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The trouble between matchmaking and love

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Chapter One

Spencer was 85% sure that the secretary was reading something really inappropriate. She could have left it at funny but something about her laugh just was not right.

The secretary looked up from her tab screen and her eyes met with Spencer’s. Spencer raised her eyebrows. Her suspicious were confirmed as the woman flushed under her gaze and dropped her tablet stiffly on her desk. From then on, she went back to work, occasionally sparing glances at Spencer.

Spencer sighed. she was bored out of her mind. She had been sitting here for several minutes, the chair was uncomfortable and her ass was hurting.

The block really needed an upgrade. The paints on the wall were staring to peel and the chairs felt like they were sent from hell. She really didn’t like waiting here wherever she was summoned here.

The door in front of her opened and Kevin walked out of the room. he grinned when he saw her. “back again”

Spencer shrugged. “they just seem to love me a lot”. He laughed and high-fived her before walking out of the office. She heard a ‘see you in detention’ before he disappeared into the hallway.

She stood up and went to the closed door. She knocked and entered when she heard a ‘come in.’

He was writing on the document before he looked up and saw her. “Miss Martins” his eyes sharp held an exasperated look with a hint of amusement as he regarded her.

“please have a seat” he motioned to the chair directly in front of him. Here goes nothing she closed the door behind her and went to sit down on the chair.

“I have had complaints about you this week. One anonymous reports of you vandalizing school property. As you well know is against the school rules.” Principal Willis gave her a pointed look. Too bad it wasn’t too effective since she was received fiercer looks from her dad.

She smiled at him. “sir I didn’t do such a thing. Also all these reports can’t be valid without substantial proof of my involvement.”

He eyed her concern. “yes it would seem so since there was no proof to the claim.”

“then why am I here”

he adjusted his glasses and looked at a paper in front of him. “you are also here concerning you were terrorizing a student.”

she gasped. “sir terrorism is a strong word and I did no such thing”

“I have several eyewitnesses from this morning. One being Mr. Baldwin who reported the matter. As he said, he walked into the class and heard you were quite verbally aggressive towards Miss Jacobs.”

“sir that is not terrorizing anyone”

“then what was it then?”

“I would say expression of human rights against the unjust.”

he gave her a blank look. “miss Martins. Aren’t you tired of these meetings?”

She shrugged. She was but that doesn’t mean it will make any difference. She knows it and he knows it and here they are again. He rubbed his nose and ran his hand over his face. He looked at her intently until he gave up. He sighed and passed her a detention slip.

She smiled at him and took the paper and stood up to leave. As she was about to exit the door, he called her name.


“keep your business on the low. I don’t want to see you here until many weeks to come. Understood?”

She saluted at him. “crystal clear sir”

She heard his faint chuckles as she closed the door. She looked down at the paper and saw she had detention after school. She shrugged. At least they couldn’t find evidence of the vandalism.

The bell rang and she realized it was time for lunch. She tucked the detention slip in her pockets, straighten her tote bag on her shoulders and busted into the hallways.

The hallways were a little crowded. She pushed her way through and finally got to her locker. She opened it and was putting her things in when she felt someone poke her on her sides. she jumped slightly and turned to glare at the offender.

Blake leaned against the locker besides her and grinned at her. “whats up doc?”

“do you have a death wish?”

He rose his hands in surrender. “its not my fault you are so ticklish”

“and it’s not my fault you were the fastest sperm but we just have to accept some things”

He pouted. “you’re mean”

“and the sky is blue.” She deadpanned.

She closed her locker and turned to him. “I don’t know about you but I’m starving. Are you ready to go?” she started walking to the cafeteria.

He sighed and followed after her. “you do know the only reason I’m here is because of you”.

“aww ...” she pinched his cheek for good measures and he slapped her hand away. “...Couldn’t wait to have to your dose of my awesomeness?” she teased.

He rolled his eyes and she laughed cheerily. They reached the cafeteria and lined up for their food. She grabbed some fries and chicken nuggets with a can of coke to go.

They searched for their friends and found them today at the stairs. She started to go there when someone bumped into her hard. She almost dropped her whole tray on the floor, some of her fries spilled and her can fell on the ground.

“I’m so sorry” the offender said as she was trying to stop the rest of her fries from falling to the ground. She managed to balance the tray when her coke was put in front of her face.

She stopped up and saw the offender looking holding it out to her. What was his name again? Ron, Ray? She didn’t remember. He was still apologizing she thinks? It was hard to say when he was talking so fast.

But all she could really see where her almost half lunch. She was not happy. Should she just be a decent human being and let it go normally? Nope. She took the can from him and placed it on her tray then she snapped her fingers in front of his face. He shut up when she did it.

“look Ray...?”

“Ryan” he said biting his lips “my name is Ryan. We have History together”

They did? She shook her head “Ryan, ray, sunshine, I don’t care. Do you know what you just did?”

“I ... bumped into you?”

“and...” she motioned for him to continue.

“I don’t know. I also lost you your lunch”

“correction: you lost me half of my lunch” she pointed to the ground where her precious food.

“sorry I will pay you another one. I’m really...”

“but what about them?” she interrupted. Ryan looked at her confused. “them”

“yes them” she motioned to them on the ground. “you ruined them. now they will never get the chance to do their main purpose in life, to be in my stomach and give me food orgasm”

Blake coughed beside her trying to not laugh out loud. She ignored him and focused on Ryan. He looked like he wanted to laugh but he lost his expression when she glared at him “now they will be put into the trash and if there are lucky, some dog will pity them and eat them. you ruined them, their destiny. After you have ruined them, you want to replace them?”

Ryan just looked lost for words. He didn’t know if she was joking or being serious from his expression. She was really holding herself not to laugh. She decided she had even fun already. Justice has been served.

“no I don’t want your fries. I just need you to be sorry. OK?”

He didn’t respond. She snapped her fingers again. “OK?”


She nodded at him and proceeded on her way, holding herself together. Blake was not doing a good job at that. She realized as she got to her friends that they have been watching the whole interaction. She sat down beside Chloe and placed her food on the table. “what’s up guys?”

“what was that all about? He looked as if he wanted to piss his pants” Chloe asked.

“just Penny being mean and melodramatic at the same time” Blake chuckled and shook his head.

“what did she do?”

Blake proceeded to tell them the story, indicating she was mean to him and all such rubbish.

Alyssa gave her a pointed look, “that wasn’t nice”

“he spilled my food” she cried out.

“by accident. you should have been a nice ‘normal’ person and told him to forget about it or accepted his offer to repay your lunch”

“now where the fun in that?” she shrugged.

Alyssa sighed, “You could have at least let him know you were joking but no. Now another person in this school thinks you are a lunatic”

“it just builds up my reputation” she grinned.

Alyssa scoffed. Chloe joined. “the poor guy probably wondering what the hell happened right now. Not knowing you were messing with him.”

“exactly the point not to mention he was cute” they both grieved. She groaned, not this again. Where is her savior right now? She looked around his usual table and then noticed he was missing. “where’s Tristan?”

Chloe answered, “Tristan went off to God knows where with his new favor of the month. He’s not with his buddies so probably he is whoring away with her somewhere” He did have an issue of keeping it in his pants. Spencer wondered who his new play toy is this time.

Blake turned to her “by the way I forgot to ask, how did it go?”

She already knew what it was. She sighed. “detention after school”

Blake raised an eyebrow. “only?”

“I was accused as vandalizing school property which of course wasn’t me. Then I got just got detention.”

Alyssa looked at her, “I told you to leave it alone”

“you know I couldn’t do that” the bitch Hailey had to be put in place. She made sure of that. Alyssa sighed. she grumbled about why she was friends with her. Spencer smiled knowing that Alyssa was secretly grateful to her.

They ate in silence until the bell rang. They left together and separated in the hallways.

She went to get some things from her locker for her English class. She was headed that way when she saw Jake by his locker. He must have felt her eyes and turned to look at her direction. He looked hopeful and gave her a hesitant wave.

She gave him a blank stare and passed him with saying a word to him.

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