My Warrior

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When a Fighter named The Warrior ends up with a girl called Opal in his arms, He had sweared he wasn't going to fall in love again. She had escaped from the clutches of her boyfriend the last thing she remembers is The Warrior holding her and how much difference he felt. To part ways never knowing that fate would bring them back together.

Sarah Melville
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Chapter 1

The rain was thrashing down and she was soaked through to the bones. The light blouse she had worn showed her white bra through it and the pencil skirt clung to her thighs as she dashed along the sidewalk. There had never been rain this heavy before it was like rivers were running down the streets.

The light ballet pumps she was wearing didn't matter anymore and the tears that were streaming down her face couldn't be seen by anyone.

Running as fast as she could to get away from him, she didn't care anymore... she had got away from him, got out, escaped. He had held her for the last six months locked in a room not letting her go out. Everytime he was home he let her out but only after he had made sure all the windows and doors were locked.

Her legs were tired and her Lungs sore but she kept running, she knew he wouldn't be far behind her especially if she stopped.

Finally reaching a place where a door was slightly ajar she pushed through it without even checking what the place was.. I mean nothing could be anything worse that what she had escaped.

Totally out of breath she sinks down on the back of the door.

"Please god don't let him know I'm in here."

Her head is dropped between her knees which she has brought hugging them, crying.

"Please god, please, please. don't let him find me."

She hears splashing as footsteps run past. Holding her breath and trying to listen to see if they keep on going. She can't tell with the noise of the rain beating down outside the door.

Silently praying to herself. She had carefully planned the escape, gained Garath's trust before she ran off, unfortunately for her it didn't take him long to realise she had escaped out of her room window.

You see every time it came for her to be locked back up in her room Garath would make her strip naked and he would check her and the clothes she had on before he allowed her back in the room. She hated him touching her but she had risked it for her escape.

She had been on her period the only time she gets a bit more privacy recently.

In the house as she cooked the meal in the kitchen under his watch, he had begun to relax when she was out of her room as she hadn't given him any reason to now not trust her enough to go to the toilet herself. Yes it does sound pretty horrible but that was the way he was.

This time when she went to change herself, the tampon she had inserted held her secret to getting her out.

A little bit of a risk for her but he was less thorough with the searching during her period.
She had found a small hair pin, she didn't know who's it was, maybe a cleaners but she slipped it into the centre of the tampon before she inserted it. She didn't know if it would work but it was a ray of hope for her.

Acting as normal as she could she continued the last five minutes of her time before she was led up the stairs and instructed to strip as normal. Noticing that she was on he doesn't touch there, and let's her go back into her room before he locked the door on her.

Hearing his footsteps walk away, she waited five minutes before going to the small bathroom she has attached to her room and removed the pin from the tampon, replacing a new one in.

Keeping the pin hidden she tried every time she was locked in the room to pick the window lock. It was the morning the rain was coming down heavily that the lock clicked open and she found herself free. Well almost.

She smiled to herself as the fresh air came in through the window with the freshness of the rain. She hadn't felt the rain on her skin since before she had met Garath and he trapped her in his house.

He was the perfect gentleman when she met him, to the point of where she wondered what was wrong with him. three months into the relationship he had coxed her to come live with him. When she agreed he was over the moon and made her so happy. It all changed within a week of her being there.

Now with her escape she put the simplest shoes on as she knew she would be running. She didn't know where to, and with no money or anything she didn't know how far she would get

The fear of what would happen if he found her? Would she be then chained up inside under lock and key with no future of escape.

Garath only ever allowed her to have a simple white blouse and pencil skirts, he couldn't stand her looking any other way. She had to where that when she woke till she went to bed.
Sitting crying silently behind the door she had slipped behind praying that he wouldn't find her.

She had shut the door when she came in, she now realises she didn't know where she was. Looking up and around the place it was a large passageway leading to the next door.

Now wondering if she should get up and see what is behind the door. She wipes her face and stands up on shaky legs. Still sore from her running she rests against the cool wall as she felt dizzy when she stood up.

He's shouting her name, he's close by.

She talks to herself. "Move it girl, make your legs walk."

As she makes her way down the corridor and to the next door she rests her hand on the handle just about to go through when the front door she had come through opened and there he stood, rain dripping down off his soaked hair and clothes

Her heartbeat raised up about a hundred times a minute as she fumbled with the door handle, panic setting in over her body as he started walking towards her.

"You're coming back home darling, you know you have been a very naughty girl. I hope you look forward to the punishment I have set out for you."

He makes a move to grab her and all she could do was scream.


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