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Chapter Four

You can’t blame gravity for falling in love.”

-Albert Einstein

Violet’s POV

"Move it, you're going slower than my grandma and she's been dead for 20 years" I yelled at the boys.

I don't know what's going on with them today they were doing 50 laps around the backyard, another time they would have done this in 20 minutes and we've been at it for 30 minutes now.

"And done" I yelled, Xavier and the others are silently listening and observing the training from behind me and by the look on their faces they were impressed but we haven't even begun anything yet.

"Okay guys listen up today we are going to do our surrounding challenge you want..." I began to say until I was interrupted by none other than Xavier "What is the surroundings challenge?"

"Our surroundings challenge is when one of us wear a blindfold and the others that aren't wearing blindfolds have to throw knives at the person that is blindfolded and he or she has to either catch the knife or dodge it" I explained to them as I watched their eyes widen in horror.

“Okay as I was saying who wants to go first?"

"I'll go first" Wilson said I nodded and blindfolded him when I gave them the okay, they started to throw knives only to have Wilson to dodge them expertly I watched as he jumped out of the way as a knife wielded past him.

A terrified scream broke out throughout the house, we all ran towards the sound only to see a small boy sitting on the floor wailing as looked up to a woman standing above him “What the hell happened?!” Xavier’s voice boomed from behind me “He doesn’t want to listen he keeps asking for you Alpha” the lady said looking down at the boy with a stern look.

“We heard a scream” I stated giving her a challenging look “Every time I tried to grab him, he began screaming each one louder than before” she explained I nodded satisfied with her answer and crouched down in front of the boy.

“Hi sweetie, what's your name?” I questioned as I helped him stand on his own two feet “Luke” he muttered turning red I smiled at him “You have a lovely name, I'm Violet”

“My favourite colour is violet” he exclaimed looking adorable with each passing second.

"Dinner" Linda yelled from the kitchen “I’ll take Luke now, and again sorry for disturbing you Alpha”

“Does he have to leave?” I questioned looking back at Xavier, he glanced at me and sighed “He’s staying” he said picking up the small boy and leading me to the kitchen.

“Why isn’t his mom coming with us?” I asked as I saw her walking away “Luke’s an orphan that’s one of the workers working at the orphanage” My eyes widened at the horrible faith of the young boy.

I sat down next to Xavier and pulled Luke up on my lap, he immediately snuggled into my chest. I smiled down at him and started messaging my hand through his hair, I glanced up seeing Xavier look down at us admiration dancing in his eyes.

I turned my head away from him as I felt my face turning red “Viola” I turned my attention towards Wilson as I heard him calling me.

“He fell asleep” I looked down and saw that in fact Luke fell asleep in my arms, sucking on his thumb, he’s so adorable.

After eating I helped the mom's clean and wash up "Violet come and watch a movie with us” Xavier yelled from the living room I laughed as Linda nodded for me to go I smiled at her thanking them for the lovely dinner and went to the living room.

I went to sit with Xavier and Luke on the loveseat "What are we watching?" I asked “Finding Dory" Rosalie said not taking her eyes from the television.

Xavier’s POV

I looked down at the angel sleeping in my arms with our son as I heard her breath even halfway through the movie, I consider Luke as my son I had been going to the orphanage to visit him ever since both of his parents died of a rouge attack when he was just in diapers and our bond just naturally flourished, I'm hoping me and Violet can adopt him when I tell her what I am and what she is to me.

I have been dreaming of a mate ever since I was ten years old along with my sister, Adam and Rosalie, when I didn't find her when I turned sixteen years old I was starting to think that I don't have one.

Every wolf can sense their mate at sixteen years old, when she entered that morning in English class, I smelt it, she smelled of vanilla and honey it was absolutely delightful.

It was like the world stopped and we were the only ones left.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a werewolf, I’m the Alpha of the White Warrior pack the biggest and strongest pack in America there is also Adam being my beta and my sister Samantha as my third in command and Rosalie as head warrior.

When I found out that all this time she was fighting terrorists I was both amazed and worried but now she is here with me and I would never let anything happen to her or our baby boy.

I want to tell her soon as to what I am and how much she means to me; I’m meaning to ask her out on a date and I know the perfect way to do it.

Violet’s POV

I woke up to the sound of soft music my eyes opened slowly seeing that I was still on the couch I looked around seeing a bouquet of roses on the coffee table and petals surrounding me.

A line of petals made its way to the backyard and what do you do when you see a path of petals?! You follow it, which is exactly what I did.

I looked around seeing the pool in the backyard filled with flowers “What is all this?” I questioned as soon as Xavier came into view, “Just a little something I put together” he said motioning me to him, we sat at a small table “So although we haven’t known each other for long I want to ask you something”

“Luke” I looked dover Xavier’s shoulders watching as the small boy jumped out holding a ‘Would you go on a date with me?’ sign smiling widely at us, I nodded “Yes” I spoke.

He broke out in a wide smile I got up giving him a hug, I heard claps all around us, I glanced up seeing my friends all around us cheering.

“Get ready, we are going to leave in two hours” he said pecking me on the cheek before leaving with the guys.

After they left the girls came running up to me excitedly as they yelled about what they needed to do.

I was pulled harshly might I add into one of their rooms and sat in front of a vanity.

“What are you going to do?” I asked as I watched them take out all types of clothes from Samantha’s walk in closet and all kinds of hair styling tools and a lot of makeup.

“Hold up, its hot outside, I don’t want to look like a clown” I exclaimed they shushed me continuing with their thing.

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