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Jesse Hanson had everything she wanted in her San Fransisco lifestyle. The perfect boyfriend. The perfect job. The perfect apartment. When it all came crashing down she exiled herself in a cabin on the outskirts of a small town in the California Redwoods. There she met two men who were polar opposites, but each one had a pull that she couldn't deny, forcing them all to make choices about the future.

Romance / Drama
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I sat on the balcony of my high rise apartment and looked out over the city. I sipped my coffee and a feeling of contentment spread through me.

"Hey babe, do you know where my wallet is?"

I perked up at hearing Liam’s voice. I stood and made my way back inside. "Is it in your jacket from yesterday?"

Liam stuck his hands in the pockets of the jacket he wore the day before, "No, why would it- oh…” Liam rolled his eyes, his wallet in his hand.

He gave me a quick kiss before heading out the door. "Love you!" he hollered as he walked out of he apartment.

"Love you too," I replied before setting down my coffee and making my way in to get dressed. Liam has been less attentive lately, work had been crazy with new deals coming in all the time. It irritated me but I knew he was working hard to make our dreams a reality and I was looking forward to getting some time with him this weekend.

I looked around at our apartment and let out a happy sigh. It was modern and sleek. White walls with hardwood floors and metal accents. Chrome and glass covered the kitchen and the whole living area was swimming in light from the floor to ceiling windows that lined the back wall. I walked into the bedroom and got dressed for the day in my expensive designer brand clothing. I threw on some black pumps and made my way to work as well.

I had graduated top of my class from Yale Law and had gotten a job as a corporate lawyer for a company here in San Fransisco. I loved my job and had worked my way up in the company.

“Good morning, Kathy!” I sang, handing the receptionist a coffee. If there was one thing I knew it was that you always need to be on the good side of the receptionists.

“Oh, bless you dear!” Kathy was a middle aged woman and one of the sweetest beings I had ever met, at least here in San Francisco anyway.

“Any messages for me?”

“Nope, but I know Mr. Thomas was looking for you.”

I smiled, “Thank you!” I made my way to my office and sat down at my desk to do a few things before wandering to find Mr. Thomas.”

My head snapped up when there was a tap on the door. “Hey Jess, do you have a minute?”

James Thomas was an older man, he had worked as the lead attorney for the company since the beginning and the rumor was that he was retiring. He was a nice man and had taken me under his wing when I first started working here.

“Of course, come in!”

Mr. Thomas sat down and gave me a smile, “I know you’ve heard the rumors. I’ll just say it, I’m retiring. It’ll be at the end of the month. But I wanted you to know that I recommended you for the position. You’ve done so well and can run circles around these other guys.”

I sat in shock, absolutely speechless. When I finally came back to reality I managed to stutter, “I-uh thank you, Mr. Thomas! I don’t know what to say.”

“You deserve it,” he replied with a smile. “Show them what you’re made of.”

I was walking on air the rest of the day. I went home and changed into something more comfortable before making dinner. I decided to make something fancy to celebrate my impending promotion. In the middle of cooking Liam walked in, talking on the phone as usual. He went into the bedroom and came out a half hour later, changed and finally off the phone.

“Hey babe.” He gave me a kiss on the cheek as he walked past to get a drink of water.

“Hey! Go sit down, I’m almost done with dinner. I have some big news.”

“Oh really?” He replied flatly, grabbing a bottle of wine from the cooler.

I placed our plates on the table and sat down across from Liam, barely able to control my excitement.

We began eating and I started in on my news. “So.. James Thomas met with me this morning. Apparently the rumors that he’s retiring are correct. Guess who he recommended as his replacement?!” I just about yelled.

Liam looked up, his face full of shock, “Jess, that’s awesome!"

I beamed, "It is! I can't believe it's happening! I didn't think it would happen so soon."

Liam looked down at his food again and took a bite, "You deserve this. You’ve worked so hard.”

I beamed, glad he was excited for me.

That night as I laid naked in his arms I smiled, life was perfect. Everything was falling into place. The goals I had made were beginning to unfold.

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