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Aliana thought she was out of the biker scene. That is until she had to go home to seek protection from...him... and there was only one place she could go where she would be completely safe. This place happens to be where her one true love is. Home...back to the Broken Angels, MC. Axyl is the VP of the Broken Angels, MC. Since his father and the President stepped down. He and Westyn Carter, the new MC President, took over. He's been having issues with his wife and when the one that got away came back into his life looking for protection, everything he tried to push away, comes back to the forefront. His best friends younger sister. Aliana, the one that has had his heart for as long as he could remember.

Romance / Action
Riki Leigh Bishop
4.9 16 reviews
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Chapter 1

I was supposed to be out of this shit after I left for college. I was supposed to just leave it behind and start my life on my own. I was supposed to start my own therapy center for those who have trauma and have endured abuse. But here I am walking back into the life of being a biker’s daughter. I had to come back for my own safety. My father and brother, however, only they think I’m coming home for some time off and might even start my center here. If they knew the truth, I would be locked away somewhere and never let out. That’s how overprotective my brother and father are. Last I knew my father stepped down as president and my brother took over. He was getting up there in age so he stepped down and is just the founder or someone who my brother or any of the members can come to for advice about club business.

I’ve been sitting in the parking lot in front of the Hells Angels clubhouse for about thirty minutes now trying to figure out how I’m going to keep this secret from my brother and my father. I keep checking to make sure that my bruises and cuts are covered up. Slowly, I get out of my car and walk up to the building and stop in front of the door and hear the argument that’s currently taking place. It seems that someone and his old lady are into and from the sound of it, it sounds like Axyl and Lana. They never did get along very well and she never did like me. She always thought that I was going to take him from her. Even though he is a nice piece of man meat, he is my brothers’ best friend and I was too young for him. I slowly open the door and it slams behind me after I bring my suitcases in and everyone in the room stops to stare at me.

“Um…can I help anyone?” I instantly got anxious. Could they see the bruising? Did I not hide it enough? “It’s like you all seen a ghost!”

“Well if it isn’t my favorite daughter!” My dad exclaimed.

“Dad, I’m your only daughter.” I said with a laugh going over to give him a hug. Luckily, he didn’t hug me too hard because my ribs are still sore as hell from the last round of torture, he inflicted on me. My brother came and gave me a hug and spun me around the room. “God, it’s good to have you back little sis. I’ve missed you!”

“I missed you all too! So, what did I walk in on?” I ask trying to take the attention off me, but of course that doesn’t ever work. Without realizing my sunglasses fell off while my brother was spinning me around and he saw the bruise that I tried to cover up.

“We’ll finish this later when you go to get your shit out of my place.” I heard Axyl tell Lana and walk over to me to grab my face. “What the FUCK happened to your face!?” My brother and Axyl said at once.

“Nothing. Just let it go, please.” I pleaded as I jerked my head out of Axyl’s hands and grabbed my suitcases and ran into my old room. How could I have been so stupid as to let them see that? I thought I covered it up better, but apparently it was worse than I thought. I need a shower. I’ve been traveling all day and I’m starving. I can’t handle my brother, or my father for that matter, let alone Axyl right now. He was just as overprotective of me, if not more, than my own brother. I decided I would start putting my things away and then take a shower. It took me about an hour to fold and hang up everything and put it where it needed to go. Once I was done, I went into the kitchen, after seeing if anyone was around, to get something to eat before going back to my room to eat and shower. I managed to make it there and back with only a few stares.

I was sitting in my room eating my sandwich and thinking where the guys had gone. Maybe they had to go on a run, or they just decided to give me the peace that I asked for. I finished my food and set the plate on the bedside table and started to get my leggings and tank top out to take a shower. I started to strip out of the clothes that I have been traveling in all day when I got down to just my bra and panties someone cleared their throat behind me. I spin around and see Axyl standing there.

“What the hell Axyl! Get out! I’m practically naked here!” I yelled at him.

“Who the FUCK did all of that to you! You’re black and blue all over and have stitches! So, tell me…WHO. THE. FUCK. DID. THIS. TO YOU!” He annunciated each word through gritted teeth and quite frankly, I found it quite sexy. Heat rushed down to my core and I tried to squeeze my thighs together nonchalantly. He may be annoying, but damn is he still sexy as hell and I wouldn't mind having a taste of him. NO! Focus can't tell him. Not yet!

“That’s for me to know and you to never find out.” I said running into the bathroom and locking the door behind me before sinking to the floor with my back against the door. Wincing through the pain going through my body. No one was supposed to find out. At least not yet. I wasn’t ready for them to know about him and what I had gone through for the last five years of my life. Axyl is going to go to my brother and then my brother is going to go to my father and then I’m going to be forced to tell them. My father is the one man that can scare the shit out of me with just one stare. I never got away with lying to him when I was still at home. Maybe coming back here was a mistake until I handled Alexander and his posy. I knew I couldn’t do it alone and I needed my father and the clubs help to do this. I just thought I would have longer to figure out a plan to tell them.

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