The Perfect Wife

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Chapter Seventeen



“Are you kidding me? What the hell am I supposed to do while you’re gone?” I hadn’t realized that I was nearly screaming when I pushed to my feet in anger.

A knock came at the door, and Mika appeared on the other side as she pushed it open. “Excuse, Davi, and Miss Reyna, but Mr. Cross is here.”

This conversation was far from over. One way or another, I was going back to Georgia. Walking past Mika, I met Lorenzo on the other side of the door. When our eyes met, it was like looking at Davian. They were so much alike, and I knew then where Davian got his arrogance from. “Reyna, you’re looking as lovely as always. I can see that my son is taking excellent care of you.”

“I can’t say as I agree. Maybe you could talk to your son about allowing me to go back to Georgia with him?” I was in no mood to be the middle of their conversation.

Mika took me by the hand and led me away from the door. “How about we whip up some chocolate chip cookies? Chocolate will make you feel better.”

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but baking cookies with Mika was a great distraction. I found out through our conversation that she was born and raised in the United States but spent most of her time in Russia taking care of Davian as a child. Even though most of the Cross family migrated to the States in the early 40s, Lorenzo went back to Russia to raise his son after his wife got sick. Lorenzo’s decision to go back was because he didn’t want Davian to lose sight of his family roots. It was after Davian turned sixteen that Lorenzo decided to make the States his home. I also found out that they later changed the Cross name from their real surname of Crostova. It was the Crostova family’s way to gain respect in the community instead of being looked at as poor immigrants from a country that had its own set of problems with the States. In reality, it made sense, but it was sad that Americans would frown upon anyone from another country trying to make a good life by coming to the States.

The anger that sliced through my body from moments ago eased. Mika not only knew how to cook, but she also had a way of making things seem better. Baking cookies was what I needed to get my mind off of the conversation in the library. Still, then I remembered Davian saying something about my father being tied to the Russian mafia. Davian was Russian also. Did it mean he had an association with their mafia as well? It would make sense of how he knew so much about my father.

Pushing those thoughts away, I placed the last of the cookies on the cooling rack just as Davian entered the kitchen. I didn’t want to have a confrontation with him in front of Mika, so I handed him a cookie instead. Even though Mika made me feel better, I was still angry with the way things went on the library. I had every right to go back to Georgia with Davian. If by chance my mother’s letter and the map had something to do with my father or her death, then I had a right to know.

Stepping over to the other side of the counter where Davian was still enjoying his freshly baked cookie, I took him by the arm and led him toward the living room. What I was about to tell him, I didn’t want Mika to hear. “We need to talk.”

Davian sat on the arm of the couch while I stood. Even as he sat, we were the same height. I pulled my shoulders back and held my head high as I focused on his reaction to what I was about to say. “I am going to Georgia with you. This concerns my mother and my father, and I have every right to go.”

Standing to his six-foot-four height, Davian’s large frame towered over me. I thought for sure he was about to protest, but then, he cupped my cheek with his hand. “Make sure you’re packed and ready to go. We are leaving tonight.”

I had an argument against making me stay in Chicago, ready to go. Instead, I was speechless and couldn’t believe what Davian just said. “What did you say?”

“I said, we leave tonight, so have your things packed.”

I didn’t know what changed his mind, but I couldn’t have been happier. Wrapping my arms around his shoulders, I squeezed him as tight as my strength would allow. “Thank you for not fighting me on this.”

Just as I released my hold around his waist, ready to walk away from him and head upstairs to pack, the palm of Davian’s hand came down on my ass, which caused me to jump. I stopped in my tracks and turned my head. His beautiful blue eyes met mine, and an infectious grin spread across his face. “What the hell was that for?”

“A reminder that I’m the one who controls what happens to you. You’re lucky I didn’t take you over my knee.”

I should have been angry with his need to dominate every situation, but my body was telling me differently. All I could feel was the heat of desire moving like hot lava all the way to my core. I was about to protest when he took hold of my hand and pulled me against his body. “Now, do as I say, or it will be my pleasure to redden that beautiful ass of yours.”

Davian’s lips were on mine, only adding to the heat that was intensifying between my legs. If time had been on my side, I would have taken him with me upstairs. Breaking our connection. Davian’s gorgeous blue eyes met mine. “Pack light. We will only be gone for a couple of days.”

With his last request, I turned on my heels and headed to my room. The thought of him spanking me lingered on my mind, and I smiled at the erotic thought of him doing as he said. I knew that he would never hurt me, at least not in that sense.

Even though we would be back at Davian’s country home in a few days, I could tell that Mika was sad that we were leaving. That might have been the reason she had packed us a small container of the chocolate chip cookies that we had baked together. I think it was her way of telling me to think of her while we were gone.

Marcus pulled the SUV in front of the private jet, fully fueled and ready to go. With Davian’s help, I stepped out of the car, and my gaze fell on a large plane. In large red letters ‘Cross Enterprises,’ was painted on the side with a black cross emblem which intertwined with the C and E in a script-like fashion. The last time I rode on this plane, it was dark, and I hadn’t noticed the company logo. Smiling, I now knew one more thing about Davian. I made a mental note to research what Cross Enterprises was all about.

As we boarded the plane, Jeannie was standing by the door to greet us. It was nice to see her again—the situation was much better than the previous one. “Good evening, Mr. Cross, Ms. McCall. Your father has already boarded and is waiting for you in the conference area.”

I don’t know what I thought. Davian must have spoken to his father about flying to Georgia. Lorenzo might have been the reason I was here. Even though Lorenzo wasn’t part of the heated conversation between Davian and me, he knew about my mother and father. He was the one who demanded to see the letter.

Sitting near the window wasn’t a good idea. The last thing I wanted was events from my last airplane ride to happen again. I hated flying, but I looked forward to this flight. As I sat on the seat furthest away from the windows, Davian was behind me to assist me with my seatbelt. As I looked up, I saw concern written on his face, no doubt remembering my last flying episode. I was about to assure him I would be okay when Jeannie walked toward us, holding a small cup and a bottle of water.

Handing me the small cup, I looked down at the two little pills and wondered what they were. “What are these for?” I questioned as I looked between Davian and Jeannie.

“It’s Ativan. They will help you get through the flight,” Davian replied, his concerned expression still apparent.

Davian placed his hand over mine and took the small paper cup from my hand and held my hand so he could deposit the pills onto my palm. I had taken nothing while flying before. But maybe the tiny pills would make the flight more bearable. Dropping them into my mouth, I twisted the lid to the water and took a healthy sip.

Davian took the bottle of water from my hand and placed it inside the cup holder on the small table that separated the seats. Leaning closer with his hands resting on the armrest, he kissed the top of my head. “I need to speak to my father. Are you going to be all right?”

Nodding my head up and down, I let him know I would be fine. As I watched him walk away, Marcus and Calvin boarded the plane. Greeting me with a tip of their heads, they headed in the same direction as Davian.

As I watched the two men disappear being the paneled wall, I could feel the tiny pills already taking effect. It wasn’t long after that the engine of the plane roared. My head was fuzzy, so I rested it against the headrest. Instead of gripping the leather armrests between my fingers, they remained on my lap. Before the wheels left the runway, my eyes fluttered shut, and everything went dark.

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