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Chapter Two

“Don’t be afraid your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin”

-Grace Hansen

Violet’s POV

"Wake up" someone yelled in my ear I groaned and rolled over with the pillow on my head just because I grew up under great discipline were we had to be up at the crack of dawn doesn’t mean that I am a morning person, I'm the exact opposite, but I wouldn't say the same for the guys they were always the first ones to wake up.

"Come on wake up we're going to be late for school” Wilson said knowing full well that, that would wake me up I hate being late and having to face everyone as they stare me down, the one thing I hate is attention.

I shooed the guys out of my room so that I can get dressed for the day, I got dressed in jean shorts and a red flannel shirt to showcase the tattoos that I had on my arm.

Brown eyes stared back at me as I looked at the mirror straightening the last bit of my sleek black hair, tattoos covered the length of my entire right arm.

I looked down admiring them, I had a lion head standing on a bed of roses, the word 'Courage' was written in cursive writing wrapping itself around my arm. A clock sat on my arm with the exact date and time of my parent’s death.

My entire back was covered with a pair of black angel wings, representing my angel.

"Come on Viola we're going to be late" I heard Axel yell from downstairs I nodded, but ended up rolling my eyes realising that they can’t see me.

"Coming" I put on my black combat boots and put on some eyeliner and ran downstairs to the front yard.

While the guys got in Chris black SUV I got on my black and gold motorcycle that have arrived yesterday night, we raced down the empty streets of California just because we were already running late and it was our first day.

When we arrived there weren't any kids lurking outside the school signalling that the first bell has already sounded, so we hurried into Wolves forest school and tried to find the office, we found it after some time of searching, and got our schedule and locker combination.

We all had the same first period which was English so we ran to our class to find the door already open, and Chris being the klutz he is fell exactly at the door which caused all of us to fall on top of him, he started laughing causing all of us to start cackling, we hurried up as we heard additional laughing remembering that we were at school.

I hid behind my hair watching as Axel turned probably as red as me, I giggled seeing the 6-foot giant trying to hide behind me.

"Mine" everyone turned to the group standing in the back row looking at us with black eyes, the teacher cleared her throat taking everyone’s attention to the front as they snapped their heads to her forgetting about them, except for me I couldn’t evert my eyes from his.

His orbs had a look of intensity but there was a sense of softness and warmth to it, I knew he was holding himself back, you could see it through the way he was clutching on the table, but from doing what exactly?!

The girl to his right said something lowly in his ear making him relax a tiny bit, jealousy engulfed me I couldn’t help but feel the urge to go over there and smack her.

"Alright everyone listen up these are the new students I was telling you about, Axel, Violet, Wilson and Chris am I right?" she said looking at us I turned my head to her nodding along with the others at her question "I'm Mrs Ross” she introduced her.

"Okay class do you want to ask some questions?" I looked at her in horror as basically everyone put their hand up, Axel pointed to a girl that had a face full of makeup "Are you single?" when those words came out of her mouth, we all chuckled.

Everyone looked at us curiosity in their eyes "I'm straight" Axel said winking at the blonde again, the sound of a growl was heard throughout the room this time I didn’t dare look up.

“And why the hell do you want to know that?” Chris smirked looking at her, she shrugged her shoulders sending a flirty smile to Axel “Curious” she spoke shrugging her shoulders.

"I'm bi and taken right babe" Wilson piped in pulling me to his chest and kissed my cheek, now for the record we aren't together but he is such a big flirt that I gave up on telling him to stop flirting with me so I just nodded along with him.

The sound of chairs hitting the floors were heard as the mystery guy stormed out of the room slamming the door behind him.

"Okay you can have your seats" Mrs Ross said with a slight smile we just nodded and went to sit down this was going to be a long ass day.

• • •

"Finally lunch I'm starving” Wilson said I laughed “When are you not hungry?” I said as the guys nodded with a small chuckle, he gave me a pretend glare and the next thing I knew I was being tickled to the ground.

“No, Stop. Please” I said through laughs not being able to get out a full sentence “Say that I am the best guy you have ever met” He said continuing his attacks I shook my head refusing to utter such disgraceful words “No, please stop” I said laughing trying to push him off of me.

A growl was heard all throughout the school’s hallway, Will’s weight was instantly lifted off of me, I felt arms lift me up and wrap around me, I glanced up to see the guy from earlier and another guy hugging Wilson to him, “What are you doing?” I questioned him struggling to get out of his hold he didn’t say anything and just glared at Wilson “What the hell dude?” Axel said finally getting me out of his hold as Chris snapped at the guy holding onto Will I glared at him as Axel lead me to the cafeteria.

We headed to the small line for lunch I looked around catching the same guy from earlier staring at me with his icy blue eyes, his black hair framing his face perfectly, he is really tall probably standing at about 6 feet tall compared to my 5'4 height.

He is also pretty buff for a teenager, you can practically see his eight pack through his white v neck shirt, he looked up from his lunch and stared at me smirking when he realised I was checking him out, I immediately turned and got my lunch from the lunch lady and beelined towards the guys.

We sat at an empty table near the back of the room, “They are coming this way” Axel said as I ate my pizza “Who?!” I questioned confused on who he was talking about, he looked at me like I was dumb.

“The group from earlier” he said, I didn’t have time to reply back to him before they came sitting at our table “Hey I'm Xavier” he said looking at me, I stuffed my face with the pizza trying to avoid having to talk to him.

“I’m sorry for how I reacted earlier I just thought he was hurting you” he said looking at me with sadness, I felt guilt start to creep up my stomach. Here I am trying to ignore him when all he wanted to do is save me from what he thought was assault.

“No, I’m sorry I reacted so badly” I spoke gently giving him a small but genuine smile.

The bell rang I bid my goodbyes to him as I headed to our next class, I headed into the girl's locker room saving me the interrogation that would have surely come from the guys.

I saw the two girls that were with Xavier as soon as I entered the locker room, they walked towards me introducing “Hey. I’m Samantha, Xavier’s sister, this is Rosalie” I nodded introducing myself not wanting to seem rude “I’m Violet” I spoke they nodded giving me a smile, “I guess we should go to class” I said as we got dressed “Yeah the coach will have our heads if we’re late” Rosalie uttered with a slight chuckle.

When I walked outside, I saw the guys waiting for me "Okay so today we are going to play dodgeball so get in line” the coach said as soon as he saw that everyone was in the gym, blowing his whistle.

"Okay we need two team captains, you and Xavier come on up" he said pointing towards Axel.

We were all on the same team so we were definitely going to win. It was one hell of a game we kept playing for half an hour straight until me and Wilson were left and on the other team there was Xavier and two other guys.

It was getting really heated right now, anyone could see the focus we were all putting in this game. Xavier struck the ball and it nearly hit Axel by a couple centimetres, for some reason none of them were striking at me, which is completely sexist if you ask me but I took it as my chance, while they were preoccupied with striking Axel, I grabbed a ball and threw it at one of the two guys.

It hit him on his shoulder and just like that he was out, while they were shocked by the hit Axel took the opportunity and hit the other guy.

And then there was Xavier, he grabbed the ball and threw it of course at Axel, upon seeing the ball coming at him Axel tried to jump away but unfortunately the ball still hit him in his thigh.

He breathed out a heavy sigh and thrusted the ball in my hand, “Win this Viola” he whispered going over to the side. I could see the restraint in Xavier's eyes he didn’t want to strike at me, just because I was a girl. “Scared to be beaten by a girl” I said in a baby voice cooing at him, I knew that my words hit a cord, he grabbed the ball and, in a flash, he threw it.

A yell broke out in the gym.

I fell down grabbing my stomach as I yelled in pain “I’m so sorry, I swear I didn’t mean to. I’m so sorry flower” I saw Xavier in my line of sight begging me for forgiveness.

I looked at him and threw the ball that was standing at my feet at him, “I win” I whispered to him, his face held a face of shock but even he couldn’t stop the smile that formed on his face.

The whistle sounded, I looked at the coach with a smirk “The winner is Axel and his team” he said trying to stop himself from laughing.

I immediately got up and went to my boys who were hysterical, I swear I think I saw tears in their eyes from them laughing so hard.

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