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"Ok, you want some time to answer, I give you time till your bus comes" Danielle said to Daviss. She somewhere knew what she wanted to say. That's the point, will she say yesss!!! or just like the last time would she back out from being confined in a relation. Stay tuned to know more about "HIGHSCHOOL SWEETHEARTS"; Daviss and Danielle.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 (Daviss)

Ok it wasn't the very first day of my school when my story began. I am Daviss and i am a very talented student and mind you am not self glorifying myself, this is what everyone else says about me. Well i have the best grades in my class. I participate in all the extracurricular activity and juniors and seniors all know who i am . So i can say am quite famous in my school.

The prayer bell rang and that meant i had to rush to the ground floor to sing the prayer, well that's quite a workout. After the prayer ended, our English Teacher Mrs. Indrani came to me and told ,"Daviss i wanted you to come to the library in the first period if you are interested to audition for the english drama".I said "Ofcourse mam, I will be there." Well let me tell you the reason i agreed to my eng teacher for the drama was my childhood crush Ryan who was there too. I went to the library and there was already a crowd of students who got selected and some who were there to audition. Our teachers came and i think the first thing in Mrs. Indrani' s mind was to audition me, but let me tell you however nervous i be, i never let anyone see through me. She gave me my dialogues and i started. my first line was "Salaam bibi saheba salaam", and with that i can already see the air in the library changed and i confidently threw my lines. Mrs. Indrani sent the other kids back and hurray! i was selected. I saw Ryan talking to his friends in the play and appreciated myself for such a great idea to join the play. Yes i wanted to join the play and opportunity came flying to me. LOL.
I got the lead role of MARZINNA, yes the play was "ALIBABA AND MARZINNA". My little sister Princy was also in the play. She loved me the most . The whole school knew we sisters are real good students and boy! we had some swag. We both were the type of girls that dreamt of going to army, so i guess you now have an idea that we were not totally like the typical too feminine girls. Talking about looks , we both had some similarities, she was skinny, round face, doe eyes, and with serious attitude towards people outside family. While i was not too skinny , oval face , same eyes and bubbly smile and i was serious in places i wanted to be otherwise i was kinda cool dude. Yeah i still have to admit me and my family had anger in our genes. Well lets get back to the school library.
I saw a skinny boy, brown shade, rimmed glasses on and he was tall. Later i got to know he was our senior Danielle, but it was his innocent chocolate brown eyes that got me hooked. From that time i seriously got obsessed with his innocent looks so much that i suggested for him to play the lead role of Alibaba to my teacher. Well i was not exactly successful as he got the role of the "VILLIAN". Ha ha. That was the first day we looked into each others eyes. Wait i still had Ryan in my mind.
Well i was satisfied for the day as i snatched the lead role from my seniors. You know i can be a bitch to others sometime, even without knowing. I was excited for the next day of practice. I could already feel the drama being spiced up for me, with me Daviss and my crush Ryan and the new boy Danielle being together.

Author's note: Hey dear fellas! this is my first story, so give me your reviews in the comment section and if you love my story please crash the heart button and the like button as well.
THANKS FOR READING, well meet you guys with a new update sharp on saturday... Dasvidaniyaaaaaaaa!!!
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