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Chapter Six

“She’s a little sass and a lot of badass.”

Violet’s POV

We headed back to his house after our date, the guys where still there and besides that I love hanging out with all of them.

I felt a yank in my arm as we entered the living room, I was pulled to Samantha’s room for the second time today “How did it go?” “Did you kiss?” where the two questions I had perceived from all the jumbled words they were saying “Guys, chill. The date was amazing, we talked, we laughed and we ate and for the second question no we did not kiss”

“What about you Rosa?” I asked wiggling my eyebrows at her she rolled her eyes not being able to contain her smile.

“We talked” she said we kept looking at her “And…” Samantha intrigued “He asked me out” we jumped up screaming in happiness “It’s your turn now” I said staring at Samantha she shook her head fear was clear in her eyes “I can’t do it” she said “Don’t you want to be with him?” she nodded her head frantically “Of course I do, but I’m scared to do it”

An idea popped into my head, I got up hurriedly going to the start of the stair case, Axel was sat on the couch with the other boys “Axel, Samantha wants to tell you something” I yelled at him before I was tackled to the ground “NO I don’t” She yelled from on top of me “Yes she does” Rosalie said backing me up.

We got up of the floor and ran down the stairs after Rosalie “Spill” she said pushing Samantha in front of Axel “Uhm” she looked at us for some help, we urged her to tell him “Do you guys want to go to the fair?” she spilled out looking at us desperate “Yeah lets go to the fair” I piped in looking at them.

“We’re going to the fair?!” Luke said jumping up and down on the couch “Yeah we are bud, how about you go put on your shoes and we can go” Xavier said sitting him down on the floor, he ran to the door where his shoes where.

“Is everyone ready to go?” Samantha asked "Yeah let's go" we went downstairs and to the garage.

“You drive this car?” I said amazed looking at the beautiful Mercedes Benz, he nodded smirking “Get in”

He didn’t need to tell me twice the inside was even more beautiful than the outside with the black leather seats.

When we arrived at the fair Luke was squealing and bouncing in his car seat I laughed and got out to unbuckle him the others were already there so we didn't have to wait for anyone.

“Roller coaster” Luke yelled pulling me towards the short line I laughed as we raced towards it.

I was amazed as the northern lights shined in the dark sky of the city life, “Look how high we are” Xavier said to Luke he nodded looking around us, his eyes sparkled with joy as he looked at all the rides he could go on.

"Come on I'm hungry" Chris whined as we got out of the fun house "Let's go get something to eat then we can go on the rest of the rides okay" I said everyone agreed and we headed to a nearby restaurant.

Samantha screamed as she slipped on some water before she was able to hit the floor, he caught her.

Third person’s POV

Axel caught her in his arms but this wasn’t no fairy tale he ended up dropping her to the floor and like a cherry on a cake he fell on top of her.
“I’m so sorry” he said scrambling off of her he gave her his hand to help her up which she gladly accepted, at that moment he felt it.

The spark that erupted as their skin touched, he looked at her shocked not knowing what it is that he felt.
The smell of blood entered her senses she looked down seeing that she scarped her knee when she fell down.

“I should go take care of this mess” she said motioning to the blood that’s flowing down her leg, he nodded and stepped aside letting her pass him but that didn’t stop him from following after her.
He entered the women’s bathroom seeing her wipe at her leg he couldn’t stop the urge and so he decided to act on it.

He grabbed her waist turning her around and placed his mouth on hers. She moaned wrapping her arms around his neck, his arms moved lower lifting her up and sat her on the countertop, he stood between her legs as they continued their make out session, they needed each other more than they needed to breath at the moment.
“Wait, I am not some one night stand Axel, I want to be more than that” she said as she placed her hands on his chest wondering if she will ever feel those sparks again after that revelation, he looked down at her even though she was placed on the countertop she was still smaller than him, she fit perfectly in his arms.

“You are not just a hook up or booty call Samantha, you mean more than that to me” he said his voice strong showing her that there was no hesitation in what he said and that he meant every single word.
She looked up at him not believing what he was saying, she knew he was telling the truth but why, why her. She had always felt insecure, everybody always favoured someone else over her, she was always the side chick to her friends, she was never the one that guys remembered she was the girl that was just there as the guys flirted with her friends so it felt foreign to her that someone might actually like HER.

But deep down under all the doubt and insecurities she knew that he wouldn’t lie to her and she believed that he wanted her as more than just a one night stand after all he is her mate.

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