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The trouble between matchmaking and love

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Spencer Martins is not the kind of girl to back out of a challenge. So when her friend 'dares' her to be her matchmaker, she accepts and sets out on a quest to find Mr. Right. But in the process of searching, Spencer finds herself pulled into the drama of love and in the most unexpected places

Romance / Humor
Alexa Black
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Spencer has never been a huge fan of romantic films. So what was she doing here? Slowly losing her mind sitting down here with unluckily for her, the die-hard fans of the roms.

The movie theater was packed with a lot of hormonal teenage girls. Apparently, the movie was a big hit to be released and everyone just wanted to watch it today. Tickets were hard to get. Trust Alyssa to have booked before time and spring it on them.

The couple in the big screen just confessed their love to each other and now were kissing ‘romantically’ in public where everyone could see them. she could hear the sighs of many people and a couple of faint awes.

Gosh? She needed to escape right now and use the restroom. But she couldn’t. Her sides were still giving a faint buzz of pain from where Alyssa pinched her. She looked to her right. Alyssa was intently watching the screen. Was she ... crying? Spencer groaned inwardly. Loudly would have received glares like last time.

She looked to her left. Chloe was munching her popcorn happily. She could see the heart shaped in her eyes. She sighed quietly. She did not want to be pulled back down by her hair again. That really hurts like a bitch.

So she waited for the movie to end. Patiently she held on until finally, the final scene played and the credits started to play. She could cry right now. She could now leave without been attacked. She didn’t even wait and particular ran out of there to the restroom.

It didn’t take her long to finish her business. After that, she exited the cinema and waited by the front of it for her friends to come. She breathed in the night air. Suddenly, Alyssa stood in front of her and glared at her.

“come on I really needed to pee”. She didn’t want the lecture. Alyssa looked at her intently to see if she was lying. She stared until she was satisfied. Then she wiggled her eyebrows, “sooo, what did you think of the movie”

Spencer gave her a deadpan look. Seriously? “come on Spence”. Alyssa cried out “What was so bad about this one”

“it was the same old plot repeated every single time”

“no it wasn’t”

“yes it was. Boy meets girl. They fall in love...” she raised a leg and formed a heart shape with her hands under her chin” “... the end.” Did she really need to ask? She had nothing against romance just the same repeated plot that Alyssa just seemed to love. Alyssa looked annoyed and Chloe giggled.

“there was more to the story than that”

“oh really, I didn’t notice”

Alyssa sighed, “you are a sadist. How are you supposed to find a boyfriend if you are this cynical?”

Spencer shrugged, “I don’t need one. I mean look at Jake. You two just started dating and I still pity Jake everyday on your behalf. We just have to live with some things. Don’t we Chloe?”

Alyssa pouted. Chloe shook her head with small chuckles. She patted Alyssa’s shoulder in comfort. “Don’t worry boo. You and I can laugh in victory the day she becomes love struck”

That seemed to comfort since Alyssa gave her a resilient look. Spencer did not want to know what she was thinking there. She was about to comment when Chloe clapped her hands. “now that is settled. We shall proceed to the next order of business”

“which is...” she and Alyssa said.

“dinner. I found this cute diner close to the cinema. Let’s try it out.” Alyssa agreed immediately even though she had a large size of popcorn and coke. She realized they were waiting for her answer. She pretended to think about, slowly drawing out time until Chloe smacked her. She rubbed the back of her head and mumbled an agreement.

They walked there since Chloe said it wasn’t too far. Even though she wanted to stay in like always on sleepovers, she wasn’t having a bad time with them. Besides it wasn’t like she had a choice, Alyssa wanted to go watch a movie and Chloe sided with her. They practically dragged Spencer against her will to the cinema.

They reached the dinner in a few minutes and entered inside. She liked the vibe of the place already. It looked cozy and clean. Now she hoped the food was nice to top it all up.

“let’s sit at the back” Chloe said. She didn’t wait for their reply and started moving there. Okay? Spencer looked at Alyssa and Alyssa just shrugged at her.

“Someone must be hungry” she mused.

“come on Spence. Last one is a rotten egg” Alyssa then ran, well started walking faster. She scoffed but quickened her pace. She caught up with Alyssa and they both raced each other until they reached Chloe.

Chloe was just standing by a table, staring intently at something. She looked at her confused until she followed her line of sight. Then she saw it too.

Right there a table at the corner was occupied. Jake and Mia were kissing each other deeply, unaware of their surroundings.

She turned to look at Alyssa who was looking at them with her hands to her side. Her hands formed a tight fist that they started to turn white. her eyes were glistening with unshed tears

Spencer turned back to the traitors. “what the hell is going on here?” the two of them jumped apart from the sound of her voice. Mia turned red and refused to look at any of them. Jake. Brave Jake stepped forward towards them. He looked guilty and slightly panicked.

Things were about to get pretty ugly.

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