The Perfect Wife

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Chapter Two



Davian returned with our drinks just as the DJ announced the last song and last call for alcohol. When I was in the middle of taking a long sip of my drink, Davian grabbed my hand, pulling me toward the dance floor. “Come on. We have to take advantage of the last song.”

The dance floor was jam-packed with so many bodies we had a hard time finding a place to stand. Our bodies were so close together that we were only able to move our feet from side to side. There were two guys behind me taking up more than their fair share of the dance floor, making their dance partners very annoyed. It was enough to make the two women leave the dance floor. The guys didn’t seem to notice as they continued to be obnoxious.

One of the guys accidentally ran into me, causing me to crash into Davian’s hard body. As the guy turned, I could tell he had more than his share of alcohol, given the way he looked down at me with his glazed eyes. Out of nowhere, his hand came around my waist, pulling me to his body. “Well, hello there, gorgeous.”

He was drunk, but even though he was harmless, Davian didn’t care. “Get your fucking hand off her, unless you want to lose it.”

Defenseless, the drunk guy put his hands up in surrender. “Sorry, man. I didn’t mean any disrespect.”

I didn’t suspect that Davian was a violent person, but the look he gave him said more. He was pissed. Before the song ended, Davian had me by the hand, dragging me off the floor.

“Davian, stop,” I shouted above the music, unable to keep up with him in heels.

“We’re getting out of here.” His grip was tightening on my hand.

I tried to pull free, but it was no use. He was much stronger than me. His steps were quick, and it was challenging to keep up with him in my four-inch heels. Davian only released my hand when we made it to the exit. Giving him an evil glare, I pulled my phone from the small purse that I draped over my shoulder. I had to let Kenzi know where I was. As I held the phone to my ear, my eyes went to Davian. I was still fuming that he led me out of the club the way he had. He had no right to treat the guy on the dance floor the way he did, nor did he have the right to drag me out of the bar like some kind of caveman.

No way was I leaving with him or without Kenzi. After three rings, she picked up, the music still blaring in the background. “Reyna, where are you?”

“I’m outside by the front door.”

“Okay, we will be right there.” She didn’t ask, and I didn’t tell her why I was standing outside.

My eyes remained on Davian as I slipped my phone inside my purse. “What is the matter with you?”

I tried to gauge his expression; clearly, he was pissed. “What would you have done if I wasn’t there? That guy was drunk. Who knows what he might have done to you?”

Davian might have been right, but his behavior was unacceptable. “He was harmless. Just like everyone else, he was having fun.”

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t see it that way. I saw him as a threat.”

As he stepped closer to me, something in his demeanor changed. Taking my hand, he looked down between us. “Guys like him are the reason I react the way I do. The last time a guy came onto a girl like that, it didn’t end so well for her. One of the staff found her in the alley half naked, raped, with no life remaining. So, excuse me if I seemed a little overprotective.”

“Do you know who the girl was?”

“Yeah, she was my fiancée.”

I felt like the guy was harmless, but that wasn’t to say that he wasn’t. No wonder Davian reacted the way he did. I squeezed his hand while my eyes remained on his. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

People were filing out of the bar, and my sights moved from Davian to the door. When Kenzi finally appeared, Kip was holding her hand, leading her out of the bar. I would never have thought those two were so close? The alcohol could have brought them together. The more I looked at them, it became clear they were a couple. They complimented each other in so many ways. My girlfriend and I needed to talk.

Kenzi stepped up to us, with Kip still holding her hand. “Hey, Reyna. Kip is going to ride with us. If that’s okay.”

“Sure. I have no problem with it.” After all, she drove.

I began walking with Kenzi and Kip to her car when Davian stopped my steps by placing his hand on my arm. When I turned to face him, I met his intoxicating eyes. “I want you to ride with me to your place. It will give me a chance to know where you live when I pick you up for dinner tonight.”

He was so sure of himself. I hadn’t accepted it or denied his dinner invitation. “I don’t think dinner would be possible.”

“One way or another, Reyna, I will have you.” There was a certainty in his voice. I was afraid that Davian Cross was a man who got what he wanted.

His woodsy cologne clouded my judgment as he lowered his head to my ear. “I always get what I want.”

His voice was powerful and demanding. The way he made my body feel, there was no doubt that he would get what he wanted. He was dangerous—a man who could break my heart in two. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to see where this would go. My body was telling me ‘yes’ while my head was telling me ‘no.’

Kenzi’s addiction to matchmaking chimed in. “How sweet of you, Davian. Reyna would love to go with you.”

It was them against me, leaving me with no chance of winning this argument. Kenzi and Kip walked away from us, and the distance between us began to widen. Davian took hold of my hand and led me in the opposite direction. I wasn’t sure where he parked, but based on the course he was leading me, it had to be toward the private parking area for VIP members of the club. They allowed only the members who paid a healthy annual fee access to the gated parking area.

Davian pulled his key fob from his pocket, and a newer BMW’s rear lights lit up. It was black and very sleek, unlike the ten-year-old Honda I drove. “What is it exactly that you do besides pick up women at bars?”

“A little bit of everything. And for the record, I didn’t pick you up. I knew we would be leaving together.” His words rolled off his lips so easily as he opened the passenger door.

Was it his plan all along?

The McCalls had more money than they knew what to do with, but at least I knew what my father did for a living. Crosby McCall inherited a family business that had to do with staffing corporations with highly qualified employees. Most of his business associations were abroad, so he spent most of his time in Europe. I would have loved to know more about his business, but he said it was a man’s world and no place for a woman. As much as it hurt me to hear him say those words, it didn’t stop me from majoring in business at GSU.

As soon as I slid inside Davian’s car, the smell of leather filled my senses. My eyes were glued to him as he rounded the car. Only after he had opened the door did my thoughts focus on putting my seatbelt on. Davian pushed the start button on the dash, and the engine began to purr. The sound was a far cry from when I started my Honda. Anyone within a mile radius could hear my Honda’s engine rumble.

Davian put the car into reverse before looking my way. “Which way, princess?”

Smiling, I said, “To the left, until you get near Georgia State University, then I let you know from there.”

Instead of jumping on the interstate, he began heading south. I realized that he was taking the long way toward the GSU. It didn’t make much sense unless he was taking the long way for a reason. “You know you could have taken the interstate. It would have been a lot quicker.”

“There’s a reason for taking the long way, Reyna. It allows me to spend more time with you.”

I wasn’t sure what his intentions were, but I didn’t argue. If anything, I could find out more about him. The four Whiskey Sours had given me the courage I needed to find out exactly what kind of man he was, and if he passed my test. Handsome, check. Impeccable taste, check. Successful, check. He met my first three musts. It was the cocky, arrogant personality of his that needed work. There was still so much more about him I wanted to know. Back at the bar, he mentioned his fiancée. It was a good a place as any to start. “So, how long were you engaged?” Or maybe not.

It was too late to take it back. Davian’s face became hard, and his jaw muscles cinched. “Two years.”

Even though he answered my question, I felt his resistance. Talking about his fiancée was a touchy subject, one I shouldn’t have opened with. I decided it was better to start with the basics and hit on the personal stuff another time. “So, have you lived in Georgia long?”

“You are full of questions, princess.” His eyes met mine before reverting to the street. “I’m originally from Chicago. I am only here for the duration of the project I am currently working on.”

“How exciting. What kind of project?”

Davian’s tension began to relax as he enlightened me. “My father and I are working on the design for the new Atlantis building. It will take two years to complete.”

It was clear he enjoyed talking about his work, so I pressed on. “You’re the one designing the new hotel/casino resort that is going up downtown? It looks like it will be a great addition to the city.”

“That it will. It has been a long time coming.”

As we continued to talk about my schooling and his recent project, it disappointed me when Davian pulled up to my apartment building. I didn’t want our conversation to end. Before opening my door, I turned to face him. While unbuckling my seatbelt, I said, “Thank you for the ride and the conversation.”

It was a perfect ending to a perfect night when he leaned over. His lips were on mine before I could open the door. The touch of his lips was more persuasive than I cared to admit. Not only could I not refuse to have dinner with him, but if he asked to walk me to my door, it wouldn’t have ended there.

Leaving my body burning with desire, he smoothed his thumb across my swollen lip. “I will pick you up for dinner at seven. Wear something nice, accessible.”

The effect of the kiss left me speechless as I struggled to find the handle to the door. Thankfully, I stepped out of the car without falling, my head swimming. Before I could close the door, he leaned over just far enough that I could see his face. “Sleep well, princess.”

As I entered my apartment, I remembered how lonely and quiet it was. I reminded myself that after tomorrow, or rather today, since it was well after midnight, Kenzi would be my new roomie. It only made sense. We were both struggling college students and sharing an apartment was the solution we needed. My wage at the coffee shop barely covered the rent, let alone food and other essentials. Thankfully, my father paid for the tuition, but only if I kept up my grades and my current job at the coffee shop. Kenzi had a better paying job than I did, working part-time for the district attorney. Once she finished undergraduate school, which would be next May, she still needed to complete three years of law school. Hopefully, she would get hired full time once she passed the bar. There was no reason for her to worry. She was super smart.

It was late, but although my bed was calling me, I had a hard time falling asleep. Having dinner with Davian consumed my thoughts. Adjusting my position, I closed my eyes and tried to think of something else, like how wonderful it would be to have Kenzi here.

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