Broken But Beautifully Arranged

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SUMMARY:- Broken is Himanshu and Kashish’s story where their hearts were left broken and damaged after they lost their love. Destiny has brought love into their lives again, will they give it a second chance? Himanshu and Kashish are strangers with opposite personalities. Their hearts were left broken and damaged after they lost their love, which they thought would last forever. Broken is a story about the love that heals the heart and not breaks it. When love gives two heartbroken people a second chance, a beautiful love story begins.

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Kashish Upadhyay is a 24-year-old simple and a beautiful girl, with 5'4 hieght, big black eyes and long hairs, who works as a software engineer at an IT company in Pune. Her priorities include her family, friends, and career. She lost her parents and lives in her Uncle’s family with brother Samarth, uncle Anand, aunt Bindiya, their daughters Preeti and Pooja. She belongs to a middle class family.

Himanshu Sharma is a 28-year fair complextion boy, with 5'9 height , big brown eyes , short brown hairs, strong built personality & handsome boy from pune but lives in Delhi. Due to his job transfer, he is moving to Pune from Delhi and returns to his grandfather, Jaikishan Sharma in Pune. He had lost his father. His mother, Vishakha is working in a bank. He is closest to his grandfather, whom he fondly calls dadu.Sameer family is also belongs to a well known family. Himanshu joins Kashish company, where both met each other for the first time.

Anand & Bindiya:-

Anand was shouting loud , Its already too late. What you guys are doing? We are getting late we have to reach the reception hall before the grooms family and other guest.

Yes coming, why are you shouting? stop panicking first and have some water. I called Kashish , she informed that Pooja is ready & as well Kashish and Preeti too are ready and left to the reception hall with Samarth. Fulla bua & Jayant bhaiya is already reached with other family members to greet grooms family and other guest.Now we can leave to the hall, but you need to calm down first.Bindiya told Anand & left to the reception hall.

(Its Pooja’s wedding Anand elder daughter and Kashish’s elder cousin sister)

Every one reached to the reception hall’

Bindiya & Anand looked at Pooja with tears in their eyes, and hugged her, after a while they looked at Kashish.

Anand:- Kaju , My little princess you look beautiful, Bindiya - Of course my Kashish always looks beautiful.

Kashish said thank you to both of them and they replied why daughters grown too fast. A voice came in between yes yes of-course only Pooja dii & Kashsish are the apple of your eyes. I am also here and maa ,paa you both didn't looked at me once. & as always Preeti made a funny face with a pout. She hugged Bindiya & Anand.

Bindiya Chachi and Fulla bua asked Kashish & Preeti to take Pooja in room. Fulla bua said, once they call Pooja only than bring her in hall.

"Kashish and Preeti nodded their head in yes."

( Pooja Room )

Kashish’s POV:-

Its been a year when me and Pooja dii got engage on same day with the love of our life. Pooja dii was engaged to Anmol the love of her life and i got engaged to Ankit the boy I loved the most.The whole family was so happy including maa, paa, bhai & everyone. But when you think of having an apple and life gives you a lemon. That’s the exact thing happened with me that day after 2 month of my engagement and everything changed, Ankit cheated on me, Our relationship BROKE and I lost my parents.

But today I am happy as my Pooja dii is getting married to the love of her life and I must say Jiju is very caring and his family is also loving. & Anand chachu and Bindiya chachi never made me feel that I am not their child, they love me as they love Pooja dii, Samarth bhaiya and Preeti. They helped me to get out of my depression. I am lucky enough to have such a loving and a caring family.

Kashish to Pooja Dii & Preeti:-

So finally , Pooja dii wedding day is arrived and I must say my didu is looking so so pretty, Isn't Preeti dii is looking so damn mesmerizing in her red bridal lehanga. " Uff Jiju will gonna faint after seeing Pooja di in this attire, Preeti said". I wore a lehanga with pink and purple combination and Preeti wore peach colour, an cold shoulder evening gown.

( Both Preeti & Kashish started teasing Pooja dii....)

The wedding went very well, Anmol jiju family was quite happy and as well guest too. It was hard when the Bidai ceremony started. Pooja dii was finally going to start her new life with the love of her life.

Finally the day has come to an end, we reached home, without Pooja dii its seems too incomplete. But on other side we all are happy for her, tomorrow she is going to Maldives for her honeymoon.

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