Unconditionally Heartless

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Chap. 3

“Good morning everyone,” my psychology professor announced to the students sitting down in their seats in the auditorium. I turned my phone off and put it down into my bag to put my focus on my lesson just before the corner of my eye caught a unique blonde come in with the last wave of people.

I followed with my eyes as she came down, smirking softly before she got into everyone’s way when she tried getting to the spare seat next to me but the rows were already filling up, people sitting and organised. Their organisation was all destroyed when they had to take their things and table back, move their legs out of the way so she could get passed.

“You’re not in this class.”

“Do you seriously think your teacher knows everyone here?” She asked, sitting next to me with a look that made me sigh and think whatever then. “Rubie,” she whispered and I looked back at her lightly, knowing it’d be about this morning or last night.

We fell asleep last night in each other’s arms, when I woke up this morning, it was a surprise to see her still in my bed but I figured she was tired so I let her be and got ready for the day.

“What happened last night?” She asked and I shrugged.

“You came around, fell asleep with me because we were both exhausted. How was your evening?”

“Um, fine but what do you mean I fell asleep with you?”

“I mean you were in a cuddly mood and you fell asleep first, shortly after I fell asleep too,” I smiled at her lightly as she clenched her jaw because she didn’t like to be known as friendly and cuddly. I knew she could be that if she wanted and last night, she wanted.

I looked back to the front as the professor started his lecture developmental psychology, going through how we’ll be on this topic for a few weeks which was fine by me, I knew a lot already from my courses in high school.

“Maybe I like cuddling with you,” Ellicia whispered up into my ear and sat back down as I felt a warmth swim through me before I glanced towards her and she shrugged. “Sometimes.”

“I think more than sometimes,” I whispered back teasingly to get her to give me a dark look while I smirked and looked back to the front.

I felt my heart skip a beat or two when the professor took a look up at us, his words stopping as he looked our way.

“Oh, maybe he does know all his students,” Ellicia murmured but I glanced down to notice how she didn’t have her table up or any books. I’d been in this class all year to know that if a kid’s not got their work out and isn’t paying attention, Professor will snap.

“Does it look like we’re in a circus?” He called up.

“What the fuck does that have to do with anything?” Ellicia growled back, managing to get a few to laugh softly as she looked down when I helped her with the table and put one of my spare books on her desk.

“Good chap there to help you out, thank you,” the professor gave me a respected nod and wave and I sat back while Ellicia looked confused as if a ship just fell out of the sky.

“If you want to be in this class,” I leaned close to her as she looked back, her eyes bright in the dimming lights above. “You have to do the work.”

“I don’t have to do shit actually,” she whispered back, her eyes widening in a way that told me her pissed off state had left her rather quickly which was good. “What is this class anyway?”

“Psychology. It’s essential for me so stop distracting me please,” I said politely, looking back to the front as the room darkened and a video started playing on the wall.

“Got any popcorn?” She whispered, leaning her shoulder against mine and making my body tense up a little, my mind going back to how I held her last night... and then fell asleep with her. That’d never happened before and so it was all new. Yes, I’ve held her like that before while she slept but I couldn’t see why last night was different, yet it was. Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s been a while since I have held her? I don’t know but I would like to.

“Unfortunately, no,” I replied, sighing softly because I wouldn’t mind some popcorn either. But none of that salty caramel crap she likes. I like mine lightly salted and buttered and that’s all, just the good old classic stuff.

I watched as the film went deeply into young children and different types of development, a man’s voice deep and boring but easy to understand as pictures continued to come and go, small videos too.

“This is so boring,” Ellicia muttered, leaning forward against the table before I looked down when a folded piece of paper landed in my lap from behind. As I took hold, I glanced back to see a few of the boys I knew watching me, Jacob giving me a smirk and gesture to read it.

I sighed and turned back around, unfolded it under the table and read over it quickly.

“Rock Creek Park, Area 16. Bring your friend.”

“Getting petty love letters now, Rubie?” Ellicia asked, her tone blank and careless which told me she was pissed at me for reading a letter. She honestly needed to chill out sometimes.

“Actually, it’s an invitation if you wanna go?” I asked and she scowled, snatching the letter from my hand in a stealthy kind of way. She read it quickly and then scrunched it up, glancing down. “Hey,” I hissed when she threw it down to a few girls who I knew no one would really want to come. She knew that too.

The girls glanced back and I grimaced, looking away because I couldn’t deny that they were some of the ugliest girls I’ve ever seen. Ellicia just chuckled lowly, shifting to bring a leg up against her chest as she sat back.

“I don’t go with an invitation. I go to crash.”

“That’s why everyone hates you,” I muttered back and she made a small noise, almost like a whimper as she looked at me sadly but I knew it was fake. I looked away from her and back to the film as I felt her fingertips touch to my arm, softly drawing randomly, something she did when she was thinking deeply and felt alone so she’d keep a hand on me just to reassure herself that I was here.

“Not everyone,” I told her quietly, giving her a small smile when her eyes glanced to mine. “I don’t hate you.”

“Maybe you should too,” she murmured but I just shook my head, wanting to not talk about it so I looked back to watch the rest of the film.

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