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He has been in search of her all his life, his soulmate. All she wanted was to live a normal life and stay away from what she grew up in, war. One lie breaks them apart. Will the power of a soulmate bring them together?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams”

-Oprah Winfrey

Violet’s POV

“Oh finally.... oh land” I laughed looking at Chris as he kneeled on the floor kissing it, I chuckled looking at him “What the hell was that?” Wilson cackled looking at Chris “I hate that plane” he stated with a huff I shook my head, “Well its over now” Axel said grabbing the carry on from me.

We had finally landed in California, my legs are absolutely killing me I was sitting on that plane for more than 15 hours, I had drool all over me that’s not even mine from my dear friend who slept on me, my seat had been kicked at for more than half the flight by a little demon child.

It was all in all a flight from hell. California is heaven when putting it next to Afghanistan where we just came from.

“Shot gun” Chris yelled howling a taxi “That’s not fair, you called shotgun last time” Wilson whined stomping his foot, I chuckled shaking my head at the arguing pair.

I huffed I was being squished by two giants in a back of a taxi, Chris laughed from the front sensing my pain I glared at him flipping him the bird.

I glanced outside the window, amazed at the scenery the trees stood tall, colour was all around us unlike the grey colour of Afghanistan. The park came into view I noticed a small girl wearing a bright pink dress running and jumping into her parent’s arms, I smiled at the loving gesture.

I felt an arm shaking me, I looked to see Axel looking at me in concern “Are you okay?” he questioned concerned, I furrowed my eyebrows looking at him in confusion “Viola you’re crying” he said wiping my tears with his thumb, I smiled at him grateful for my boys “Just thinking about her” I replied they nodded with a frown understanding my sadness.

You see both of my parents were U.S. Marines so having no family members that wanted or were able to take care of me I was forced to grow up on the base, my parents never wanted to leave the life of being Marines behind so the only option was to have me grow up in Afghanistan.

I wasn’t the only child to grow up on the base, there were three other children that grew up with me Axel, Wilson and Chris were all my age so we grew up as siblings.

Our parents were always out to work so we had to look after ourselves and so we became really overprotective of one another.

Although our parents never showed they cared we know that they loved us with all their hearts but their mission was to serve their country and they took that to heart and made that their life mission.

When we came of age at twelve years old, we started to train with the other marines, to one day fight alongside our parents, we trained hard, day and night we were at it, we ate, slept and breathed training, we just wanted our parents to be proud of us.

We became very skilled at what we did but we couldn't stop the terrorists from capturing and killing our parents two years ago, since then I took over the role that my mother had as Captain of our troupe and the guys took their rightful place with me defending their parents honour as co-captains after that day we fought to make our parents proud and avenge their deaths.

Two months ago, we decided to retire as marines because we wanted to give a shot at living a normal life as seventeen year olds, a life we never experienced, we want to not have to worry about when the next attack is going to be or if we are going to have to bury one of us.

So we decided to resigned from our ranks and fly out to California to start our new lives.

Anyway back to the present right now we're standing in front of our new house and I have to say it looks amazing, even better than the pictures and from the awe in the guy’s faces I can say that they thought so too.

"Wait till you see the inside" I said with a bright smile, they looked at me their eyes bright looking like little kids lost in a candy store, and ran inside I laughed “Boys” I muttered under my breath heading after the loud boys.

The house wasn’t the biggest on the street or the most luxurious it was a decent sized two story house, we each had our own bedroom and we had two bathrooms which they all agreed that the boys will share a bath and I will have my own bath, because sharing a bath with men all those years was horrible and I am definitely not doing that again.

“Viola” I heard Chris whine from upstairs “What?” I yelled back putting the luggage down on the hardwood floors “I’m hungry. Feed me” he continued whining I laughed at his usual childish ways “We don’t have any groceries so how about we order pizza for lunch and then after lunch we can go grocery shopping” I replied back.

I heard a thud along with squealing so I took that as a yes to getting pizza and started looking up numbers of any nearby pizza shops, founding a place that seemed good enough I ordered our food.

I literally bolted to the door as soon as I heard the doorbell ring. The boys would not stop whining that they were hungry and tired and they were driving me crazy.

“Give me my pizza woman” I heard a yell from behind me and a lump of weight jumping on my back I rolled my eyes “Wilson get the hell off of me” I yelled through my laugh these boys were ultimately little kids at heart “But I love you” he said stretching out the you “If you get off of me, I'll give you your pizza”

Not even a second later he was off of me and running away with his pizza, I laughed at his behaviour and ran after him to the living room to deliver the rest of the pizzas.

“Will! Eat with your mouth closed” Axel demanded throwing a pillow at him, we laughed seeing him pout “You guys are mean” he said in a small voice causing us to laugh even more, he huffed giving us the finger, which we all gave back to him.

I looked around the living room, Chris and Wilson were playing around with their food and goofing around I smiled watching their exchange, glancing to my left Axel was eating his food quietly.

Chris and Wilson were both the funny and childish ones of the group while me and Axel where more of the mature and responsible one I guess you could say, we definitely balanced each other.

After we ate our food, we walked to a nearby grocery store since our vehicles will be arriving later today and we had absolutely nothing to eat, I had three growing men living with me so we need a lot of food to keep them satisfied and me sane.

I grabbed the bread from the shelf putting it in the basket I glanced up feeling a stare on me, I watched as a group of women huddled together pointing at us and whispering, I get that we are new to this town but don’t they get tourists or outsiders here, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

“Is it me or is everyone staring?” Axel said just above a whisper “Everyone’s staring” Chris stated not giving a care in the world at who heard or who was staring he was just doing his own thing.

“It’s weird” I stated looking around us at people whispering and not so discreetly pointing at us.

“Yeah we look amazing, get over it already” Wilson yelled at them throwing his hands in the air.

Everyone quickly turned back to what they were doing pretending that they weren’t staring at us.

We laughed at his behaviour, I love my boys although yes, they are crazy at times, well most of the time, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

“Come on let’s get out of here” I said after we loaded our cart with everything we needed, while I gathered the necessary things we need the boys were too busy loading the cart with junk food, they are going to be the death of me.

When we got to the house we chilled in the living room watching movies until soon enough it was midnight.

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