Unconditionally Heartless

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Chap. 15

I spent a good hour in the shower, hearing as other guys came and went as I just stood there, leaning forward against the wall with the water pouring down over me. I couldn’t get her out of my head, no matter how hard I tried to think about everything else, somehow she came back.

When I finally decided I’d had enough, I turned the water off and wrapped my towel around my waist and pulled back the curtain, froze when I glared at her.

Why the fuck does she have to do this to me?! My head screamed as she sat on the bench, leaning back on the mirror with her legs crossed. She was just looking at me, her expression blank.

“Go away,” I told her, waving my hand to wave her off as I looked towards the door, noticed how she had put the broomstick through the handle to lock everyone else out.

“I didn’t mean to kiss him,” she said it like I was dumb, which I hated. I hated when she used that tone because she thought nothing was wrong and that things could be fixed as easily as a blink of an eye.

“Of course not, Angel,” I gave her a dumb smile before I glared back, moved towards her when she was sitting by my things.

“Be lucky I didn’t come join you,” she muttered, getting off the bench. I went to walk passed her but couldn’t when she caught hold. When she kissed me, it was hard and as if she was trying to making me forget the new mistakes she’d made.

“You can’t do this!” I croaked, pushing her away when my eyes suddenly swelled up. I swallowed hard, turning away to brace the basin as my heart leapt into my throat, my head hurting from the overwhelming feelings, pain and thoughts it was receiving.

“Rubie, look at me,” she touched her hands to my arms and I stood up, looked at her as she gave me that pout, telling me she wanted me to forgive her. “It was stupid and I messed up, okay? But I don’t want anyone else. I just want you and I need you so you can’t leave me.”

“You don’t hear yourself, do you?” I muttered and she shrugged softly, touching her hands down before I growled lightly when my towel fell from around my waist.

“I can’t let you leave me alone. Please don’t leave me because you’re the only thing keeping me alive,” she whispered, her eyes suddenly clouding with tears as I looked at her in another way.

“What do you mean?” I asked, touching my hand to her cheek now even though I knew she was just trying to suck up to me. But something about what she said hit differently and I needed to know what she meant.

“How is that not obvious?” She muttered, touched her hand up to her forehead before she took my hand from her cheek to hold in hers. “You’re the only thing in my life that’s good. Without you, who am I? Without you, what am I? The answer’s nothing,” she added quickly, glancing down as she stepped closer. I sucked in a breath when her hand wrapped around my staff, making me catch her wrist because she can’t just win me over like this.

“How am I supposed to believe you? You could be lying, there could be a hundred other things in your life that are better than me. How would I know? I don’t,” I shrugged and groaned a little, shifting when she didn’t stop. “Ell-.”

“Enough talking for one moment, please,” she whispered, leaning up to brush her lips to mine softly. I licked my lips, looking into her eyes because unwanted butterflies fluttered in my gut.

I contained the moan only to make a groan, shifting forward for more. Her lips kissed mine again, her head tilted up.

When I let go of her wrist slowly, she worked her hand faster and harder, pushing my body to forbidden limits. I knew this was bad, this was stupid and so unfair but I was too caught up to think about it all properly now.

I kissed her harder, holding her closer as she suddenly stopped to pull down her tights and panties.

“Fuck,” I muttered because this was totally not good. I closed my eyes tight, unable to take control of my thoughts as she kissed my neck hard. I raised my hand to move through her hair, feeling her bare legs press against mine, her front against mine and her hand pushing my tip inside her enough to make me want more.

“Witch,” I named her, dropping my hands to grab her ass and pick her up. I felt my length slip in more, her core wet against my bare cock…

Fuck, I thought, realising I didn’t have a condom on.

“You’re insane,” I whispered against her lips when she kissed me harshly, pressing herself against me.

“That makes you mad,” she murmured back. “You’re friends with me, Rubes. Friends with the crazy lady,” she pressed her lips along my jaw before her tongue ran up and over my ear, making shivers suddenly fall down my spine.

“Just friends?” I breathed in her ear, feeling my body hit an adrenaline rush, making me suddenly bang her harder and faster. When she cried out in pleasure, I felt the satisfaction burn in my veins, knowing that I’d done that.

“Fuck,” she moaned, leaning back against the mirror as I suddenly pulled out, my eyes widening when it was just in time. I felt my body give off sparks and different swirls in my gut while I leaned into her, my head digging into her tummy as she gave off a soft laugh, touching her hand through my hair.

“Yes. You feel that? You feel good? And you feel happy?” I told her, looking back at her sternly as she bit her bottom lip softly but then nodded. “And I’m the only motherfucker doing that. Bitch, you ever think about touching another guy again and I am gone. No more second chances, do I make myself clear?” I demanded, touching my hand up to her shoulder to shove her back gently.

“Very,” she smirked, giving me wide but happy eyes. “And today was a onetime thing. Promise.”

“Don’t promise anything to me,” I growled back, grabbing my clothes to get changed. When I was dressed, I grabbed my things and made my way to the door without her.

“Thank you.”

I stopped at the words. Those two non-existent words in her vocabulary. Two of the few.

“For the sex? Of course, that’s all you think about.”

“No,” she replied and I paused before I looked back when she reached me. “For the second chance,” she leaned up and kissed my cheek before she was slithering away and out like the serpent she could be.

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