The Perfect Wife

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Chapter Twenty-Three



After hanging up with Patton, every emotion possible ran through my veins.





Why would Reyna put herself in danger? Why would she leave the only place that would keep her safe? I knew why. Her fucking class registration form. If she had only waited, I would have gladly taken her there myself. Now, I was breaking every traffic law to get to her to bring her back to the Regency. Her ass would be the perfect shade of red once I got done with her.

Not giving a fuck, I pulled up to the administration building, taking up two of the designated parking spaces for GSU employees only. I didn’t plan on being here long enough for the college police to award me a fifty-dollar parking ticket.

With every step I took, I calculated the time that passed from when Patton left the apartment to check on Kenzi to the time he returned to find Reyna gone. I figured fifty minutes—twenty minutes for Patton plus the thirty minutes it took me to drive to the college. It was fifty minutes too long.

Every call I made to Reyna’s phone went to voicemail, which could only mean one of two things. Either she knew her ass would burn like fire or Salko found her. When I opened the door to the administration office, I knew I was too late. The only person visible was an older lady about fifty sitting behind a high counter. Taking a chance that I just missed Reyna and she was still on campus, I squared my knuckles and tapped them against the wood to grab the woman’s attention.

I read the name ‘Karen’ on her nametag as she headed my way. “Is there something I can help you with, sir?”

On the brink of losing it, I managed to force a smile. “I hope so. I believe Reyna McCall came to see you about her school schedule. I’m supposed to give her a ride home.”

“Oh, yes. We got Reyna enrolled in the classes she requested. She was so happy. I’m not sure how her class registration form got misplaced. I’m usually not that careless.”

As I continued to listen to her, my temperature was tipping closer and closer to boiling. “Would you, by chance, know if she had anything else to take care of before she left campus?”

“No…no. I don’t think so. She was in a hurry to get home. As a matter of fact, she almost forgot her phone. I had to run after her before she left.”

Thanking Karen, I headed out of the building. I pulled my phone from my pocket to call Reyna again. Just as the call went to voice mail, I caught a glimpse of her walking across campus. Her brown hair was blowing in waves as a man forcefully led her to a black limo parked on the street near the main entrance to the school.

Running like there was no tomorrow, I began yelling her name. “Reyna…”

She pulled against the man who was holding her arm and looked back. Her eyes met mine, and fire settled over me, making my insides twist. “Davian.”

The back door of the sedan opened and even though he didn’t step out, I would know that face anywhere. Rui Salko hadn’t changed. His cocky grin and stone-cold eyes stared back at me, just like that day, five years ago, when I accused him of killing Gwen.

Everything that mattered to me just drove away. I knew I had to do something. No way would I be able to catch them in the time it took me to run back to my car. Pulling my phone from my pocket, I dialed Patton.

I was rambling off demands before Patton could say a word. “Salko has Reyna. Track her phone. Get Axe and Sean on board. They are in a black Mercedes limo.”

I hung up after giving Patton all the information I had. Focused only on Reyna and the way she looked at me through the window, I neglected to get the plate number. Fuck. There was no doubt that she looked terrified. I had to get her back. Salko was a dead man.

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