Unconditionally Heartless

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Chap. 10

I twirled her around. When her hair swirled up and over her face, I smiled and at the feeling of her hand tightening again around my finger, she was facing me again. Her laughter ruled the corridor, loud yet peaceful in the silence as I touched my free hand back to her waist, moving closer. When her lips effortlessly took my own, I closed my eyes because nothing else, nobody else, could make me feel as good as I do right now.

She pulled back, taking my hands to pull me along as she bit her bottom lip seductively, her eyes wide, dark but beautiful. I walked with her, my gut starting to turn with butterflies, the nerves and excitement dancing with each other again.

We reached her door and I followed her in, her hands still holding mine as she walked backwards. My eyes left her, half expecting to find Ebony in bed but she wasn’t.

“I had strict orders. And unless she wants twenty little spiders in her bed, she won’t make a show,” Ellicia whispered, leaning up to brush her lips along my jaw. I closed my eyes, moving my arms around her as she kissed me there and then trailed down my neck, soft yet long touches.

Then she pulled away and I looked at her meanly as she just smiled cheekily and walked back. She pointed her hand up and indicated past me, making me look back and then take a breath because the door was still open. I moved to it and closed it gently, looked down as I locked it too.

I touched my hands to my chest, feeling them shake before I pulled my jacket off and put my things onto the empty desk Ellicia never used. I swallowed down my nerves and looked back as she just sat on her bed, her legs crossed over one another and her hands back behind her on the bed.

“Stop freaking out, Rubie,” she smirked in amusement and I growled a little because I didn’t want her to make this all fun and games. I wanted it to be serious and meaningful… I wanted it to be so I’ll never forget it.

I walked back to her to take hold of her and kiss her as if my life depended on it.

“Jesus, cowboy,” Ellicia murmured against my lips, kissing me back as I closed my eyes, slipping my hands under her shirt and around her sides. I pulled her closer, kissed her harder as my heart raced faster.

I wanted to touch her, I wanted to feel her. Every single inch. I wanted her to consume me, her body against mine, her kisses catching mine and her hands roaming me like I was the last guy she was ever going to touch.

My hands gripped to her shirt tightly, hesitating because I really didn’t want the kiss to cut. But I wanted more and to sacrifice the second, I pulled off her shirt and pressed my mouth back to hers.

I shifted on my feet, her hands taking my shirt to grip before it was thrown off. I shoved her back then, a gasp leaving her lungs as I got over her and dipped my head to kiss her neck, my jeans suddenly tightening at the feel of her hand sinking into my hair, her other expertly undoing my jeans.

My head dizzied for a moment as I felt her move under me, undressing us both in a way she’d probably done so many times to so many other guys. I grunted at the thought, sudden anger flaming in my soul as I touched my hand to the other side of her neck, lowered my kisses onto her collarbone.

A daunting coolness of possessiveness flowed through me suddenly, rightfully. She’d been my best friend, she’s my girlfriend now. She’s mine. No one else’s. All mine until the day comes when we both shatter to pieces.

I took my lips from her warm, smooth skin and looked up at her, her eyes closed, her hand still in my hair. I leaned up and kissed her cheek softly as I kicked off my shoes, ran my hand down to feel that her jeans were off now. All she wore were her bra and panties covering her privates… shit.

This was really happening, I thought, getting off her to take my jeans off properly. I picked them up, folded them in half and threw them to where my shirt was, my stomach starting to go psycho.

“Are you fucking folding your clothes right now?” She hissed, getting up as I put my hands up in surrender.

“Not anymore,” I answered and looked into her eyes as she pulled me close, her fingers hooked to the hem of my boxers. I stepped forward and against her before I ran my hands down and braced her hard ass. She bit her bottom lip adorably, moving her arms around my neck as she jumped enough for me to pick her up.

When her mouth met mine again, she leaned back and I made a noise when I crashed onto the bed with her, not expecting her to pull me down with her. She laughed softly at contact, her hand crawling over my head to tug my hair in her fingers.

“Tell me what to do,” I whispered, reluctantly pulling from the kiss to look back into her eyes. She leaned up slightly on her elbows, tilting her head to the side as her eyes gave me a gentle glow I knew I could trust.

“Just do you,” she whispered back but so slowly, each word took a few seconds to come to my mind. Just do me… how do I do me?

“You are putting your body in my hands, literally,” I mumbled, watched her lips quirk to a smirk. “I have no clue, Elle. No clue whatsoever. Tell me what to do.”

“Figure it out on your own,” she shrugged effortlessly and laid back down, her eyes closing as I just stared at her blankly. I took a moment to stay frozen, letting my mind register everything I knew from basic logic.

“You know what? No,” I told her, making her hum but she kept still. “You always boss me around. Make me do shit I don’t want to or know how to. Not tonight, Elle. I’m going to boss you around now and you’re going to just deal with it.”

“Are you sure you’re ready for that?” She snapped back, looking at me angrily as I moved back because she suddenly sat up. “Can you even boss me around? Or are you too scared?”

“Am I scared? Yes! I’m scared shitless because I want to do this,” I replied, my own anger coming to the surface as my heart thudded in my throat. “I want to be with you but at the end of the day, you’re still the same ruthless bitch and I’m so fucking scared that one day… someday, you might push me so far, you might hurt me so much that I can’t heal. That-That I’ll be forever wounded,” I confessed, sudden tears now coming because I didn’t even think about what I was saying. I didn’t even know I was scared like that until I was saying those words. I felt my heart hammer painfully against my ribs, my hands clenching to fists as I felt bad because she suddenly looked destroyed too.

“I’m glad we’re on the same page,” she whispered after a while. I sighed softly and kneeled onto the bed again to hug her tightly. I laid down, holding her in my arms as she leaned into me and I had just honestly ruined the night for us.

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