The Perfect Wife

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Chapter Eight



Davian tugged the sash to my dress and slowly pulled it open. I was nervous, but more than anything, I wanted him. Placing my hand on his chest, I began unbuttoning his shirt when he pulled my hands away. “No, Reyna. This is about your pleasure, not mine.”

Dropping my hands to my sides, I stood before Davian, giving him the control to steer this further. Lowering the dress from my body, he allowed it to drop at my feet. My eyes were only on him. A smile decorated his face as he kissed the top of my shoulder.


I wasn’t sure if it was a question or an observation on his part. Either way, I wasn’t, but he was making me feel like I was. Reaching behind my back, I unclasped my bra and allowed it to fall and join my dress. Other than my panties and my heels, there was no other clothing to take off. I had never been so exposed to a man, but with Davian, it felt right.

Davian’s eyes were on mine when he placed his hands on my shoulders and glided them down my arms to my hands. Taking each of my hands with his, he brought them to his lips and kissed them before placing them on his broad shoulders. The spicy musk of his cologne filled the space as he dipped his head and put his mouth over mine. Our tongues collided together in perfect harmony as he lifted me in his arms. A whimper escaped my mouth as he placed me on the bed. Davian said this was about my pleasure, and he was taking full control.

Taking hold of my arms wrapped around his shoulders, he placed them above my head and held them there as he continued to trail kisses from the tender spot behind my ear to the valley between my breasts. He had only begun, and I knew the moisture building between my legs would soon drip onto the satin comforter.

As he dipped his head lower, his mouth surrounded my nipple, tugging on the already sensitive top while caressing the other one with his hand. His mouth was magic as he sucked and lapped it into a hard peak. A moan escaped.

“Do you like that, Reyna? Do you like the pleasure I’m allowing you to have after your stunt at the hotel?”

“Yes, God, yes.”

The harsh words I’d said to him were out of line, but he must have gotten over it because this was heaven. Pressing his lips to my stomach, he sucked my skin gently between his lips and with every kiss leaving my body wanting more.

“You will not move your hands if you want more.”

Davian released the grip on my hands and lowered them down my body. His touch was whisper soft, and my back arched to the sensation he was causing. I wanted to touch him. I wanted to rake my hands through his hair as he continued his descent down my body. Lifting my hands from the comforter, they were so close to his body, but then his hands came up and gripped mine. “Reyna. We need to work on your ability to follow instructions.”

I did as he said and lifted my arms and resumed my position with my hands above my head. I would be stupid not to let him finish what he had started. Placing his hands beneath my knees, he lifted them from the bed and pushed them against my chest. I was completely exposed and I knew he would find me wet.

Pushing the material of my panties to the side, his magic tongue found my clit, licking and sucking the hard nub. I was so close to exploding. I knew everyone on the plane would hear me scream. Davian knew my body better than I did as he moved between my folds and back to my clit. My senses alternated between pain and pleasure as he teased my clit with his teeth, applying enough pressure to cause my body to react. It wasn’t the pain he had created. It was the way he was playing with my need to come.

Instead of giving me what I wanted, his movements stopped. No… no. Don’t stop.

“Please, Davian. Don’t stop.”

“Maybe next time, you will obey my instructions.” His words pulled me from my small slice of heaven as I could feel him push from the mattress.

“What the hell, Davian?”

“Get dressed. We land in 30 minutes.” His icy blue eyes were back, colder than ever.

His words stunned me. I was probably in shock as he opened the door and left the room. I didn’t need him to get off. Laying my head back, I moved my hand between my legs to give myself a much-needed release. I was so close when the door swung open.

“I guess I didn’t make myself clear. When I said, get dressed, that is exactly what I meant. NO one touches that sweet pussy of yours except me.”

Grabbing the pillow behind my head, I threw it at the door as it closed. “I hate you.” I wish I would have been quicker, so it hit him instead of the closed door.

No one had ever treated me the way he just treated me. Then again, I had never been with a man like him before or felt the way I did when he touched me. In high school, it was mostly kissing and fondling. It was a clumsy experience, and after my first encounter with making out, I decided my virginity could wait until something real came along. I just wasn’t sure if Davian would be the one.

Fully dressed, I stepped out of the room with my head held high. Not even Davian would intimidate me. Two could play this game. As much as I wanted him, I could see he wanted me more. His eyes were hungry and filled with desire.

Resuming my place next to the window, I pulled down the shade before fastening my seatbelt. I was still uneasy about flying, but soon we would land, so instead of grasping the armrest for dear life, I placed my hands under my legs. The last thing I wanted was to give Davian a reason to comfort me again.

As though Jeannie could read my mind, she brought me another glass of wine. “Mr. Cross thought this might help ease your fear of flying.”

“Thank you,” I said as she handed me the glass of red. “Please inform Mr. Cross that I can order my own wine.”

My remark wasn’t directed at Jeannie, but him. I hope she didn’t think I was angry with her. As I watched Jeannie walk away, I heard the sound of the wheels lowering, making my breath hitch. Downing half of my wine, the anxiety I was trying to hold back resurfaced, and I could feel the plane start to descend. Concentrating on the remaining red liquid in my glass, I ended up consuming the rest before settling the glass in the glass holder on the small table between the two leather chairs.

It was then that I heard. “This is Captain Matthews. I hope you have enjoyed your flight. The time in Chicago is 3:37 a.m. Chicago skies are clear with a warm breeze out of the north with the current temperature at a comfortable 63 degrees.”

When the plane came to a stop, I released the breath I was holding in. Davian appeared from behind the paneled wall, along with Marcus and Calvin. From the expressions on their faces, there was no sign that anything bad had occurred, but I couldn’t say the same about Davian when his icy blues focused on me. I knew that look all too well. Something was up.

Hesitantly, I made my way toward Davian to find out what was going on when Jeannie stepped behind him and pulled his attention away from me. Although I couldn’t hear what she said to him, I was certain that it had to do with the arrangements he made.

Marcus and Calvin must have also heard what Jeannie said, because they nodded, walked over to the airplane door, and pulled it open. The Chicago air entered the cabin, and just like Georgia, I could feel the 100 percent humidity that the captain forgot to mention.

I was ready to follow suit when Davian reached out and grabbed my arm. “Wait, Reyna. Marcus and Calvin are making sure the area is secure before we exit the plane.”

Rolling my eyes, I stepped away from Davian and took a seat. I wasn’t sure how long this so-called security check would take. All I knew was that I wanted to get off this plane. Two hours was all I could stand. When Marcus appeared at the top of the portable staircase, I jumped from my seat.

They exchanged a few words that sounded like “All clear,” from Marcus as he leaned in towards Davian. I wasn’t sure what the deal was with these men and their need to keep things private.

Davian held out his hand and said, “We are clear to deplane.”

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