The Perfect Wife

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Chapter Seven



After talking with Kenzi, it was apparent that she didn’t know more than what Davian had told me. She explained that none of the burglary-worthy items were taken, and it looked like they were looking for something based on the way they left the apartment. She also thought it was odd that Patton showed up instead of the police. He showed her a badge that looked very convincing, but now she wasn’t so sure.

“Kenzi, Patton isn’t a police officer. He works for Davian,” I started to explain. I wasn’t sure how much I should tell her. “Davian sent him to intercept the police. Davian didn’t want the police involved because of the nature of the break-in.” If Davian was right about my father and I was in danger, then anything I told her could put her in danger too.

Before I could tell her anything else, the lock clicked, and the door opened. Standing in the doorway was not only Patton, but the man I had just moments ago run away from. The little bit of freedom I had vanished. More than that, I was wrong about Patton. He did not differ from Davian. I should have known that he would call him the minute he was alone.

Making his way past Patton, Davian’s eyes were on mine. “Get the plane ready, Patton. We are leaving in an hour.”

“Yes, sir.

Did he just say plane? “Are you crazy? I can’t go with you. I have classes, not to mention work.” Work wasn’t my top priority, but the fear of flying was. Davian didn’t need to know that, but what he needed to know was that I couldn’t miss my classes. I worked too hard to get my 4.0 GPA, and I wasn’t about to lose it because of his alpha-male bullshit.

“You can, and you will. Your little escapade may have just put us all in danger.”

“I refuse to miss my classes, Davian.” Davian met my protest with his massive body towering over me.

“This is not up for discussion, Reyna.”

“Reyna, what is he talking about? Why would we be in danger?” Kenzi’s voice snapped my attention away from Davian and back to her.

I was beyond angry. Seeing only red, I didn’t get the chance to explain. Davian did that for me. “Everything that has happened is on a need-to-know basis, and as of right now, you don’t need to know.” Not once did Davian’s eyes leave mine as he continued. “Unfortunately, Reyna found it necessary to satisfy her selfish need to make sure you were okay instead of trusting me when I told her you were safe. She not only jeopardized her safety but yours as well.”

As much as I hated hearing it, Davian was right. I shouldn’t have come here. I sank next to my friend, knowing what I might have done. “I’m sorry, Kenzi. I had to make sure you were okay.”

Kenzi looked at me with understanding as she wrapped her arms around me. “You’re my best friend. If it were you, I would have done the same.”

“Although this reunion is very touching, we need to leave. Ms. Horton, I suggest you change.” Davian’s voice rang loud and clear behind us.

Kenzi walked to the bedroom and closed the door, leaving Davian and me alone. Standing from the couch, I pulled my shoulders back, hoping that I could muster the confidence I needed to tell him off. “You should really think about taking some courses in proper etiquette because you really suck at it.”

“Watch it, Reyna. I’m not above taking you over my knee and showing you proper etiquette.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

Davian didn’t respond immediately, but the condescending smirk he had on his face told me all I needed to know. Not only would he dare, but it would also bring him great pleasure. I hated him, but more than that, I hated the way he was making my body react. He was a control freak, but he was also very sexy. Even without his suit coat, the power was still there. The expensive threads of his crisp white shirt stretched to accommodate the sinewy width of his biceps as he crossed his arms at his chest.

“It would give me great pleasure to show you I would dare, but fortunately for you, I am not an exhibitionist.”

Luckily for him, I wasn’t able to give him more of my mind. Kenzi appeared from the bedroom dressed and ready to go. She held a small bag that I assumed she packed before Patton brought her to the St. Regis. As I looked down at her packed bag, Davian never said where it was that we were going. “Where are we going?”

“You and I will be flying to Chicago. I have a place in the country that is secure. Patton will take Ms. Horton to the Regency; she will be safe there.”

“Why can’t she come with us?” I didn’t want to leave my friend, and I certainly didn’t want to go to Chicago without her. She was the only one who knew how I felt about flying.

“I have already arranged it. Ms. Horton will remain in Atlanta.”

It only took his icy stare to remind me of who I was dealing with. Even though he had done nothing to make me think he would hurt me other than his crude remark about placing me over his knee, I still wasn’t sure if I trusted him. I knew nothing about him other than his father and mine were business associates, he owned the Regency, and his interests included a little bit of everything, but mostly he designed buildings.

I was about to contact my mom and dad to let them know what was going on when Davian pulled my phone from my grasp. “What the hell, Davian?”

Davian popped the back of my phone off where the battery was located and removed the SIM card from its slot. Placing it in his pocket, he looked to me and said, “No calls from here on out until we can get you a secure phone.”

“I need to contact my parents. They will get worried if I don’t let them know where I am.”

“They already know, Reyna.” His eyes softened as he walked over to the couch where I had taken a seat. When his eyes met mine, they were no longer the cold arctic blue from moments ago. Taking my hands one at a time, he brought them to his lips and placed a kiss on the left hand and then the right. My gaze never left his. “I will update them once we arrive in Chicago.”

How could this man be an ass one minute and a saint the next?

A knock at the door broke the intimate moment Davian and I were sharing. Kissing me on the forehead, Davian stood to his feet to answer the door. When he opened it, Patton and another gentleman, just as big, stood in the doorway. There were a few words between them I couldn’t hear. I was sure it had to do with the arrangements they had made because Patton entered the suite and picked up Kenzi’s small bag.

I pushed from the couch and walked over to Kenzi. There was no way I could leave without at least saying goodbye to my friend. Wrapping my arms around her, I pulled her close. “I’ll call you and let you know how I am every chance I can.”

It didn’t seem like much assurance until Davian chimed in. “Reyna will have a secure phone once we land in Chicago. The number will come up as ‘unknown’ but will have an 872 area code, so you will know it is her calling.”

Watching Kenzi leave the suite, my emotions took over, and the tears spilled like a waterfall. Davian was at my side, pulling me against his hard body. His warmth comforted me, but it didn’t help with the turmoil of everything that had taken place in the last six hours. Holding me at arm’s length, Davian lifted my chin. “We need to go.”

Nodding my head, I looked over to the door where the big guy who accompanied Patton still stood. “Is he taking us to the airport?”

Kissing the top of my head, Davian said, “Yes… Reyna, meet Marcus.”

Marcus tipped his head in response as he acknowledged me, but his eyes were on Davian. “We really need to go, Mr. Cross.”

Davian’s private plane wasn’t what I expected. Then again, I didn’t know what to expect. I guess I might have thought ten rows of single seats on each side and a walkthrough in the middle. This plane was far more with its dark paneled walls and beige leather seating. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I hope they offer drinks on this flight. Pulling me from my thoughts, a young brunette, about my height, greeted us. “Good evening, Ms. McCall, Mr. Cross.”

“Good evening, Jeannie. I apologize for the late notice. How are the two little ones?” Davian returned her smile with one of his own.

“Bryce is getting bigger by the minute, and Cory has found out how to pull on his mother’s heartstrings. If there is anything you need, please let me know. The flight should be just under two hours.” Jeannie said, her bright smile bringing light to an otherwise less than comfortable situation.

“Two glasses of red would be perfect.” How did he know what I was thinking?

As I looked around the main cabin, I took a seat on a leather chair near one of the small windows. I couldn’t help but wonder how a perfect evening could change so quickly. Before the plane made its ascent, Jeannie brought me the glass of red wine Davian requested. As I looked around the cabin, I realized Davian had disappeared. The size of the plane made it impossible to know where he was. He could have been behind me somewhere beyond the etched glass partition, or in front of me behind the paneled wall. I should have paid more attention instead of taking a seat. The location of the door plainly revealed that we didn’t board at the front of the plane. Had we flown commercial, that would have been the case.

Before Jeannie got too far away, I asked, “Do you know where Davian is?”

“I believe he is in the conference room with Marcus and Calvin. I can let him know you are looking for him once the plane has stabilized.”

“That’s okay. I’m sure he is busy doing whatever it is that he does.” I should have added, like kidnapping innocent women, but I kept that thought to myself.

Giving me an ultra-white smile, she said, “Please fasten your seatbelt, Ms. McCall. We are about to take off.”

I knew the rules about take-off and remaining in your seat, but leaving me alone was just plain and simply rude. Watching Jeannie disappeared behind the paneled wall, I quickly released my seatbelt to find him, but before I could stand, the plane began its ascent, pushing me back into my seat. I would have to wait until the plane leveled out. It wasn’t like he was going anywhere.

As the plane slowly climbed in elevation, I remembered why I hated flying. Not even the luxury of this plane could tame the uneasiness I felt being in the air. In and out, breath after long breath, I tried to relax. I downed the red wine Jeannie brought me and prayed that it would stop my mind from spinning with thoughts of crashing. Closing my eyes, I leaned back against the headrest and counted back from one hundred, hoping that by the time I reached one, my panic attack would have passed.

One-hundred, ninety-nine. Breath, Reyna, breath.

… Eighty-four, eighty-three. In and out, in and out.


“Reyna, look at me. Open your eyes.”

My eyes popped open to Davian’s voice. The plane had leveled off, and I wondered for how long. Davian was kneeling before me trying to free my hands that were gripping the armrests. As my eyes focused on him, all I could see was worry behind the brilliant blue of his eyes. When I focused only on his eyes, the panic consuming my body decreased, and instead replaced by embarrassment. What was I thinking? I should have protested more at the hotel instead of trying and cope with my fear of flying.

“I’m sorry. I should have told you that I’m afraid to fly.” Just admitting it made my fear even worse. I wasn’t a child anymore. I shouldn’t be afraid to fly.

Davian pulled me from my seat and sat down and positioned me on his lap. He brushed away a stray hair as I focused on him. “Everyone has something that they are afraid of. What matters is how you deal with those fears. Either you can face them or let them control your life.”

Lifting my head from his shoulder, I asked, “What are you afraid of?”

Davian’s jaw clenched, and I could see the muscles contract. Whatever it was, I wasn’t sure that he would ever share it with me, but he did. “Beautiful women.”

I knew he was lying, but when his lips came to mine, it didn’t matter. The insecurity about flying hadn’t disappeared, but that wasn’t what I thought about. It was his touch and warmth that surrounded me. My lips parted without hesitation, giving him passage to explore. It didn’t matter that we weren’t alone; all I wanted was to consume his scent and feel his muscular arms around me as he dominated the kiss.

Breaking our connection, Davian held on to me as he stood from the chair. “As I said before, Reyna… I am not an exhibitionist.”

Carrying me to the back of the plane, he pushed open the door to a room fully furnished with a queen-sized bed, a small closet, and two nightstands. It was awe-inspiring and very masculine. Very much Davian, based on his master suite at the Regency.

Davian lowered me, his eyes on mine. “I’m afraid we only have a little time.”

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