Unconditionally Heartless

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Chap. 9

“Wow, I never knew you owned anything but black,” I stated, staring as I watched Ellicia walk through my door, swinging it closed. I took in her black jeans, rips over her knees but her top was white and nice, a low V cut but long sleeve, most of her shoulders and chest showing.

“Maybe one or two other than,” she shrugged, smiling like she was excited for tonight. I liked the fact that she’s put in some effort but not too much. Her makeup was light, not darkness around her eyes and no dark lipstick. Her hair was out and how it usually was, a little messy.

“I like this,” I moved my hand in front of her face and gave my fingers a little wiggle. “I can actually see your pretty freckles now.”

“Yeah,” she said, her tone blank as she touched her fingers to her cheeks, her eyes falling down my body. I just wore jeans and a white shirt which was long and loose.

“Let’s get going,” she said, moving back to open the door again as I nodded and got my phone, wallet and jacket.

“Have fun,” Col sang, sitting on his bed with headphones on, playing games on his phone.

“You too,” I replied, chuckling lowly when Ellicia impatiently took my hand to pull me out.


I looked at Ellicia in amusement as she moaned with a mouthful of her steak again. I think she likes steak a bit too much... but there’s nothing wrong with that.

“It’s good then.”

“Mhmm,” she nodded, chewing and cutting for another piece as I chuckled lowly and continued with my lamb shanks, mashed potato, gravy and vegetables. I got my own choice this time, which I appreciated because I wasn’t really feeling up for steak.

“Is there something about steak or do you just not like anything else?”

“It’s juicy and sweet and just good,” she shrugged, making me laugh again because that didn’t really answer anything. It just told me she really liked steak but I already knew that.

I thought back to Maddy and Zoe suddenly, my mind asking if there was something from her past that she was keeping from me. I know a lot about it but maybe I just know the good parts. What if there was bad? What if she was once hurt and that’s why she shut everyone out? Everyone but me when I came along.

“So, there’s something I’ve been wondering about,” I started, finishing my mouthful before I put my cutlery down.

“Shoot,” she replied before she put another mouthful of meat and gravy into her mouth before she looked up at me. I hesitated, taking in her wild eyes for that damn steak as she chewed, swallowed. “So? You gonna spit it out or not?”

“Yes,” I answered and bit my tongue for a second. “I would like to know the reason for you being so... closed off. Have you always been so careless and mean?”

“Am I being mean?” She asked immediately, glancing over me quickly.

“No. Not right now,” I replied when confusion hit her eyes. “I’m just wondering what happened to you for you to turn like how you usually are.”

“Why does it even matter?” She muttered, looking down as she cut her steak for another piece. I stayed quiet after that because I didn’t want to make her upset or angry... but maybe it was too late.

“I’m sorry. I’ve just always been suck with questions and I thought since you’ve opened up more today that maybe you’d tell me,” I said softly and reached over to hold her hand. She looked at it, her eyelashes fluttering slightly which told me she was hurt. All I wanted was some truth, yet I hurt her.

“It’s okay,” she said after a while, raising her eyes to mine as I nodded softly, her eyes not so sad but it was like she was faking it now. I didn’t want her to turn back to her masks or acting. I just wanted her to be her, I didn’t want her to hide anymore.

“You know you’re going to have to tell me someday,” I shrugged gently and she narrowed her eyes at me, smirked a little.

“I might not.”

“Maybe, maybe not. I would like to know sooner rather than later but I’m not pushing you to anything. I’m patient.”

“Oh, I’m well aware,” she said, amused. She put her chin on her palm, smirking at me as I still held her other hand. “One of the reasons why you’re here and not some other lunatic.”

“I’m no lunatic,” I said, curled my lips together as I looked down where I drew my fingers across her wrist gently. “I’m a freak, remember?”

“My one and only,” she whispered back, her smirk changing to a light smile as my lips quirked up and I looked back towards her. Her eyes darkened quickly, giving me that seductive look she usually did when she was in the mood. “Let’s be freaks tonight,” she said, leaning forward slightly so I only caught it.

I felt a lump come to my throat as my cheeks became hot. My mind went back to earlier today when she touched me... I’d cum in her hands. But it was totally different to the other times I’d cummed. Of course I’ve masturbated before but that was a whole other level to me. It had my body shaking, literally shaking.

“Don’t look so excited,” she muttered in amusement, making me blink to realise I was probably looking like a fool. I swallowed the lump and shifted uneasily, feeling shivers run down my spine at the thought of losing my virginity tonight. Tonight.

“Trust me, it’ll be worth your while. You’ll be wanting to bang me every second of every day after,” she smirked and ate some more of her steak, making me realise I still have my food to eat too. I stayed quiet, my heart and head racing as I slowly got back into my dinner.

“What if I say no?”

“Why would you?” She replied, still smirking as if she already made both of our minds up. I took a breath, leaning back as she gave a soft, quiet laugh and got back to her steak as I actually considered it, feeling the nerves and excitement rush around within me.

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