The Perfect Wife

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Chapter Twelve



What had I been thinking? Spending the day with Reyna had clouded my judgement. Marcus was right. Going to the pier was a bad idea. Even taking her to the museum was a risk. I needed to stop letting my cock do the thinking and focus on her safety. When Patton called warning me that Rui Salko had been located and he was in Chicago, I had to get Reyna to Cross Estate as quickly as possible. Somehow Salko found out we were at the museum, and it concerned me he had his men watching us.

The confusion on Reyna’s face when I told her we needed to leave deserved an explanation, but in doing so, I would have to let her know that her father was in Chicago. The last thing I needed was more questions from her. By my standards, the less she knew, the safer she would be.

Reyna’s annoyance with having to leave the museum rose even higher as we entered the house. “Are you going to tell me what is going on?”

Mika must have heard us come in since she appeared the minute, I closed the door. “Davi, Miss Reyna, I’m surprised to see you home so soon. Let me make you something to eat.”

“I’m not hungry, Mika, but thank you,” Reyna said as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Reyna was on her way up the stairs, and I couldn’t let her leave angry. “Wait, Reyna.”

I gently gripped her arm. It was only to get her attention. When she turned to face me, she looked around the entryway. I assumed it was to make sure we were alone. “I don’t know what your problem is. Ever since yesterday, all you’ve done is dictate where I can and cannot go. Is my father even alive, or is it just a ploy to keep me under your control?”

“I assure you, Reyna, I have no other motive than to keep you safe.” That wasn’t the only reason, but she didn’t need to know that. “I can assure you; your father is very much alive. And he knows where you are.”

I said more than I wanted her to know. As for controlling her, I had every intention of doing just that. Once I got her beneath me, she would know just how much. First and foremost, I had to keep her safe, but keeping her safe didn’t mean that I wouldn’t redden that beautiful ass of hers in the process, especially if she continued to disobey me.

“When can I talk to my parents?”

“I will make a deal with you, princess.” When she didn’t respond, I continued. “If you promise to listen to what I say, without throwing a fit, I will allow you to contact them whenever you feel the need.”

“Can I contact Kenzi too?” She stepped closer, looking at me with her gorgeous eyes. I was putty in her hands. I was in trouble. “If I promise to listen to you.?”

“That’s all I ask, princess. You may call Kenzi too. Your new phone is waiting in my office. It can’t be tracked.”

“Thank you.”

It took everything I had not to lift her in my arms and carry her to my room. The way she looked at me reminded me just how much I wanted her. With only two feet between us, I stepped closer and placed my hand on her cheek. “How about we go to the back patio and enjoy this wonderful weather? There should be a swimsuit among your things upstairs.”

“I’d like that.”

“Good. When you have finished changing, I’ll have your phone for you to call your parents.”

Instead of following her up the stairs, there was an urgent matter I needed to take care of first. As I headed to my study, I pulled out my cell and searched for Patton’s number. If Salko was in Chicago, I wanted to know where.

When Patton answered, he only had time to say, “Hello,” before I cut him off.

“Patton, any word on Salko or where he is in Chicago?” If he was located, maybe it was time that he and I talked.

“We got lucky. Mr. Salko was spotted checking into the Astoria. Do you want us to move in on him?”

“No, don’t do anything. I want him to think we don’t know he’s here. Keep monitoring him and let me know his every move. Soon, Mr. Salko and I will be having a nice little visit.”

Slipping my phone in my pocket, I hurried to my room to change into my swim shorts. I didn’t want to waste one more minute away from Reyna.

By the time I had changed and walked out onto the back patio, Reyna was looking sexy as hell stretched out on a lounger, soaking up the warmth of the sun. She took my breath away. When I had Mika shop for her clothes, I hadn’t realized what great taste she had. The black bikini Reyna was wearing accentuated the curves of her perfect body just enough for the imagination to run wild. I already had a taste of what was beneath her suit, but that didn’t keep me from wanting more.

Taking the lounger beside her, I stretched out my six-foot four frame as best I could. Just as I promised, I held out her new phone in my hand, one that couldn’t be tracked. Reyna lowered her sunglasses and took the phone from my hand. Adjusting her position, she brought the phone to life and began searching her contacts. She would only find three contact numbers, mine, her parents’, and Kenzi’s. These were the only people I trusted her to contact.

She didn’t say a word. Then again, neither did I as she pushed from the lounger. My eyes were on her as she put the phone to her ear and took a seat at the edge of the pool. Her feet moved back and forth as she dangled them in the water. I was sure it was Kenzi she was speaking with that had made her happy. I heard the smile that surely graced her face as she talked and giggled with her best friend on the other end of the line. It was the first time I had seen her so happy since taking her from Georgia.

When she finished her conversation, she pushed from the pool and headed back to the lounger. Holding out the phone, she smiled. “Thank you for allowing me to speak to my parents.”

Reyna didn’t realize that the phone was hers to keep. I wanted her to have the freedom to talk to her parents or Kenzi whenever she wanted. “It’s yours to keep. You can contact them whenever you find the need.”

She only knew that her phone couldn’t be tracked. What she didn’t know was that calls were also being monitored. Pushing from the lounger, it was time to cool off. I took hold of Reyna and pulled her closer to the pool. “How about a swim?”

I kept the pool heated at a constant 80 degrees, which was the perfect temperature to cool off my heated body. Holding on to the railing, I allowed Reyna to enter the pool first. Four half-circle steps permitted access into the shallower end of the pool and also to a 6x6 foot jacuzzi. The only other way into the pool was the ladder on the deeper end. As we entered the pool, the water hit me just below the waist, while coming just below Reyna’s breasts.

As I continued to walk further to the deeper end, Reyna lowered her body into the water, leaving only her head above the waterline. Doing the breaststroke, she gracefully moved through the water, swimming to the deeper end of the pool. I was soon behind her as she rested her back against the light blue Aztec tile. Seeing her relax reminded me of how much I needed to use this pool more often. I never had reason to since there had been no one to share it with, but with her, I did.

Placing my hands on either side of her shoulder, I lowered my head to her ear. “God, you’re so beautiful.”

Tugging at the lobe of her ear, I placed a kiss after kiss on her wet skin. When our eyes met, I lowered my lips to hers and claimed her mouth. Her lips parted, and her arms wrapped around my neck, pulling me closer. The water was deeper on this end of the pool, but I was still tall enough to stand while she clung to my shoulders. Moving my hand down her sides, I found the elastic of her bikini bottoms and slid my hand against her cool skin. The wet material clung to her body, but I managed to pull them down her legs, leaving her bare beneath the water. No one but the two of us knew what was taking place. I could have placed her bottoms on the concrete ledge, but instead, I shoved them in the pocket of my board shorts where they would be safe.

“Davian.” Her sweet voice rang against my shoulder.

“Just relax and feel, princess. I’ve got you.”

I smoothed my hand along her tone stomach and worked my way between her legs. “Spread your legs for me, princess.”

Her legs opened, and she provided the access I needed. Parting her wet folds with my finger, I found her entrance and slipped it inside. Her back arched as she pushed her hip upward. I drove a second finger inside. God, she was tight. I couldn’t wait to be balls deep inside her sweet pussy. As I moved my fingers in and out of her tight channel, her body glided up and down against the water. Even though we were in the water, I could feel how wet she was. Curving my index finger, I pressed it against her sweet spot, stroking the tip against the spongy surface. A small gasp vibrated against my neck, letting me know that soon she would coat my fingers with her feminine essences. The water sloshed around us as her hips moved upward against my hand. Thankfully, the doors leading to the patio were closed, preventing anyone from hearing her scream my name when I allowed her to come.

Slowing my movements, I placed my thumb over her clit, caressing it in a slow circular motion. Lowering my head, I bit her lobe and commanded, “You will only come when I say you can.”

“Please, Davian, I can’t, I need to…”

Her voice trailed off, and without holding back, she filled the space between us with screams of ecstasy. Her walls clamped down on my finger, and I could feel her body jerk as waves of pure pleasure rippled through her body. “Your body is mine, princess.”

Even though she didn’t wait for my command, the sated look she gave me was more than enough to know I owned her release.

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