The Perfect Wife

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Chapter Three



“How many more boxes do you have, Kenzi?” I didn’t know that moving Kenzi in would be such a chore.

“A couple more trips, and that should do it,” she said with a smile.

I swore she had more stuff than she needed. Her old apartment came furnished, so thankfully we didn’t have to contend with moving the furniture, other than her bed and a small dresser. Hopefully, it wouldn’t take us all morning to go through her things. Almost everything she had packed away, I already had. Dishes, pots, and pans, to name a few.

We were going through her boxes when a knock came at the door. Pushing to my feet, I put the dishes I pulled from a box on the coffee table. It didn’t surprise me to see Kip standing on the other side of the door. Kenzi informed me he would be over to help with the move. He drove a truck and volunteered to help move her bed and dresser since there was no way it would fit in either of our cars.

“Hey, Kip.” I heard Kenzi greet him from across the room.

“Hey, Zi,” he replied, using the shorter version of her name like they were best buddies.

Kip stepped past me like I was only there to open the door. “Hello to you too, Kip. Me, I’m just dandy.” I greeted myself since he neglected to.

His brows narrowed as confusion highlighted his face like I was speaking a foreign language. I didn’t know what it was about men. Sometimes they could be completely clueless. After closing the door, I walked over to the box I was in the process of emptying. Kip and Kenzi were giggling like two teenagers, looking at a scrapbook she held open. Wanting to share their laughter, I asked, “What are you guys looking at?”

Kenzi flipped the book in my direction, showing me two pages of her as a little girl in different dress-up outfits feeding her stuffed animals fruit loops. Even I had to admit that she was pretty darn cute when she was young. It was hard to believe that she traded the dresses she wore back then for jeans. Like me, she didn’t have any brothers or sisters, which would explain her companionship with stuffed animals. I wasn’t sure how she ended up being a tomboy.

Grabbing one of the empty boxes, I began setting the items she didn’t need inside. Kenzi and Kip decided to start unpacking the boxes in Kenzi’s room while I continued to pack the items I didn’t think she needed since I already had them. There were a few things I wasn’t sure about, so instead of yelling at her, I decided to head to her room and ask her about them. Holding a small box of miscellaneous notes and cards in one hand and a bag of stuffed animals in the other, I walked to the end of the hall where her new room was.

I pushed open the door to find Kenzi and Kip embraced in a heated kiss. I guess I underestimated how much they liked each other. Avoiding an awkward situation, I backed away from the door and went back to the living room. A knot began to tighten in my stomach as I thought about the kiss Davian left me with last night when he told me he would be here at seven to pick me up.

Digging my cell from my pocket, I saw it was approaching one o’clock. I still had plenty of time to get ready. As I continued to unpack Kenzi’s thing, the thought of Davian and dinner didn’t escape my mind. What did he see in me? There was nothing special about me. I hated the way I looked. My hair never did what I wanted. It was always too curly or not curly enough. There were times I just wanted to cut it off, but it would only draw attention to the imperfections on my face. My nose was much too small, and my lips were too full. I definitely had my mother’s eyes, which was good, and with the right amount of liner and mascara, they became the focal point of my face. I didn’t know my father, so I assumed the rest of my traits came from him.

Skating away from my insecurity, I opened another box. When I looked inside, it didn’t surprise me to find more stuffed animals. For a tomboy, it surprised me that she was so into the furry things. Adding them to the bag, I broke down the box and placed it on top of the others.

I had nearly all the boxes emptied and broken down when Kenzi and Kip stepped out of her room. The way they looked told me they were doing more than just unpacking her things. Kenzi’s once perfect bun was askew, and Kip’s button-up shirt appeared misbuttoned—both looked sated and guilty as hell.

Pushing to my feet, I gave them a mischievous grin. “I’m going to take a shower.”

Kip and Kenzi move to one side of the hall so I could pass. Before I opened the door to my room, Kenzi blurted, “Thank you for unpacking the rest of the boxes.”

Smiling, I replied, “You’ll need to go through the things near the front door. Hopefully, you will get rid of some of those fur babies I bagged.”

I could barely hear her response but knew she wasn’t going to take my advice.

Kenzi sat on the bed, keeping me company while I got ready for my date with Davian. “So, where is he going to be taking you?”

Looking at my reflection, I stared back at her. “I’m not sure. All he said was to wear something nice.” What I neglected to tell her was the word accessible was also part of his request.

“Well, I’m sure he is going to love what you’re wearing.”

Tying the belt that held my wrap dress in place into a classic bow, I debated whether or not this dress was the right choice. “Maybe I should change.”

“Don’t you dare. You look amazing. Showing a little cleavage is sexy.” Kenzi pushed from the bed and moved to stand behind me. “Something is missing.”

“Missing?” I turn to the right and then the left, inspecting the dress.

I watched, confused, from the mirror as she walked out of my room. Moments later, she returned carrying a small box. Pulling something from the velvet, she held it up. “Here. It will look perfect on you.”

Gazing at the pendent she held in her hand, it was beautiful. The brilliant green of the emerald matched my dress perfectly, and the diamonds that surrounded the teardrop stone fit together nicely with the stud diamond earrings I chose to wear. “It’s beautiful, Kenzi. Will you help me put it on?”

Removing the locket that had never once left my neck, I placed in it inside the velvet bag and slipped it inside my purse. Kenzi stepped behind me and clasped the necklace. The chain was just the right length, falling an inch below my collarbone. Kenzi was right. The pendant completed my outfit. Turning from the mirror, we headed out of my room to the kitchen. There were still thirty minutes until Davian would be knocking at the door. I was super nervous, to say the least, and Kenzi could see it. “How about a glass of wine before Davian comes to get you?”

“Do I look that nervous?” I asked, taking a sip of the wine Kenzi had already poured.

“You look scared to death.” Kenzi never held back how she felt, but she was right. I’ve never been on an actual date, and the fact that Davian was intimidating as hell didn’t help the situation.

My nerves went into panic mode as a knock came at the door, which caused us both to jump. Downing the rest of my wine, I slid off my chair, hoping that Davian wouldn’t be able to pick up on my nervousness. Smoothing out my dress, I walked to the door. My hand rested on the doorknob as I took a deep breath. Here goes nothing. Davian stood, more handsome than ever, on the other side of the door. All I could do was stare. He was perfection at its finest in his tailored dark gray suit, crisp white shirt, and no tie. He was the epitome of gorgeousness and every woman’s dream. I was so focused on the way he looked that I didn’t notice the single white rose he held between his fingers until he leaned in. “You look absolutely gorgeous.”

His lips met my cheek, leaving me tingling all over. How could a man have such an effect on me? I took the rose from him with a shaky hand as he held it out to me. “Please come in. I’ll put this in a vase.”

Kenzi was still standing behind the counter with her mouth gaping open. She was awestruck with Davian, just like me. Rounding the counter, I bumped her hip with mine, which released her from the stare she had on him. “Do you remember where we put that small vase?”

Kenzi didn’t move from her position as she pointed to the cupboard above the fridge. I wished we had chosen a different place to store it. The cupboard was too high to reach even in my five-inch heels. While I was searching for the stepstool that would give me the height I needed, Davian came around the counter and opened the cupboard with no problem. Even in my heels, he had at least six inches on me.

When he handed me a tall vase for a single rose, I smiled and said, “Thank you,” before walking over to the sink and filling it with water. I could feel his eyes burn into my back as I placed the vase on the counter. When I turned to face him, not only were his eyes on me, but a mischievous grin outlined his perfect features.

Davian pulled me close and leaned in. “You look good enough to eat.”

Thankfully, Kenzi couldn’t hear him or see the effect his words had on me since she had already made herself comfortable on the couch. There was no way I would get through the night if he continued with his suggestive comments. My body was on fire, and if we didn’t leave soon, I would be all over him.

Needing a reprieve, I widened the distance between and rounded the counter to grab the purse I hung on the back of the barstool. Before I could tell Kenzi goodbye, Davian intervened. “Lock the door behind us, Kenzi.”

“Bossy, much?” I asked, receiving an annoying glare from Kenzi and then him.

Davian pulled the door closed and waited until he heard the lock engage. When he heard the click of the lock, we headed toward the elevator. His domineering persona was sexy as hell as he placed his hand on my lower back, nudging me along. I wondered if he always got his way.

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