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Chapter Nine

It took Ben a couple of seconds to get his bearing and recall the most amazing night of his life. Light filtered through a crack in the blinds and he sat up, listening to the silence of the house, he knew Rita was gone.

The crazy woman...the crazy, beautiful and absolutely adorable woman; she was the only one that would run, leaving a man in her house. Having understood her shy side last night, Ben realized she was obviously avoiding the confrontation or goodbyes.

He turned on the bed and shoved his face in the pillow she’d used, not that she’d slept much, he’d had her three more time in the night and just perceiving her familiar scent was getting him hard again. Unbelievable.

Ben had fallen hard and desperately in love. He had no idea how that happened, especially with Rita; he would never have called that score. When he’d thrust into her bare back, he was aware of their medical state because Rita was conscientious that way, she’d insisted on tests, so he’d not been worried about diseases.

He’d wanted the condoms to protect her from pregnancy, but then...Ben couldn’t recall ever being this mad for a woman; he couldn’t recall being uncontrolled enough to give in to a woman’s plea of not wanting protection, that had never happened. In fact, he’d been so careful that he lost interest if a lady suggested going bareback, especially after seeing his Lagos colleagues, young men, suffer from having to provide for illegitimate children.

But as he climaxed, dumping every drop of his semen into Rita, the four times they’d been at it, he’d had one thought foremost on his mind, that he wanted her pregnant. It’d been a crazy flash of thought but as he held her until her whimpers reduced, he held her and she fell asleep, he held her and realized that he really wanted her pregnant for him, that way, she’d be irrevocably tied to him and he’d have a chance of convincing her that he was bunkers for her.

Ben knew that if he told her now, it’d destroy everything. She didn’t trust him enough for that confession and that was why he’d held his tongue while deep in her amazing pussy. It would be too sudden and out of the blues for her. It could have been for him but he finally acknowledged that he’d been interested in her in a roundabout kind of way. While he’d hated her nuisance and constant flirting, or thought he did, he’d been looking forward to it every week. He’d memorized her scent from the first day, had itched to smooth her untidy hair, had struggled to keep from smiling at her weird jokes...he got her jokes, an unbelievable fit if one asked his colleagues at the Lagos branch. For God’s sake, she’d made him laugh the second day she’d come to his office.

Ben realized there was so much more he needed to know about her. So, when he read her note, placed on his pillow, about her getting an early work call and wouldn’t be back until late, so he should drop the key in the potted plant beside her door, he smiled.


Rita had run. There was no denying the fact; she was too honest to lie to herself.

No doubt, there’d actually been a work thing like she’d written in her note, but it hadn’t been as early as the time she’d raced from her apartment. It’d been 6:56 am when she’d tiptoed from the bed and used the extra bathroom in the second room, dressed up there and only dropped by to carefully place the note on his pillow.

He’d looked so handsome in his sleep, relaxed, different from the man that had always ignored her at the office, different from the man who hadn’t ignored her at all the whole night. Ben had been so intense and caring and loving, that it had almost felt real, like maybe this was more than a planned one night together, like maybe he actually felt something for her.

So, she ran. It would be a travesty to imagine things where there was none. He was still the same Ben who’d ignored her all those times; he was the same guy who said hurtful rude things to her though she’d pretended not to feel a thing. She had to recall he was still that guy, not the one that had patiently coaxed her from her shy shell, not the one that had kissed her as though desperate for her taste, not the one that her cleaned her up every time they’d climaxed and had woken her once to feed her water because, according to him, she’d sounded parched.

Oh, dear God. This was why she’d run; she didn’t want to get ahead of herself. Work was for 10 AM, a simple decoration for a private traditional marriage. Kate would’ve been able to handle it but the client was important, one of her first customers who’d given her many referrals over the years. This was a thank you to the big woman whose daughter was getting married. Since it was a simple affair at the woman’s residence, Rita was doing it for free and the woman hadn’t stopped thanking her.

She’d found that she had two hours to burn before work, she’d decided to stop by a salon to loosen her weaved hair. Ben had kept grabbing the tails of the weave and scratching her scalp as though he’d needed to slide his fingers into her hair as he pumped into her, sliding in and making her cum so many times she was...


“Hmm!” Rita jerked out of her incessant sex thoughts and turned to find one of her workers staring at her with a frown. God, she’d apparently been standing there with a clay pot she’d been about to box. “What is it?” she had to clear her throat and the residue of a whole night with Ben which she realized would never dissipate; the guy was in her blood and she was ruined for other men.

“Mrs J is looking for you, she said she wanted you to meet someone,” the guy reported.

Rita nodded, looking around the heap of decoration materials as she tried to gather her thoughts. “Err...okay take this,” she handed over the decorative clay pot to the guy dressed in black t-shirt crested with her company logo and name. “Box it and the others and get it in the truck, we don’t have much light time left, so hurry.”

“Yes, ma,” he said and went to it.

She was glad the traditional marriage had ended early; it meant she and her crew would pack up before dusk fell, although, with Mrs. J stopping her to meet her unending list of friends, that might never happen.

Rita shook her head as she went back into the huge compound, having to dodge vendors, dismantling canopies and tables used, she should trust her crew to do what’s right, after all, they’d been doing this without her for almost a year, except when founding customers like Mrs. J requested for her.

She was about to ask someone who wore the Ankara uniform identifying family members at the event, where she could fine Mrs. J, but the jolly old woman was making her way out of her house with a tall man who had a familiar face, though she couldn’t place him.

“There you are, dear,” she enthused and waddled over with a huge smile, catching Rita’s arm in a gnarled hand and leading her forward to the man. “You know I always introduce you to people that matter, people that can get you more business,” Rita nodded, bending a little to hear the woman’s murmur. “This is one of them,” she seemed so excited, so Rita forced a smile to her face and met the man’s gaze.

Her skin crawled immediately, but she steadied the smile and tried to look enthusiastic as Mrs. J made the introductions, knowing not all introductions led to business, especially when it concerned men. With the lascivious gaze this man was giving her, she just had to persevere through the introduction and that would be that. But then Rita really had to struggle to maintain an amiable mien because this was the man she’d been searching for, dropped right in her lap and as despicable at sight as in character.

“Ritaz Imaginations? The one above Global Press on Wellington Bassey way?”

“Yes, sir,” Rita grinned to seem enthusiastic like the elderly people expected young people to be in their exalted presence.

“That’s my company. I own Global Press,” Zack Inyang declared and stood back with pride.

Rita amped the enthusiasm. “Wow! I never thought I’d meet the owner, it’s been rumoured you aren’t based here, Sir.”

Mrs. J had a fulfilled smile on her face when Zach Inyang offered an appointment to see him at his office to discuss business. Rita nodded, grinned more even though she wanted to scratch the man’s eyes out and walked away.

Her crew were almost done, so she joined them in packing the last of the decorative paraphernalia. She’d been heading to her car when her phone rang, it was Nene calling to tell her they were waiting at the ice cream place down the road.

She got in her car and dialled Okpara’s number. “Hi, opportunity has arrived earlier than expected. We have an appointment with him on Monday afternoon.” As was her case, Okpara grunted and ended the call. Rita thought she was the most taciturn woman she’d ever met.

It took her less than three minutes to be seated before her eager friends who wanted the uptake on her night with Ben. “It was nice.”

“That’s it?” Nene leaned back in sarcasm.

“Rita, that can’t be it. But if you don’t want to share with us, it’s fine.” Eka added, looking down her ice cream as though she didn’t care.

Blackmail, Rita thought. Eka reminded her of her mom, this was exactly what she would have done to get the entire gist from Rita. So, with a groan, she told them everything, from Ben’s lateness to his amazing bed game, though she didn’t give them any details no matter how much they grumbled for it.

They followed her home, insisting that she’d be freer with the details if she had wine and that they had to sample the cache of wine that Ben had brought. Rita just shook her head and unlocked the door, not even bothering to check if Ben had dropped her extra key in the potted plant by her apartment door.

The aroma hit her first and she frowned in confusion, wondering vaguely if she was in the right apartment. Then Ben, in a low slung jean and a grey wifebeater, a getup that did everything to expose his maleness, walked out from her kitchen with a serving bowl which he dropped at the dining table before he focused his gaze at her, smiled, “Hello, Ladies.”


Ben hadn’t expected that she’d return with her friends, but with the way the two married women, yes he’d deduced that from the huge rocks on their fingers, stared at him, he knew they were her close friends and they were aware of the one night arrangement.

He brought on the charm, “Hello, ladies. I’m Benjamin Inyang,” he said to them but his eyes were on Rita.

“We know,” her friends chorused, their tone sounding amazed. Good, amazement was better than outright questioning, especially, since he shouldn’t still be in her house and he’d taken the liberty to cook for her.

It was all done out of love and concern. He knew she’d be back tired, not really knowing how hectic her work had been, he just wanted to take care of her. She looked tired and tattered, but she was the most beautiful woman to him at that moment; he’d missed her.

When Ben reached her, he still hadn’t looked away from her, he grabbed her face and leaned down to kiss her so deeply, she moaned and melted on him. Ben felt settled, he felt like he was home. Then with some effort, he dragged his lips from hers, looking into her eyes, he smiled, “Welcome, sweetheart.”

Her friends sighed like women do at adorable situations. Rita remained stunned and speechless. “Have you had dinner?” he asked her, noticing that she’d loosened her weave, his fingers found their way into her hair from her nape as he lightly massaged her scalp. Rita moaned, her eyes drooped but she never replied.

“Err...she just had ice cream,” the shorter of the two friends provided, her gaze catching all of his moves. “I’m Eka, by the way.”

“I’m Nene,” the taller one added eagerly.

“Nice to meet both of you. I’m assuming you’re her best friends?” Both women nodded like bubble heads; Ben grinned and hugged the silent Rita closer, loving the full softness of her in his arms. “It was nice of you to bring her home, I appreciate.” They sighed again and Nene’s hand went to her chest.

“We’ll be out of your way,” Eka said, grabbing Nene’s wrist and widening the door they’d not moved from.

“We hope to see you some other time?” Nene shared her sentiments as a question and he knew why.

“Definitely,” he answered her with determined assurance.

“Take care of our friend,” Eka added, dragging Nene through the door and closing it behind her after Ben had nodded his willingness to take care of their friend who was yet to speak.

They were finally alone. He hugged Rita more and kissed the side of her head. “Baby?” he thought she might have fallen asleep on him when she didn’t reply, so he pulled her pliant body from his and their eyes met.

“I don’t understand,” her brow furrowed, while her eyes searched his face, probably looking for an explanation. Should he tell her now? It still felt too soon and raw, so he grinned instead and kissed her temple, before leading her to the dining table.

“My culinary skills aren’t vast, but I make a mean spaghetti,” he sat her at the table and dished out food for her.

“This is really nice,” she murmured, avoiding his gaze.

Ben didn’t mind, it gave him more time to enjoy her beauty while she ate. “It must have been a really hectic day.”

“Hmm,” she nodded, mashing a piece of boiled egg she’d shoved in her mouth with a fork of spaghetti. Even her eating was sexy to him.

His gaze roamed every part of her above the table. “You have particles in your, like dust or something, can I wash it?”

Her gaze finally shot up to meet his and he smiled. “My hair or...”

“Your hair.”

“You want to hair?” her tone was both disbelieving and confused.


Rita stared at him for a moment, and then licked her plump lips and Ben groaned. Jesus, he had to control himself. Even though he wanted her naked and under him already, she’d had a hectic day, and he really wanted to take care of her; it gave him a joy, different from being deep in her, that he could take care of her like this.

“Um...okay,” she said hesitantly and finished her food.

“Let me clear this, you can go change into a towel, I’ll be there soon.” Ben got up and piled the plates, ignoring her questioning look and went into the kitchen. When he came out, she wasn’t there.

By the time he went to the room, she lay across the bed wrapped in a towel and almost sleeping. Ben knelt over her, smiling and dropping tiny kisses on her shoulder which got her moaning and twisting to give more allowance, which meant her towel fell open, giving him a glimpse of her thick, fair thighs. And Ben just wanted to drag them apart to get to the haven in between and bury himself to the hilt.

His dick hardened as he recalled how tight she was and he couldn’t wait to get back in there. He didn’t know how she’d thought one night would ever be enough. Ben shook his head at the preposterousness of that notion.

“Hey, babe.” He swore Rita purred at his name for her, which made him grin through the pain of his arousal as he grabbed her arms and drew her up.

“I want to sleep,” she grumbled with a frown, refusing to open her eyes.

Ben chuckled, she looked absolutely adorable which kicked up his heart beat as he dragged her to her feet. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fast about it.” He assured while leading her to the en suite bathroom.

Rita paused as she saw the set up in the bathroom. Ben had her dressing stool placed in front of the big, hand sink, where he’d lined her shampoo, conditioner and comb. Her gaze flicked to him, “You already planned this? Isn’t it presumptuous? I could’ve asked you to leave,” her eyes widened on him.

His heart thudded shallowly at her statement, but he calmed himself knowing he would’ve still pursued her, probably, the next day, even if she’d asked him to leave. “But you didn’t.” He led her to the stool and arranged her long hair into the sink.

“I could have,” she pouted.

Ben bit his lip to hold a laugh, “I know, baby,” he kissed her brow and proceeded to tenderly comb out the tangles in her hair. It helped that her hair was pretty soft despite its extensive length.

“Where did you learn how to do this?” she sounded relaxed and Ben was relieved that she was done being suspicious.

“My mom. As the runt of the litter, I was the only one she could coerce into doing this for her.”

Her giggle was cute, especially, when he washed a particularly itchy place as his fingers raked her hair. He rinsed out the sods while telling her about his late mom.

Ben wrapped her hair in a towel and kissed her long and soft. “Now, you take a bath.” He murmured, looking into her eyes.

“After,” she whispered, leaning in for another kiss. He gave it to her, because, what kind of a man would he be to resist Rita’s kiss while she rubbed sinuously against his hard on.

But he was able to convince her to take her bath and when she returned, he was in his boxer briefs which strained in front with the length of his hardness; it looked as though he’d stuck a big pole in there.

He watched her throat flex as she swallowed with some difficulty and her eyes dilate as her gaze got stuck on his erection. Ben smiled and motioned her to come forward. Rita did as though tugged by a link that he held. He calmly loosened the towel over her bosom and let it drop at her feet.

Ben couldn’t control the gasp of seeing her again after the previous night. It seemed impossible but his cock drew harder and leaked cum in anticipation of feeling her tightness around his length. He could feel the dampness on his boxer briefs but didn’t care.

He made her lie on her stomach on the bed. The soft rise of her buttocks made his mouth water and the wideness of her hips gave him visions of holding on there while he pumped into her from the back.

Jesus. His hands shook as he trickled avocado oil on her smooth back using his left hand to rub it into her skin.

“What are you doing?” she asked, her voice muffled by the bed.

“Massaging you.” He croaked, wondering if he’d be able to survive the length of time it would take to massage her entire body.

He dropped the small container and used both hands in slowly rubbing in the oil, putting pressure on her neck, shoulders, down her back, waist, hips, thighs, legs, feet, then he went back up and couldn’t seem to go pass her buttocks.

They were glorious globs, robust, soft but firm. She moaned when he smoothed his hand with some pressure up her thick thighs, stopping beneath the curve of her buttocks. He did that and kept widening her thighs to get a glimpse of her cunt.

Ben’s heart thudded alarmingly as his thumbs flicked in between and felt the moist that had leaked out of her cove, a result of his massage. He gently turned her over and trickled more oil on her, almost over flooding her skin because he’d been lost staring at her big boobs and beautiful nipples.

“Ben...” she whimpered, twisting her body and pressing her thighs together and Ben knew what she wanted but he was determined to finish the massage.

“Shh, don’t worry, I’ll take care of your need,” he assured in a whisper, while his hands rubbed and massaged her breasts.

They were so big and shiny from the oil and her nipples were hard and begging for his tongue. He swallowed, licking his lips and moved down her stomach, thighs, legs and up again. He widened her thighs, massaged them but stopped short of touching her leaking vagina. Though his hands moved, but his eyes were stuck on the beauty before him. His mouth watered, and a growl built from his throat as Rita moaned, lifting her hips and seeking the touch of his fingers.

Even with the oil, he could clearly perceive the amazing scent of her pussy; it dragged him closer until he had his face buried there.


“I have to eat this pussy before I fuck it good, okay? I have to taste it,” he growled and attacked her like a desperately hungry man. He moaned into her pussy, hoping it vibrated and gave her pleasure. Her moan and hip twist was confirmation that it did.

She tasted so good and she had so much cream for him to feast on. He used his fingers to widen her wet pussy lips. Ben worked with colours everyday and her pussy had a rose gold hue. He moaned at the beauty, extending his tongue to lick from the base up before sucking in her swollen clit, grazing it with his teeth at interval.

Rita’s moan was now a shout as her hips jerked uncontrollably from the bed, he had to bodily hold her down and eat more of the cream that poured from her pussy.

“So, sweet. So, so, sweet,” he muttered against her lips and widened his mouth to take in as much as he could. He wanted to swallow her whole; he wanted to fuck her but still have his mouth buried here, but unfortunately, that was impossible. So, he ate, licked, laved and tongued her pussy until she stiffened and climaxed, spraying cream on his face.

“Oh fuck. Fuck! You squirted!” Ben almost came from watching her heightened pleasure. It was the highlight of his life, that she’d been so passionate she’d exploded cream. Ben licked eagerly, trying to get it all, but then his cock felt like it was about to break as he humped the bed.

He crab crawled up her body after he’d shunt his briefs, dropping kisses as he went, his cock dragging heavily on her thigh, smearing her skin with clear liquid that leaked from his slit and felt primal satisfaction in having marked her as his; she was his.

When he knelt before her open thighs, he grabbed his painfully swollen dick, he whimpered as he rubbed from base to tip, he was close, and if he didn’t get in her soon, he would spend his seed on her beautiful body. Ben considered for a second that cumming on her wouldn’t be bad as it meant marking her more, he felt like an animal when it came to Rita, he wanted to build a cage around her and never let her go. But then he considered pouring the seed in her, protected or not, semen had been known to defy the contraceptive odds and take root. And Ben wanted his to take root.

He leaned over, having his face over Rita’s face. “Babe.” He wanted her eyes on his. “There you are.” He kissed her, taking in all her moans as he rubbed his dick up and down her wet entrance, shoving just the swollen head in and withdrawing; it was torture for both of them.

“I’m turned; I have so many things I want to do to you, Rita. Your body is driving me crazy.” He kissed down her jaw and settled in between her shoulders, listening to her gasps, moans and cries as he continued torturing them. “I want to fuck your breasts. They are so big, I’m sure when I bring it together, it will make a nice, moist suction to stick my dick in; would you like that?” he whispered in her ear and nipped it.

“Yes! Oh, God, yes!” her hips left the bed in search of his cock as it kept withdrawing. “Ben, please...”

“Please what Rita? Do you feel empty and want my cock to fill you up? Do you want it in your throat? Tell me, love,” he whispered in her ear while teasing her with his swollen tip. “Tell me what you want.”

Her head was thrown back on the bed and he could recognise the tension on her neck, she was so close.

“I...” she licked her lips, her hips rolling restlessly while he held his cock at bay from her. “Please, Ben,” she tried to reach for his dick and he allowed her to feel the wetness around the swollen head. He groaned into her whimper when she held him but he slipped out of her hand. It was ironic that her wetness coating his length helped him get away.

“Say it, Rita. I loved it when you talked dirty.”

“Ooo...Please Ben, fuck me. Push your big dick into my dripping pussy and fuck...”

As though punched in the plexus, Ben retreated to his knees, raised her knees to her chest and plunged in with one full thrust to the hilt. Both of them screamed their pleasure.

Ben knew he wouldn’t last, so he rounded her thighs and got his thumb on her swollen clit, shinning from her wetness. He rubbed the nub and her cries became unceasing. He pumped and rubbed and said things, describing more things he wanted to do to her.

Rita’s response was incinerating. When she started panting his name, he knew she was close to the edge. “Cum for me, love, I’m close. Your pussy is so sweet I can’t hold anymore.”

She came with shuttered shouts and loud gasps, sending Ben over the edge. She was so beautiful as she climaxed, it made him want to fuck her all over just so he could see it again. “Jesus! I love you.” He murmured in her ear as he’d collapsed on her body, panting.

And he wanted her again. He’d just exploded more cum than he’d ever done in his life and he still hadn’t had enough. He withdrew his half hard dick and moaned at the wet sound it made. Though her hips undulated, when he looked up, Rita had passed out.

Shit. Ben was turned between being disappointed that she might not have heard his slip at professing his feelings and being relieved that she hadn’t. He stared at her rosy cheeks, her fair skin still sleek from the massage oil and his heart throbbed and leaped and claimed...mine.

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