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Chapter Three

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist."

-Oscar Wilde

Violet’s POV

Last night all I could think about is Xavier, I barely had any sleep, that explains the fact as to how I woke up before the guys and why there were three faces looking at me like I have lost my mind I just laughed and told them to get ready.

When we reached the school we headed for our lockers "What do we have for first period?" Chris questioned while pulling his locker open.

"Violet" someone yelled in my ear I jumped looking at Axel with a questioning look who just chuckled shaking his head.

"What's going on with you, you keep zoning out?" Axel said looking curious and a little worried "Nothing" they just gave me a look that said 'we'll talk about this' I just nodded, when the bell rang we headed to child care which we all had together.

The teacher was already there so we took our seats at the back of the class after everyone was seated the teacher started talking "Okay everyone as you should know we have a project each year, and this year you all have to participate as it will cost you 50% of your grade”

Everyone groaned including myself, I have enough things on my plate and doing a project is definitely not one of them.

"Are we going to be in pairs?" A guy who was next to Xavier asked "Yes, Adam I was getting to that, you would be in pairs that I would choose"

"Okay first up Hannah you're with Liam, Lexis and Nate, Riley and Mason, Xavier and Violet, Samantha and Axel, Adam and Wilson and finally Chris and Rosalie".

“You know Adam is quite hot” Wilson said lowly to me I glanced at him chuckling “Of course you'd say that” I said back to him, he raised his hands “But he is. Come on don’t tell me you don’t find Xavier at least a little bit attractive” I glanced back at Xavier seeing the beautiful blue orbs staring back at me, I turned back to Will, I finally gave in “Of course I think he’s hot, have you seen him. He’s gorgeous” Wilson looked at me trying to contain his laughter, I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion “Glad you think I'm hot, flower” I stood horrified as I heard him breath in my ear.

I turned hastily around putting on a smile on my face as the guys broke out in a laugh around me “Shut up” I whispered harshly to them I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole at this point.

“Stop laughing” I spoke shoving Wilson, his laughter was too contagious I couldn’t help the smile that broke out on my face as I heard them laugh.

The bell rang signalling the end of class and the beginning of my favourite period, lunch. “Do you guys want to sit with us at lunch?" Adam said we glanced at each other before nodding at them.

We walked to the cafeteria making small talk with each other as Wilson and Adam kept bickering back and forth who will take the lead on the project.

“So, what are you guys thinking of doing after school?” Samantha asked “We definitely want to travel the world and live the young life as much as we can before we can all settle down and have our own families” Chris asked looking satisfied with his answer “I meant after the school day is over” Samantha said slowly with a chuckle.

He blushed muttering sheepishly under his breath that he thought she said after the school year. “Don’t be embarrassed, it’s a great dream to have” Rosalie piped in patting his hand he smiled at her gratefully not being able to take his eyes off of her.

“Do you have any lunch?” Xavier asked I shook my head no at him he nodded and left the table.

I sat there confused as to why he left in the middle of a conversation “What was that about?” Axel said looking at me I shrugged “I honestly don’t even know”

A tray filled with food was placed in front of me “Eat up” Xavier said motioning to the food I blushed and thanked him while I dug in the food.

"So, do you guys want to come over after school?” Adam asked looking at us we looked at each other and nodded, I was nervous about it I never been to another guy’s house before at least not willingly.

We decided it would be easier to just follow them in our vehicles after school, which is where we were right now, I was currently racing down the streets of California following behind Xavier in his black range rover.

We entered the woods and after a few minutes of driving we reached a clearing as we continued to drive, we come across a huge mansion, my jaw dropped as we stopped in the drive way of the house “This is your house?!” I exclaimed looking awe struck at them, Xavier nodded giving me a smirk.

“Our families all live here along with some other close family friends” Adam spoke we nodded, makes sense.

“Let’s head inside” Samantha said she hurried to the grand door, us following closely behind her "Mom, I'm home" yelled Xavier as we entered what looked to be the living area "In the kitchen" I heard a voice yell back, he grabbed my hand and led me around the corner and to the kitchen, I saw a petite woman cooking behind the stove while murmuring a song.

"Hey honey, how was school?" the woman said bringing him into a hug she was very pretty with her black hair and blue eyes, I could definitely see where Xavier got his looks “Who’s this?” She questioned when she saw me standing behind Xavier.

"It was fine mom, this is Violet " he said gesturing to me when I looked up at him his eyes glazed over and so were the woman's eyes “Hi" I said shy all of the sudden, she squealed squeezing me into a hug.

"Can... Can’t breathe" she immediately let me go, looking at me her eyes shining with happiness “Sorry honey my name's Linda, aren’t you a pretty little thing”

"Thank you" I said blushing “Mom” Samantha said coming to the kitchen followed by the others, again I watched as their eyes glazed over, she smiled her eyes watering “Congratulations guys, you’ve grown up so much” she said happily squeezing her cheeks, I smiled at her even though I don’t know why she congratulated them.

“How about you kids go enjoy some times in the outdoors I'll prepare you some snacks to enjoy” she said ushering us to the backyard.

"Do you want to play 20 questions?" I asked looking at them "How about we ask questions while playing a game of truth or strip” Rosalie suggested she was pretty blunt about it but what the hell I nodded.

“I'll go first” Axel said we nodded ushering him to ask “Why did your mom congratulate you?”

We looked at Samantha and Xavier intently waiting for one of them to answer “She congratulated us on finding something very precious to us” Xavier replied back, he looked at me giving me a wide ear to ear smile.

“Where did you live before coming to California?” Rosalie asked curiously “Afghanistan” Chris said coming right to the point, we didn’t like to talk about our time in Afghanistan much as it only brought back all the horrible memories.

"What were you doing in Afghanistan?" Xavier asked me confused I sighed of course he would be curious as to why we were there.

I nodded at Wilson giving him the go ahead “We served five years with the U.S marines. Viola was the captain of our troupe we were co-captions”

“What?!" Xavier practically yelled, his face paled slightly looking at me with both amazement and fear with his beautiful icy blue orbs.

“Wait how old are you?!” Adam questioned as shock covered his face “Seventeen years old” we replied in unison I watched as Rosalie started counting on her fingers and when she looked at Samantha confused, she too began counting “Twelve years old” they exclaimed together much like Xavier did only a second ago.

“How the hell did you get in?” Xavier uttered in disbelief, I sighed “My parents as well as the guys’ parents were marines and we basically grew up on the base and we had started training with them at the age of twelve years old" I said to him.

"Did you fight with the marines though? Because training and fighting are completely different things" He spoke begging me with his eyes to tell him that I did not fight.“

Yeah, we had to we didn’t have much of a choice in that matter” I said, having grown up on the base all that we have ever known is each other and fighting with our troupe. It has been hard on all four of us, we all experience nightmares from time to time.

“What the hell do you mean you didn’t have a choice! Of course you have a choice flower” Xavier said seeming outraged at the fact that I had to fight, “Here are some snacks” Linda said coming into the tension filled environment that we have created.

“Is everything alright?” she asked setting the tray down as she looked down at us, concern clear in her eyes.

“We’re good mom” Samantha replies smiling up to her mother “I think it’s time for us to go” I said standing up “Oh no dear you can all join us for dinner” I shook my head “That won’t be necessary, besides we have to train anyway”

“You can train here; the backyard is big enough” Xavier said before I could say anything, they all gave me a look that told me I shouldn’t argue so I gave up nodding.

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