The Voice Of the Deaf Girl

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Alina Everstone is a deaf junior student at Willow Brooke High. Since she's deaf, she uses sign language and writes everything she wants to say. She enjoys writing stories, helping other people, singing(usually to herself), taking care of animals, and being out in nature. She gets bullied every chance her bullies Carter and Katie get. That is until she meets Scott Zachary, an emotionless transfer student. Scott was born without much emotion, he wasn't able to show some or any emotion at times. He doesn't understand much about emotions. He sees Alina being bullied and knew he had to help. But what these two didn't know was, on that fateful day, they would help each other and hopefully be able to live a better life together. Alina is scared to sing because she lacks confidence in herself and her talent. Scott wants to understand emotions so that he can be a voice actor. Both of them have a condition that makes them different from everyone else, they learn to stick together and help each other achieve their dreams. Will Alina and Scott help each other achieve their dreams, even with their conditions? This is the Voice of the Deaf Girl.

Romance / Other
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My Emotionless Hero

Alina's POV

**Note: Whenever Alina speaks, she is either using sign language or typing it out. I will clarify whether it's sign language or typing. I will also clarify whether someone else is using sign language too.**

I was walking to school as usual, but then I see Carter in the distance. He was with his jock friends and the popular girls. He didn't notice me yet, which is good. So I tried hurrying my way into the school, but I get pulled back. I fall to the ground and I see that Carter and Katie standing in front of me. "Well, well, well, if it isn't the silent girl. The girl who can't speak or even hear us. Hey! Can you hear us yet?" Carter teased me. I nodded, but they didn't think I heard them. "Hey! Are you ignoring us again?!" Katie exclaimed angrily. "I-I..." was all I could say, before I was kicked in the ribs. I whimpered in pain as Carter and Katie started beating me up. The bell rang and I slowly got up. I stood up and went to History class. I sat down and then the teacher started class. After class, I got up quickly and ran out of the classroom. I opened my locker and took out a biology textbook and a binder. I closed my locker and then started walking to class. I managed to slip into biology without running into Katie or Carter. I sat down and kept my head low. I sat there and then class started again. At the end of the day, I got up and got ready to go home. I was walking out of the school, when I was tripped. I fell on the ground and then I got up and saw Carter and his friends. He was smirking and said, "I haven't seen you all day. Were you trying to avoid me?" I shook my head no and then Carter was laughing. He picked me up by my shirt and said, "You know, I missed using you as a punching bag lately. You've been avoiding me as much as you can. Now, let me have my fun!" He started beating me up again, as his friends blocked any way for me to escape. Then he came closer and ripped off my hearing aids. I kept whimpering in fear and I kept feeling pain.
Then all of a sudden, I saw that Carter's friends were being beaten on the ground. I looked and saw a guy, who was taller than I was. He beat all of Carter's friends, and then made Carter let go of me. He pushed Carter back away from me and helped me up. Carter exclaimed angrily, "What the hell?! Who the heck are you?!" "It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is why you are bullying her. She didn't do anything to you, did she?" the guy said plainly. I couldn't hear what they were saying to each other, but I knew that Carter was angry by the fact that this guy, who saved me, was here stopping him from hurting me. The guy turned to me and said something to me. I watched and I managed to catch on what was happening. "You do realize that she can't hear you? She doesn't even speak! She fumbles with her hands and make weird symbols with them. She's an outcast and I believe I have the right to do this to her." Carter said. "From what I'm hearing, you don't like those who aren't like you or just normal. But you do realize no one can be just 'normal'. It's non-existent." the guy said. They kept arguing, but eventually Carter runs up to the guy and punches him. The guy dodged him effortlessly and then punched him back. Carter ended up running away as the guy came to me and made sure I was okay. He lifted his hands, but he decided to type something out on his phone. He showed it to me and it said, "Do you know sign language?" I looked surprised and nodded my head yes. He put his phone away and used sign language to tell me, "Are you okay? That guy did a number on you." I nodded and then used my hands and said, "I'm okay. This isn't the first time he's done something like this." He kept that same blank face as he said, "Anyways, let me help you get to the nurse's office." I nodded in agreement and he actually carried me to the nurse. After a bit, I was let go and I saw that the guy waited for me. He continued using sign language, telling me, "So are you going to be fine?" "Yeah, I will be. I need to stay home for a few days that's all. Anyways, who are you and why did you save me?" I asked him.
He thought for a moment and then answered me, "I saw that you were in trouble, so I came to help you. And by the way, I'm Scott. Scott Zachary. I'm actually a new transfer student. Tomorrow's my first day at the school." "I see. Well, most people would tell you that I'm just a nobody. Just an insignificant person and an outcast. You should stay away from me, if you don't want to get hurt." I told Scott. "I don't really understand why people fight like this. Just because you're different doesn't mean they should be allowed to hurt you like this." Scott said back to me. I nodded and then he actually walked me home. "Thank you." I said to Scott. "You're welcome." He said back to me. It was weird that he wasn't showing any sort of emotion except that normal blank face he had. So I asked him, "Is there a reason why you keep your face that way?" I didn't know how to ask him. He thought for a moment and said, "Well, this is how I am. According to my father, I was told that I can't show any emotions. Well, realistically, I can't show most emotions. I have been able to show them in very rare circumstances." I was surprised and said, "I see. Well, I don't want to make you say anything more. So I'll go. I'll see you at school tomorrow. Bye, Scott." He said, "Yeah, I'll see you at school." I smiled and then walked inside my house. Mom and Dad asked me about my hearing aids and I told them everything. They were angry and even called the school to yell at them. In the end, the school apologized, gave us money to replace my hearing aids and made sure that the people who hurt me would be punished. My parents were glad that someone defended me. They told me that they hope that everything will work out. While I was working on homework, I got a text from Scott. He said, "Hey, it's me, Scott. I wanted to know if you wanted to walk to school together. After I dropped you off at your house, I realized that we actually live a few houses down from each other. So I would be happy if you and I walked to school together." I thought about it for a moment and then texted back saying, "Sure. It's just that he might be there... You know, the guy you beat up earlier today." "I really don't think he'd bother you again after what I did to him. Don't worry, I'll be by your side. Just don't worry about that. See you tomorrow." He answered me. I smiled a bit and then finished my homework. I got ready for bed and wasn't prepared for what the future held for me and for Scott.
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