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The Perfect Husband: A Short Story

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I admit it. I'm a terrible wife. I cheated on my husband. I knew it was wrong, but I did it anyway. I regret the whole afair. My husband was nothing but good to me. He never hurt me. He always took care of me. He's perfect and amazing. And I'm not.. I failed at even being faithful and loyal to him. But when he found out what I did, his reaction surprised me..

Romance / Other
Glory Legaspi
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The Perfect Husband

Why did I do it? Why did I do it?

The question drilled my mind as I continued to run away in the pouring rain. Flashes of lighting filled the air, and thunder sounded in the distance, but the storm outside was no match for the storm in my heart and mind.

I really messed up this time. Why did I do it? Why did I cheat on him? When he was only good to me. I'm a bad person, a cheater. I can't even be loyal. That's how terrible I am. I regret everything. Why did I do it? What's wrong with me? I'm a terrible person.

"Lovely! Come back!" My name. His voice. I hear him calling for me. He's pursuing me. I turned around to look and saw him far behind me. He wore a warm, thick raincoat and held a sturdy umbrella up as protection against the wind and rain.

"Where are you going? You get sick easily and it's raining. " Instead of a harsh tone that I deserve, His voice was gentle and kind, filled with genuine concern and love. "Let's go home. We can warm up with some fresh soup."

Home. Food. Safety. How I long to go back. But I know I don't deserve it after what I did.. I looked away to the muddy earth, avoiding his graze. "I'm sorry. " I chocked on words. "I.. I am the worse wife. All you needed was for me to be faithful and loyal, and I couldn't even do that. I slept with someone else. What I did is unforgivable. " I turned around, away from him.

From behind me, I heard the sound of splashing puddles, and footsteps. He's probably walking away. I know after what I did, this is what I deserve. I went too far this time.

"I forgive you. "

His voice was closer than ever before, like a comforting whisper in my ear. His umbrella shielded me from the rain, and I felt the warmth of his closeness. I faced him, his eyes were gentle and caring. "I forgive you." He said it again, pure sweet love filled his every word. In comparison, the pain of guilt, the heartbreak of what I did panged in my heart.

The guilt was so strong, I took a step back from my love, getting back into the harsh rainy storm. I felt the wind blow against me, threatening to knock me out of balance.

"But I wronged you!" I almost screamed against the wind. "I did somthing so bad! I cheated on you! I should have known better! I don't deserve your forgiveness. " I started to cry, tears streaming down my checks, the salty tears mixing in with the fresh new rain. "You're too good. I don't deserve you. I don't deserve you. How can you forgive someone as bad as me? "

"Because." He took another step forward, umbrella shielding me again from the harsh storm. His hand wiped away the tears from my eyes, and moved the wet hairs away from my face. He smiled kindly, his warm gaze resting on me. "Because I love you."

I shivered a bit from his words. Both from the cold and the weight of his words. In response, he took off his warm raincoat and warped it over my back, covering my body and warming me up. I held his jacket close to me, taking in the comfort.

"I love you so much." He continued "I always have. And I always will."

Even though I cheated, he still cares about me. His kindness, compassion, mercy, and love melted my heart. "I love you too." I said from the bottom of my heart. Despite everything I did, he's still as loving to me as the first day we met. Even though I don't deserve it, He's still so good to me. "You're so amazingly good. I try my best to be as good as you, but it's so hard. And I followed the wrong person, one thing lead to another, and I failed. Big time. I learned my lesson the hard way."

I sighed. "But I'm gonna stay close to you from now on. I will do my best to be good like you, because I love you too. And I wanna be good for you."

"And I'll help you and support you. You'll never be alone. I'll be here by your side, every step of the way" He smiled and opened up his arms. I jumped into his warm embrace. We held each other tightly, his strong muscular arms protected my weaker frame. Peace filled my heart once again. Even the storm outside was slowly dying down as we clinged to each other, just enjoying each other's presence.

I remember the last thing he said to me about this. I remember it as clear as I remember how to type or how to read. It was as simple and light as a breathe and as joyful as the fresh happy aroma that filled the air after the storm . The simplest things can make the biggest impression, and the final words to this story are the same.

He said this simple words.

"Now, let's go home, where we both belong. Dad and everyone else are waiting for us. "

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