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Nineteen-year-old Vhrea doesn't want to have attached attributes to her name of being called the descendant princess of a rich Jewelers family, but life doesn't give a choice of where we are to be born and what will be our surname. As one of the only heirs of Ashtrick family, she is expected to be the amazing prim and proper lady ready to drown in a corset set. Life might not give a choice but her father did give one to prove the worth of herself as an individual rather not an asset to the family. Between juggling college and a rising PR company, she lands a major collaboration with Mendel Sports Academy - the key to her success and the only way to shut down the drains of her misogynist grandfather. But only if life were too easy; not having a single romantic nerve in her body she now has a crush on a golden head after the opening of her new semester and her arch-nemesis, Kriag Mendel whom she despises from the bottom of her heart is the promotion face of the bagged project and her hot yet cold relationship with Gabriel, her partner in the new project makes her head want to hit against a wall whenever she is with him. It feels like seasons as to when it is winter we crave for summer then again in the heat we long for some rain which keeps happening in an endless loop. Simply, that is what happening with Vhrea and the cherry on top of it is she still has her demons to face.

Romance / Humor
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run away days

I pull up my sheets more closely to me, curling deeper into my soft heavenly mattress. Aromatic; the smell of lettuce and few other vegetables invaded my nostrils disturbing my very precious sleep. Cringing lightly I pulled my sheets to my nose trying to stop the assault of these vegetable smells and it suddenly felt more cold as my bare legs were left without any shield to resist the invincible cold. The smell of vegetables seemed to still make its way to my nose, momentarily making my fading head realize something important.

Am I stuck in a Cold Storage? Pushing my sheets away I plunged my feet to the ground hitting something with my left hand which awarded my giant room a terrible clank sound.

“What do you think you are doing?” Omma shouted watching the vegetable soup making its own channel of streams on the silver floor, thank god I wasn’t in the main hall because it has wooden tile and this would have turned out to be my last morning ever waking up.

Clutching my messed up hair tightly I walked up to Omma trying to give her a good morning hug. Scrunching her buttoned nose she pushed me aside shoving me into my dearest heaven; Yup, my beautiful washroom.

It is a place where I can relax and concentrate thinking only about me, solely me.

“Hug me once you are clean and get going before your Dad holds you hostage.” Omma shouted over the room after ordering somebody to come and clean the river of soup still flowing on the floor of my room.

After the semester break, all this summer I had done something productful is help Dad in his accounting section and in return he helped me with my developing startup of public relations group named Fifeteen.

University started last week but I had attended a handful of days, which I can count on the fingers of just one hand and it was all because Dad was so obsessed with my accounting skills, and according to him completing his accounts work are more important than my Uni. Business minded.

So, yesterday Omma hatched this great plan to sneak me out before Dad returns back from his morning workout session; yes, my dad was one of those business man who are freaking handsome and at this age of fifty also he could walk in as one of the models of any famous magazine obviously with a salt pepper look.

Finishing up my toiletries as quick as possible I dressed up in a grey hooded jacket pairing it with black jeans and finally matching them with my favorite white toms. Descending down the set of three staircases I tied my hair into a low ponytail. The kitchen smelled Bacon and Scrambled eggs. I love Eggs. Tessa, our cook smiled setting up my breakfast, throwing all of my table manners out of the bag I started gobbling my food like a starving beggar. Don’t blame me I am in short of time because Dad will be back within five minutes or something is what Tessa informed.

Omma came into the kitchen holding my backpack, obviously which I had forgotten in my room and I know Mom too well she has definitely checked it again, maybe twice. Giving her a tight hug I ran to my bike which was a 250cc KTM, Yeah I am a biker and sucker for bikes.

“Tell Dad not to hate me. Bye. Love you.” I shouted firing my engine and wearing my helmet doing both in the same time frame.

“Drive safe Destiny.” Omma shouted.

No I am not Destiny. That’s my name which Omma prefers to call. I am Vhrea Ashtrick. Dad named me Vhrea and the heavy second name Ashtrick which is ass-kick most of the times comes as our family name.

Dad owns Ashtrick Industries and next in line is my stupid ass twin Julian. Ashtrick industries are all about whatever I hate; gold, platinum, diamond and stones. Yes we are Jewelers. You will know about it more later on.

For now I should find out something to kill my time and how to successfully avoid Daddy dearest calls all day. I have one full hour left before my first class starts so I decide to do the obvious. Play tennis against the ball machine. I am a pro in serving so I do that a little, throwing my hoodie on the nearby bench I rather work on my back hand defense strategies.

Completely exhausted I rushed to the drink machine kicking it for a water bottle. It’s been forty five minutes and still nobody was seen in the campus radius. Not all are stuck in situations like me, Right? Drinking my remaining water I look at the surroundings. It is so pleasant here with the green grass and the soothing weather I could feel a shiver of cold breeze running down my spine, as now I was just in my tank top, reminding me to scoot my jacket back. As I averted my eyes to the basket ball court I was actually surprised to find somebody dribbling with the ball alone.

The sight was a heavenly watching as the boy pettily drenched in sweat was running alone in the court for the basket; Perfect basket. Any girl could swoon watching such an exquisite art of work when he punched the ball in the air and making a three sixty degree turn he hit the ball with his head making the perfect basket. Taking a water bottle he drowned his golden hair with its content. He looked good would be an understatement; he was looking sexy stirring up libido in any girl.

Before he could turn back and declare me a creep I bended to pick my racquet which I actually did and then tagging my jacket on my arm I made my way to the library not even turning back to give a final look to the hot creature. Actually I am not interested in boys.

Hold on don’t get me wrong.

I am straight but with hectic University work and my developing of company I have any time left for boys which had always bothered my family. One more truth to be said maybe Phoenix University didn’t have any males with hot balls, or I just have a bad taste in boys.

“Hey Destiny you are looking gross.” Lyle my bestfriend shouted down the hallway for everybody to hear. Everybody in the sense by now whatever few students have started showing up, and god bless her soul.

“Thanks for the attention Oil.” I said to her when she reached an audible range unlike her shouting shit from kilometers apart. She punched a hole in my arm for calling her Oil and dragged me to the auditorium. I don’t know why she is taking me to the auditorium when I have to go to the library. When we pass a glass door I see my reflection and yeah I look like crap. Lyle is always blunt and she would never joke on appearances.

“Destiny you look crap.” Somebody shouted from the other end of the hall like Lyle did. And when I turn around I try hard not to roll my eye at the source of the voice. It is Emmet Grayson; one of the most popular girls of our University. With a tight lipped smile I snatched the orange juice from Lyle as Emmet walked up to me in her almost no clothes white dress.

“Crap.” She snapped on my face simultaneously Lyle muttered a - She is dead.

Within a millisecond half of the orange juice was making its own design on her white dress and before she could react another half was ruining all her perfectly straightened hair. “Bitch.” She shouted and raised her hand to slap me but probably I knew her too well so I caught and twisted it as she shrieked in pain.

“You don’t get to call me Destiny.” I said raising my pitch and let go my hold on her hand.

“And nobody messes with me.”

“Bitch I will sue you.” Emmet shouted hysterically.

By now a group of people have gathered not for me but for their bitch queen and one or two daringly had started recording the scene. I glanced around for any CCTV and I knew there were none that is why I let Emmet walk to me in the first place because being the trustees daughter I didn’t want the reds to catch me. Anyways nobody knows that.

“Nothing gets posted anywhere as I said nobody messes with me.” I almost ordered the videographers.

Lyle being the ceasefire like always rushed me to the auditorium all the way both praising and scolding me. We took our seats in the middle somewhere, me still wondering why she bought us here out of all the places. I blindly followed her because like I said I had missed my perfect beginning classes so I didn’t know what was happening in college.

“Why are we here Oil?” I whispered to her as the hall was silent.

“Stop calling me that. We are here for Kriag Mendel.” Lyle said in such a relaxed manner as if she had said nothing.

“Seriously Am I wasting my morning for an asshole Mendel?”

Ta-da! Great realization.

“Shh you are shouting. Yes sweetheart we are waiting for Kriag Mendel.”

I may sound a hypocrite right now but I had no intentions of wasting my morning for an encumbering pathetically egoistic person, he was the famous guy from high school and it seems that just entering the new semester he changed his girlfriend from the hot cheerleader to a girly vixen.

“Lyle, with all due respect can you let me choke myself to death?”

How about drowning in the tank of the department building?

“Don’t be so dramatic Destiny. We are here just for the announcements about the drama club.”

I didn’t want to get into an argument with my blonde bestfriend right now because that must be the last thing on my sane list for today as I am officially avoiding my own father.

For all the good reasons.

Obviously, Kriag was a handsome man that is the reason all the girls would kiss his knees just for a Hi. Today maybe he looked much more dapper with the just out from a shower look he entered the dais and I was so thankful that his hair was still perfectly black.

So, now we have a crush!

“Hey chipmunks, I see absolute interest of fleeting handsome men and gorgeous girls in the room. Let’s get high on hormones!”

I couldn’t help but feel the bile rising on the way everybody reacted by shouting and hooting at whatever nonsense that goblet head Kriag was speaking. Like seriously who even says that ‘Let’s get high on hormones’?!

Is this the drama club or a stripper club announcement?

“High on hormones is the name of our drama semester, isn’t it voraciously stunning?”

“It’s absolutely heart drenching Mendel.”

Lyle hit me reminding that we were sitting in the middle of his non breaking crazy fans that might turn hippies for good reasons if they hear anything against their hot idol. Last time I was word crushed by some of his super crazy fan when I said he looked like garbage, I still stand by my word though because he was looking so out of place donning the cow boy worse look ever in the history.

Only if they would buy a cow then the background would be so suiting!

I grinned remembering how my conscious was also in my support when it comes to deal with stuff about Kriag.

Kriag was now ranting on about the newly developed arenas of the club and the features of being its member, importantly of how easy as pie was the roles. He is a vibrant charmer and doesn’t need a bag of money to compel somebody for a heinous murder.

Vampires would be a failure on how Kriag was an expert about compulsion, but lucky me I was well aware of the freaking jerk headed boy behind the so charming and golden boy act.

My phone did a little sing - song and a message appeared grasping the breath out of my lungs.

Everytime a shark loses a tooth, it gets replaced but the tooth in the row behind it. It moves up to take the lost tooth’s place. (Insert an evil grin)
~Daddy Dearest.

I deciphered the meaning behind it, he is having a plan to get me back to him. This sounds dangerous which sent a shiver down my nerves.

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