’s already midnight and the club is pumping. I decide to make a quick trip to the bathroom and do a small touch up on my make-up. I’m not wearing much make-up tonight, just some mascara, blush and lipstick. As I am putting my lipstick cap back on Ashley slips around the corner,

“Oh Bee, great. A gentleman has requested a private session with you. I believe it is the same one who tipped you so generously last week.” She tells me while wiggling her eyes brows up and down. At first, I’m not sure who she is referring to, but it doesn’t take long to come back to me. It must be Miles. Shit.

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