Don't Let Go (Book One)

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❝It was her forever dream to find a perfect home, but she found him instead...❞ She has always dreamed of having a home where she'd be cherished and loved. Life has been pretty difficult after she has lost her parents at the age of 11. She was a very ambitious girl with lots of dreams and fashion designing was one of them but getting married was a big no to her. And yet she found herself signing the wedding papers at 21 years to the last man she'd possibly ever like. He was the son of a politician, wanting to be a politician ultimately. After facing a trauma of losing someone so close to him, he became closed off and cold hearted. His only plan in life for his future was to be a politician like his father and nothing else. Especially getting married was never the one. And yet he found himself getting married at 25 years to the last woman he'd possibly look at. He is, Abrar Shah. She is, Haya(t) Ali. And this is their story.

Romance / Drama
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Abrar Shah hated the mess. He's a neat freak and wanted everything clean and tidy. He can't stand messy people. But he was so unfortunate that he has gotten married to one messy woman.

As he walked in, his eyes were unable to digest the sight of his once clean room in a messy state now, with full of gift wrappers flying around and boxes unpacked. Dresses were lying around everywhere. Not just any dresses. It was her dresses.

Not finding the person who was responsible for all of this anywhere near Abrar yelled, "HAYA ALI! where are you?" and just so, his bride came out of the dressing room casually. His eyes widened in shock seeing the dress which she was wearing.

"What is that you are wearing?" Abrar asked her in disbelief.

"The wedding skirt was too heavy. I couldn't stand on it anymore. So, I changed into this pajama." Haya grinned as she twirled around in her wedding dress, which had everything but not the skirt instead it was the pajamas.

Abrar still couldn't believe what he was seeing, ignoring the fact that his bride was a crazy woman. He looked around his room and the frown on his face deepened.

"What have you done to my room? What's with these gift wrappers and dresses?" Haya's grin widened a bit at the mention of gift wrappers.

"Oh, those are our wedding gifts. At least there's one benefit of marrying you. I got lots of free stuffs. They are so cool you know." Haya knew that she was testing his patience and that didn't stop her from pissing him off, not even one bit.

"Why are the dresses lying everywhere?" he asked again. His voice was full of anger and eyes were looking at her furiously, which did not even make her flinch.

"I was searching for this pajama," Haya twirled again as she continued," I did not pack my stuffs so it became quite a task."

That's when Abrar loses his cool, he grabbed her wrists angrily and pulled her closer to him," listen to me carefully. If you're going to live with me. Then you've to learn how to keep things tidy. I hate my room like this. This should be the last time you're doing this." he whispered in her ears in his dangerous voice, which could have scared anyone but not her.

"So, what are you going to do about that?" Haya asked him challenging-ly as she pulled away from his grip. Abrar looked at her as though she has grown two horns.

"I don't repeat my words. Clean the mess which you've created. Right now!" Abrar ordered her and walked out of the room. God, he hated everything about this woman.
Haya smirked as she watched him walk out.

She's not going to clean the mess, not until tomorrow morning at least. With a soft yawn, she walked back into the dressing room and began to remove all her jewelry one by one.

The most difficult task for her was untying her hair, damn there were so many pins and it hurt a lot. At last when she was done with removing all the stuffs, she got rid of her blouse and puts on a lose T-shirt.

When she came back, her so called husband was still not there which was a big relief.
Haya looked at his bed with a frown, which was filled with roses and decorative pillows.
I hate my room like this. She recollected his words again. With a smirk, she walked to the bed and pulled away it's spread sheets which did most of her work.

The room was now an utter mess. The rose petals were flying around everywhere because of the fan but what mattered to her was the bed, which is clear now. With a dramatic sigh, she jumped on the left side and damn, the mattress was so soft.

Haya fell asleep the moment she closed her eyes. It has been a tough day for her. Hectic too.

Abrar who came back after smoking a cigarette, was in for a shock as he realized his so-called wife didn't clean her mess but instead, she has messed it a lot more with the rose petals and pillows.

Oh Allah! Why did you do this to me? Abrar groaned mentally as he saw how that crazy woman was sleeping peacefully after taking away all his sleep.

Despite wanting to do wake her up and make her clear the mess, he lets it go for this one day. He was too tired with all the happenings in his life and also, she looked so peaceful in her sleep that he quiet didn't get the heart to wake her up. Although his mind was urging him to just pour a glass of water on her face but he decided against it.

Not having anything left to do, he sat on the sofa. Abrar eyed her again and wondered how can she sleep so peacefully when their lives were so messed up, like this.

If not for his Bi jaan he would never marry, not this woman sleeping over there at least.
It was his Bi jaan's wish to see him get married before she died, for goodness sake she was just sixty years old but the woman can do emotional blackmailing very well and the bride too was of her choice. Abrar who had so much respect and trust in his Bi jaan, has accepted for whatever she had asked, even though he had no wish to get married for the next few years.

But the girl whom he married was everything which he hated in a woman. She was outspoken. He liked girls who are quiet and talked less. And also, she was from the city.
He hated the city girls. Enough said. He believed all the city girls are loud and shameless, that was the reason he studied in an all-boys college. He hated the way the city girls conduct themselves or the way they talk with boys. He hated their very existence. And his wife was a living example of them. Damn, his life has never been so messed up.

Abrar lived in an interior village, where his father and his chachu were treated as kings. They ruled that place for over years and soon he will be taking over their positions in the upcoming elections, it was his dream to be a politician one day. He always wanted to be a leader just like his father.

It so happens that Haya and her family visited their village for a stupid vacation and his bi jaan who met them by chance encounter, instantly fell in love with Haya and almost immediately asked for her hand in marriage. Surprisingly the family agreed too.
That's how they both got ended up together.
Abrar officially hated his life now.


Bi jaan= elderly lady. ( Grandma for Abrar)
Chachu= father's younger brother.

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