Unconditionally Heartless

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Chap. 7

I had my shoulder leaning against the wall as Jacob and the boys talked around me. I was in their group, just a little out of the circle though. Shivers ran up and down my arms, the feeling of being left out coming to my soul as I watched them all laugh at something they didn’t share with me.

I tensed suddenly, closing my eyes when hands covered them from behind, the perfume telling me it could be only one crazy lady I know. I stood up straight, feeling her body press to my back as she leaned up to my ear.

“Guess who?” She whispered as I touched my hands back and to her legs, feeling the holes that were in her jeans, her skin smooth and warm against my fingertips.

“I wonder,” I murmured back.

Ellicia took her arms back and I went to smile at her when she moved next to me but yelped out when she smashed her fist to my crutch. The other boys silenced as she laughed and I bent down, bracing my knees.

“Damn, sis,” Jacob cackled while I took deep breaths in and out, the pain slowly -very slowly- fading away enough for me to concentrate.

“He’s fine,” Ellicia rolled her eyes and looked over me as I stood up straight, pushing the tears back down hard. She just laughed softly at the look I gave her before she moved to fake punch my face. I wasn’t playing around when I grabbed it and forced it behind her, forcing her to faceplant into the wall.

“Fuck,” she muttered as I stepped back and she took hold of her nose while the other guys laughed lowly, preparing themselves for the show that was about to start.

“The nose hurts like a bitch too,” Harvey tapped my chest with the back of my hand but I shrugged because she deserved it.

“The balls hurt like a bitch,” I muttered back, getting them to laugh again as Ellicia put up her fists. “I’m not doing this.”

“The fuck you aren’t,” she hissed back and punched. I hit it away but grunted when she forced her knee into my stomach, her hand tight in my shirt before she kicked my legs out from under me.

I groaned when I caught myself on my hands and jumped back to my feet.

“Come on, man. She’s just a girl,” Jacob said, making Ellicia’s amusement change to anger. I chuckled lowly when she turned to give him a hit but he jumped back with a squeal, getting the others to laugh.

“Fight me, dork,” she shouted, shoving his chest and making me laugh again. I paused, glancing around quickly but there weren’t many people around, no teachers which was good.

“She’s serious, man,” I informed Jacob as he looked like he was about to pee his pants. When she shoved him again, I ran for her to take her waist and tackle her to the ground, purposely directing us for the lawn. I landed on my shoulder as she was quick to get around me but I kept her close so she couldn’t get up, resulting us rolling over the damp grass where the sprinklers were still spraying.

“Let me go,” she laughed, pushing on my chest before I shivered and jumped up from the sprinklers. “No, you don’t!” She yelled, tackling my legs and making me fall back down on my front as she quickly crawled over me.

“It’s cold,” I told her, giving her wide eyes and making her laugh again as I felt water drop onto my legs as I rolled around onto my back, my clothes and body wet from the grass too.

“It’s nice,” she replied, raising her hands to move them through her hair as it was wet too. Everything on the both of us was wet but this was worth it. Seeing her like this, it’s amazing. She’s not caring but she’s not caring in a good way, meaning she’s open and she’s not caring what anyone thinks. She’s happy and she’s alive but isn’t caring who’s watching.

“Real’ cute!” Jacob clapped from the side of the lawn with the others. “Couple of the year.”

“Yeah,” Ellicia smiled down at me and I felt my breathing stop when she came down, her hands touching my cheeks as she kissed me hard. My eyes closed instantly as I touched my hands back to her face, her head and hair too while I heard the boys howling and cheering. I felt my chest warm-up, my cheeks too as my heart raced while I kissed her back the best I could but the longer we kissed, the more I learnt and the better I got, I could tell.

“Fuck, it’s cold now,” she exclaimed, pushing me back to run away, leaving me in a puddle of mud now.

“Ditcher!” I called her, getting up to run out of the aim of the sprinklers too. I crashed into the boys, making them yell at how wet I was when I hugged Jacob and Harvey the best I could, the others laughing.

“Yeah, yeah! Alright!” Jacob shouted, shoving me off with a chuckle before I made a noise when Ellicia suddenly jabbed my sides from behind.

“Ow, Ell,” I complained, turning to grab her as she smirked, taking my shirt in one hand to pull me with her. Her eyes gave off those sparkling flames in her green, mischief and joy mixing together as she walked backwards.

“Get him, girl!” Harvey howled out, making me growl and flipped them back the finger, causing them to laugh together before we turned the corner.

“I don’t think so,” I told her, stopping when she walked into a storage room. She just smirked in response and pulled me hard enough to pull me in with her.

“I think so,” she replied, closing the door and locking it before she was kissing me again in the dark. I groaned into it, taking her cheeks in my hands, waterdrops still over her face as her hair was still wet like mine.

I felt my heart jump insanely as I moved into her more, willing to give myself to her right now as I pushed myself to kiss her harder, to let her touch me more.

I trailed my hands down her back and pulled her against me, touching my hands under her jacket and shirt to feel her warm skin against my cold, still slightly wet hands.

Fire in my veins burned hot, my blood boiling while my feelings went all over the place and all I could focus on was her. Nothing else mattered right now, she was in my head, in my arms and in my heart. Only her… always her.

I raised one of my hands to move through her hair to the back of her head as I softened my kisses. I bit my tongue when they became too soft before they stopped and I opened my eyes, stared into hers as they opened too.

“We’re supposed to be talking,” I whispered because I really did want to know where this was going to go. Was she in for it? For real? Because I am, I didn’t think I would be but everything’s increased. My feelings for her. Our relationship. My happiness. Everything.

In the darkness, I could see her clearly enough to see that she didn’t want to talk right now and I wondered if she was just doing this for sex or if she really, honestly did like me as she told me before.

“I guess we can leave the cupboard for that,” she muttered, running her hands from my back to my waist as I gently brushed back the hair that was hiding her face. “Or we can stay here and not talk.”

“It stinks in here and I’m sure things would be a lot better if we were somewhere else… like, on a bed,” I said awkwardly, feeling my cheeks heat up as I bit my tongue and she hummed softly. She let me go and walked out while I took a minute to let my blush crawl away before I followed, jogged to catch up to her.

I took her hand, to which she took away as her nose twitched adorably.

“I’m not a hand holder.”

I smirked and took her hand again just to piss her off a little. “I’ll make you one,” I whispered, leaning in to kiss her cheek. She returned a hard look and I wondered if she was a cheek kisser or not too. By her look, I took it as a no but maybe I can change that too.

She took her hand back and I sighed, following behind her as she walked a little faster, obviously excited for our ‘talk’.

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