Take Another Chance

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After being blindsided by her husband’s request for a divorce, Grace vows that raising her daughters must come first. She throws herself into her teaching job and puts romance on the back burner. Heck, it leaves the building completely – until a few years later when Doug enters her life. He’s a local bachelor by day and heroic police officer by night. He finds himself being captured by the soft-spoken single mother of two grown children. Grace’s quiet strength attracts him as much as her apparent self-blindness to her own womanly beauty. Yes, she’s certainly not his usual Blond Balboa Beach Babe choice. When Grace and Doug first meet, there is an instant mutual attraction that Grace immediately fends off. Having been in a relationship where there was little she did that was right (according to her ex) she wasn’t sure she’d be a good match for anyone. Especially the virile male standing right in front of her. But it was sure fun to fantasize about. Doug is persistent and finally gets Grace to agree to a date. And what a date it is! Sparks fly for both of them. Their friendship deepens rapidly over several weeks. Doug surprises himself by realizing that he’s falling in love, for the first time in his life. And then unexpected circumstances in both their lives throw up roadblocks to their growing romance. Enjoy this feel-good binge-worthy tale of love, redemption, and hope.

Romance / Other
Pat Adeff-Fifield
4.8 31 reviews
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Take Another Chance

A Sweet Romance

Book 1 in the

Second Chances Do Happen Series


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