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Chapter Fourteen

Ben’s heart thudded with the breathless need to see Rita after more than four months, he was tempted to full out bang on her door when she’d not opened up at his knocks. It was nine in the morning and he knew she wasn’t at the office because he’d called James to find out.

The moment his pen had dragged the last curve of his signature on the agreement that made Global press sibling owned, he’d sort a red-eye flight to get here but couldn’t find any. So, he’d retired to Jeff’s house to celebrate, though his mind hadn’t been in it. Sleep proved difficult; he’d been showered and prepared by four am, he’d been the first passenger for the first flight out and he’d chewed his lower lip the whole flight, surprised it wasn’t bleeding from the mastication he’d given it.

His lip was bruised because of his overwhelming need to taste Rita, not just on her lips but everywhere. He wanted her scent, not just in his nostrils but in his soul. He wanted the sound of her giggle and laugh on repeat in his mind, he wanted to give her everything and take everything of whatever she offered.

He’d been miserable these past few months, but it couldn’t be compared with the pain he was feeling as impatience dripped from his pores having to wait for her to open the damn door. What the hell was holding her?

When he checked his wristwatch, he realized he’d been standing there for less than a minute but it felt like hours. A growl built in his throat and his hand rose, not to knock but bang when he heard bolts sliding open and the key turn in the lock, then her scent wriggled through the small crack she made as she opened the door slightly to check who’d knocked.

Ben’s nose flared in his desperate attempt to inhale every single waft of her scent. It hit his heart and grabbed it with a strangling hold that made him breathless. His eyes ate up her adorable dishevel. He vaguely wondered why she had a lollipop in her mouth this early; the sight was cuteness overload.

She looked chubbier than he remembered, at least around the belly, he couldn’t recall if her skin had been this smooth and glowing, but he could never forget the pinkness of her lips which currently hung open in shock, but not enough to lose the sweet.

With need clawing its way up his chest, he flung his carryall into the foyer, growling as he shoved his body through the slightly open door, not giving her a chance to shut it in his face. He kicked the door close and did what he’d imagined all through the flight and taxi ride here; he shoved her to the nearest hard surface which was the door and pasted his body over hers, sighing as tension leaked from his body, he was home.

Rita still looked shocked while he devoured her face with his eyes, he’d missed her. She was even more beautiful than he recalled. His eyes tracked to her hair, held in a messy bun above her head with tendrils caressing her face. He pulled off the band holding it up and revelled at the relief he felt sinking his fingers into the soft strands.

Ben lowered his head and stopped a hairs breath from her mouth, teasing her and himself, especially when he heard her whimpered need. “We will never be just friends, Rita.”

He felt her stiffen, her hands going to his hard belly to push him off, like he would leave this spot to safe himself, he thought. But, seconds later, her soft hands caressed his abs instead, crawling towards his chest and he lost it and pulled her closer with hands at her waist, planting his face in her neck and inhaling deeply.

“Did...did you just smell me?” she asked, her words gobbled because of the sweet in her mouth. Too cute, he thought, though feeling her softness against his hardness, especially, the growing one in his pants, had absolutely nothing to do with cute, Rita was hundred percent sexy.

“Yes, I missed it so much,” he grumbled against her neck, his lips tasting her and feeling her pulse shoot into rapid beats. He kissed up to her chin, the sugary scent of the lollipop threatening to interfere with her natural scent. “Weird though that you’re having sweet this early.”

Rita arched into his embrace, her breasts smashed on his chest, while his hips moved at their own accord, pressing his erection on her belly.

“Cravings,” she whispered clearly, her hand having pulled the sweet from her mouth with a pop.

Ben’s mouth watered, he wanted to taste the sweetness that was sure to coat the warm cavern of her mouth, so he did. He took what he’d been craving, sucking in a harsh breath as his mouth settled on hers. He tasted her lips first, taking time to lick up the syrupy taste on her lips, sucking and biting it before he deigned to slip his tongue into her mouth, groaning at the burst of flavours, her natural taste plus the sweet. And it made him press her more to him, even though there was hardly any space left between them.

Rita extricated her hands from between their tight bodies and rounded his neck. He growled, loving the new position as it gave him free reign of caressing her body. His hands moved from her waist to her stomach, caressing it lovingly before moving to where he most wished to touch. Her breasts were indeed fuller than he recalled, their soft weight in his palms was amazing, and her moans even so.

He licked a corner of her mouth, tasting sweet that he must have neglected in his first sojourn on her lips. Ben leaned back to look at her, her lips were swollen and so pink he wanted to dive in again, but that would lead to him wanting to strip her naked and fuck her against the door and that wasn’t possible. It was clear her early morning craving and swollen breasts meant she was on her monthly cycle.

She whimpered her denial at his stopping the kiss and it made him heart thumping happy that she wanted him.

“You know where this leads and we can’t do that,” Ben grumbled, hating that they couldn’t get naked though he planned on kissing her on interval and stopping when it got hot.

“But why?” she whined, her brown eyes leaving the fixed stare on his lips to his eyes; the effect was still bone jarring, Ben tightened his hands on her arms to avoid grabbing his chest to try and slow his speeding heart.

“Well, my darling,” he smoothed tendrils of hair from her face and kissed her nose, “With the evidence before me,” his eyes felt heavy with desire as he looked down at her boobs, swelling over her the neckline of her teddy, having spilled from the exercise bra she wore beneath the dress, he’d felt the outline while caressing her.

“Swollen boobs,” Ben gently squeezed her breasts, enjoying how she shut her eyes, biting her lip to hold in her moan, which slipped out as a whimper anyway. “Cravings, bloated, my darling,” his hand curved on her jaw, his eyes looking into hers, “... are on your menstrual cycle.”


Rita frowned as fury leaped in her stomach. She couldn’t explain why she was so angry and jealous that Ben knew signs of menstrual cycle, but reasoned she wasn’t about to try and calm it as it made her feel something else apart from the overwhelming feeling to climb him like a tree after tearing off his offending clothes though and sinking down on the hard pole that had been poking her stomach since he’d slammed her on the door.

Pregnancy hormones had turned her into a ballistic ball of random emotions. It didn’t help that Ben was looking into her eyes, and the smirk that appeared on his annoyingly handsome face meant that he’d noticed her reaction. She huffed, frowning harder and he grinned.

“Come on, darling, stop frowning, even though your beauty heightens when you’re angry.” He chuckled and Rita wondered where he got off calling her his darling after ignoring her for four months, one week and three days, not that she’d been counting. “And I know about this little feminine titbit because once in my teenage years, my mother and elder sister had decided to offload too much information in my presence.”

Rita felt him shiver as though recalling that particular day. She hadn’t even known he had a sister. What was he even doing here, holding her and kissing her as though he’d been dead without her all this while? This was a viable concern that she should have addressed before melting like butter all over his body.

She sucked in breath and shut her eyes to recall what they’d just been talking about. Yes, he thought she was on her menstrual cycle.

Lightly clearing her throat, she said, “Well, I’ve not had my cycle for months.” She regretted it the moment she blurted it, this isn’t how she’d wanted to tell him. Huffing, she silently acknowledged that she’d had no idea how to tell him, in fact, before he showed up, she’d been settling into not telling him at all. It’d been a one night...okay, two nights thing and what he didn’t know won’t hurt him.

His sharply drawn breath bridged her thoughts and then he pulled away from her, Rita discovered, to look her all over as though searching for injury.

“What...are you okay?” he rasped and that’s when Rita realised he was worried for her and that he thought her lack of menstrual cycle was an illness of some sort. “Talk to me baby; have you gone to the hospital? I’m sure you did,” he answered himself, sounding frantic as his eyes roamed all over her. “What did the doctor say? Rita, are you on med...”

“I’m pregnant.” She blurted and then refused to look in his eyes. She was afraid of what she’d see there. She was terrified of watching the concern melt into derision or anger. Not that she needed him to take care of her baby, but she didn’t want to wipe out his love making that had kept her all this while, his loving caress just now or his caring and concerned attitude, from her memory.

She didn’t want to see him as less than the king she’d built him up to be in her mind, despite not calling or messaging her. Although, she’d tried to excuse his not calling her as still suffering the pain of her betrayal, but seeing him at her door when she’d been expecting one of her friends, perhaps Eka, at hearing the impatient knock, she’d been shocked breathless, but hope had bloomed so large in that small time that losing it now, when he goes crazy mad, would destroy her.

“Rita, look at me.” She did and thought he looked devastated, her heart twisted painfully. “ it it ours?” his forefinger flicked from her to himself and he looked...hopeful.

Could she have been wrong to assume his constipated expression was him being devastated? She licked her lips as she stared at him and confirmed that he indeed looked like he wanted the pregnancy to be true. That didn’t sound like someone about to be crazy mad at her; in fact, he seemed like he was holding his breath in anticipation.

“Rita, please...”

She gulped and nodded, “Yes.”

Ben’s sudden shout couldn’t have been mistaken for anything other than elation. Rita watched him raise his arms as though celebrating a win; she watched his face and the grin that was so wide she worried for the elasticity of his mouth. Her hoped bloomed larger, though a smidgen of doubt hung in the periphery of her mind while she bit her lip, uncertain if she should smile.

She gasped when he reattached his whole body on hers again and grabbed her face tenderly, his eyes communicating his happiness. “My sweet, sweet, darling Rita,” he crowed against her lips before kissing her so deep, she had to stand on her toe to drag in a bit of air through her nose.

Rita breathed heavily when his lips finally unlocked from hers. “ aren’t ...mad?” she imagined her eyes held plenty uncertainty because Ben frowned at her while his eyes shifted side to side, trying to read her thoughts, perhaps.

“What? Why would you even ask that? I’m the happiest guy on earth right now. My wish came true.” His eyes never left hers, so she couldn’t have missed any hidden reactions that might point to the fact he might have been joking.

Wait. “Your wish? What wish?” her heart was pounding so loud she had to blow out air to calm her heart and hope she heard and understood him when he explained.

Ben grinned at her and her heart tripped at how adorable he looked. She was a sucker for this man, from the first day watching him from her office window as he walked into the building.

Instead of answering, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the bedroom, which, she realised too late, looked like a hurricane had gone through with clothes on every surface. The past few days had been lazy days, Rita cringed as she viewed the disaster through Ben’s eyes.

Except, he didn’t stop to stare, he pulled her to the bed and tenderly made her made her lie down on her duvet. She liked that he was getting into it directly, she’d missed him so much, but she frowned when he went on his knees. The frown cleared when he pulled up her teddy, revealing, not just her pussy but the swollen stomach that Eka swore was unusually big for four months, while hers at five was barely there.

A sniffle bridged her thoughts. Rita frowned, forgetting about how unseemly big her stomach was or the worry that it might gross Ben out, to struggle to her elbow and look down at him.

“Are you...crying?” she was amazed at the phenomenon. She’d never experienced a grown man shedding tears.

Ben sniffled and chuckled through the tears, his eyes a slight red as his hands held the sides of her slightly protruding belly. “I’m just...really overwhelmed with happiness that you’re carrying our baby.”

“Oh...okay,” she lay back down because her elbows and back ached from maintaining the strenuous position, her heart thumping from more than the strain.

She felt his lips land on her hard abdomen, where the baby lay, and then the kisses progressed all over her rounded stomach and then went back down, down...Rita gasped as he pressed his face on her pussy.

It was as though all the sexual frustrations and urges she’d had to suppress some nights were awakened and they came hurtling to the fore without her knowledge. So, the moment his face landed there, pleasure shocked her waist off the bed and she came from just his face on her lady part.

Ben growled his appreciation, his thumb having found her pleasure nub and rubbed. “Look at all that cream I’m going to lick,” he sounded greedy and Rita wished she could see his face. “That was absolutely beautiful, Rita. I love your quick reaction to my touch, it makes me want to touch you more, eat your pussy more, do things to you and watch you explode for me.”

And she came again from just listening to his growled dirty talk; all her nerves were alive and breathing, giving her intense pleasure from the slightest touch.

“Shit. I need to lap this cream up. I bet pregnant pussy tastes better.” He declared and dived in; she knew this because his tongue bridged her pussy lips, lapping up all the moisture she’d made from cumming.

“Hmm,” he murmured, smacking his lips. “There’s a problem,” her heart stuttered at that and she had to catch her breath to ask him what he was talking about.

“What?” she asked from her position on the bed, hating that she couldn’t see his face but lacking the energy to raise herself to her elbows while her heart thudded in apprehension or maybe it was from his relentless thumb on her clit.

“Pregnant pussy is too damn sweet. I’m going to have to keep you that way, so that I can enjoy this quality...shit, you’re still leaking cum,” he was back in there, taking her breath away and leaving her wondering if his words meant he wanted to be more than a co-parent with benefits with her.

She swallowed and gasped, feeling the build of another orgasm in the pit of her stomach. It was too much. No one could survive this unrelenting pleasure. She arched her hips, trying to lift off the bed, but couldn’t because he’d locked her down by wrapping his arms about her thighs while he feasted on her pussy. His tongue rolled on her clits and then swooped down to penetrate her hole, and then he was licking the whole length and sometimes bending his head to the side to flatten his tongue on her.

Rita exploded while imagining what he was doing using the feel of his tongue.

“Oh, sweet darling, I need to be inside you,” he blurted, sounding desperate as he got to his feet, and Rita heard his belt buckle clang.

She managed to open her heavy eyes and was in time to see his bobbing dick, smooth and huge and so hard it looked inhuman. Unconsciously, she licked her parched lips, wanting to taste the clear liquid that formed at the cap slit of his dick.

Rita widened her legs unconsciously when he was done disrobing. Ben knelt in between her thighs, panting in anticipation; she could see his eyes watching their sexes as they joined.

They both groaned as he slid in his full length. She felt full and tight and happy; this was what she’d been missing all those nights she’d tossed and turned.

“I missed you too, darling, but this is going to end really quick if you don’t stop strangling my dick with your sweet pussy.” He said this moving shallowly, not pulling out entirely.

Then he started fucking her in earnest, she could hear the wet sound of their slapping skin and it quickened her pleasure, making her head swim, a sign that she was about to blow.

“Shit. Darling, are you going to cum?” she whimpered and tried to nod. “Okay, that’s okay, I’ll cum with you,” Ben panted, pumping into her, grunting his pleasure as he did, building the avalanche which felt like it would be more than the others, sending thrills of pleasure racing through her nerves, her nipples peaked from it, her toes tingled, her pussy walls tightened and a scream erupted from her throat as she climaxed.

Her cries mixed with his as he fell over the edge, grunting and saying all kinds of crazy sweet stuff into her ears while he kept moving as though he didn’t want it to end. Rita didn’t want it to end either.


The next day, Ben became conscious when he felt the warmth of her wet cunt hovering over his dick. His woman was insatiable and he loved it because it meant he didn’t have to hold back his insatiable appetite for her.

She whimpered her frustration when his hard dick kept jerking, not allowing her slide it into her hungry pussy. Ben smiled, opening his eyes and beholding the beauty that would give him a heart attack if he wasn’t careful.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” his morning voice grated but it caught her attention and she glared at him from her hunched position over his dick.

Her big boobs swayed heavily at the slightest move, from his supine position, he could see her dripping cunt, she was so wet, it made squelchy sounds as the mushroom head of his dick touched and missed entering her hole.

“Help me,” she whimpered, her eyes glazed from her desires, irrespective of the countless times they’d fucked through the day and night.

“Your pussy is hungry for my dick, baby?” he asked her as he arranged his upper back on a pillow to help service his woman well.

He smiled when she nodded desperately. “Don’t worry, I’m going to feed your hungry cunt with my dick.” He grabbed his length, rubbing it and groaning at the pleasure he gave himself, knowing that when he slid into her, it will even be more.

Ben positioned the swollen head at the entrance of her cream covered cunt, he enjoyed her anxious whimpers and her lip between her teeth, then he shoved in by arching his hips.

Rita cried out, throwing her head backwards, her palms on his chest as she moved her hips, following the rhythm he had set for her.

“Is it okay, baby, did I make it better?”

“Yes,” she whispered, her hips quickening his moderate tempo.

He watched as her pussy swallowed his huge, hard pole. It was such a lovely sight, especially, with her cream coating the length every time he pulled out.

“I’m close...I’m going to cum,” her last word came with a drawn out cry as she exploded on his dick, her sweet cunt squeezing his length and prodding him to explode with her.

Ben wasn’t ready for that. He allowed her enjoy the thrills of her climax before turning her over with his arm round her waist and a twist of his hips, all without withdrawing.

“My turn, baby; my dick was also hungry for your pussy,” he grunted and slammed into her, causing a moan from her throat.

He spread her thighs as far as they would go, straightened on his knees and proceeded to slam into her, watching as his length disappeared into her sweet, luscious hole, licking his lips as he felt the swollen nerves of her cunt tightening around his hardness so much he became difficult to withdraw which made it even more sweet.

The pleasure built like the sound of boiling water, increasing from every slam and suction sound when he withdrew. Her whimpers had him tightening his jaws to hold back the hurtling wave of pleasure that was sure to take his breath.

Ben thought he had time but it hit him before he could take steps to control the unbridled pleasure. His sight darkened for a second, his ears rang with her cries of yet another orgasm. He loved her.

“I am in love with you, Rita.” He blurted in her neck as he struggled to catch his breath. But he ended up inhaling her intoxicating scent and moving his hips, enjoying her whimpers as she flexed her pussy on his semi hard length.

He leaned on his forearms to lock eyes with her. “I loved you since that first night. I realised I’d been trying to ignore how much I looked forward to your visits at the office.” He shook his head in self derision, “It felt too sudden. I didn’t understand why this...crazy woman was making me feel out of sorts, causing me to smile when I’m alone and laugh...” he grinned, and kissed her nose and she giggled.

“There’s that sound I missed,” he grated, pulling out with a moan, and hugging her as he lay on his side, facing her. Then he sobered. “I’m sorry for being stupid and not calling you when all I wanted was not just to hear your voice but be with you.”

“I’m sorry for not bothering you more,” her voice broke but she was smiling, happiness shone from her eyes. “I started out looking for whom to use to get to your uncle, but when I saw you, the whole plan changed. I wanted to make babies with you.” She bit her lip and looked down, “In fact, that was the initial proposal; I’d always wanted to be a single mom since I couldn’t stand guys. But after visiting your office and seeing how I was a nuisance to you...”

He kissed her cheek, interrupting her, while thinking this was the first time she’d mentioned his uncle and it wasn’t awkward, considering what Zach had done, “A beautiful nuisance.”

“I didn’t know that then. So, when the opportunity came up, surprisingly perfect, I took it.”

Ben looked at her, enjoying how fresh she looked with no make-up, enjoying the hard push of her stomach against his. His child was in there and the shocking pleasure coursed through his body making his hold tighten about her. This was his family, he couldn’t imagine losing this overwhelming happiness, if she’d not pursued him with dogged determination.

He leaned in to kiss her and she whispered what he wanted to hear. His throat clogged at her shy declaration of love. He kissed her with more passion than he’d intended. “Say it again, darling,” he pleaded, his eyes never leaving hers, his breath bated.

“I love you, Ben. I pretended these past months that I could survive without you...” she was interrupted by a stomach growl.

Ben choked on a laugh, “Is that you or me?”

Rita planted her face on his chest in embarrassment, and then looked up sharply with humour dancing in her eyes. “That was your child.”

“Our child, you mean,” he corrected with a wide grin, his heart slamming with love for her...for them.

“Yes... I’m sorry, I seem to always be hungry.”

Ben shook his head, kissing her deeply, “Don’t apologise, I should’ve fed you, especially with all the loving we made through the night,” he wriggled his brow at her and she giggled, falling back on the bed and giving him the opportunity to kiss her exposed belly. “Good morning, in there, boy or girl, I love you. I’m going to feed mommy now, so, stay put.”

The sound of her laugh and the memory of love in her eyes followed him out of the room in his search for breakfast.


After Ben had fed her with basic tea, bread and some fruits she’d had on her kitchen table, he declared her pantry empty and decided he was going to fill it to take care of her incessant hunger.

Rita couldn’t believe how accepting and happy he was that she was having his baby. He didn’t even flinch when she’d apologised about lying that she was safe. Everything he did and said made her heart melt.

The moment he’d stepped out with a directive to take a bath, she’d nodded like a meek child but had picked her phone to call her friends the moment the door shut behind him.

They were ecstatic for her and she was refusing to think about anything more at this time, she just wanted to enjoy Ben and all he offered.

She got up from the bed to do as was directed but guilt of the scattered room tightened her chest, so, she began picking clothes with the intention of dumping the first set, after colour separation, in the washing machine.

After shoving all the whites in, she took her bath, dressed up and went to shove the next set in. While she waited, she checked the pockets of her trousers and shorts for any forgotten objects before putting them in the machine.

When she got to Ben’s jeans, the one he’d worn when he’d shown up at her door, she grinned, thinking if anyone saw her now they’d think she was deranged. She took the trousers to her nose and moaned as she inhaled his scent, recalling their bodies smashed together, his dark skin sensually contrasting with her fair skin, the zing when they touched... the weight of love in her heart was unimaginable.

With a sigh, she bit her lip and did the cursory check of pockets, smiling when she pulled out loose changes, flight tickets, a pen and a box. The knick-knacks from his pockets rested on the ironing table but the little black box seemed to have hypnotised her into immobility.

She heard the door open and shut. She heard his heavy tread go to the kitchen quite clearly because she was in the store beside it. She heard him leave, heard him callout her name, but she could say nothing nor could she move.

“Rita?” Ben’s arms enfolded her from the back, his scent engulfing her. He kissed her neck and murmured, “I missed you.” It took him a few seconds to realise she wasn’t responding. “Rita?” he turned her over gently and his eyes finally fell on the box.

Rita did not know what to think. For the first time in her life, she was truly and totally speechless, struck dumb with fear of the unexpected.

Ben cleared his throat, looking from her to the box, also seeming to have contacted the speechlessness that ailed her. Then, in a move that sent her gasping and holding her neck while her heart thumped as though aiming to shatter her chest, he went on one knee before her.

“Rita,” he called in a solemn tone.

She had to swallow several times to be able to whisper, “Yes.”

Fear shone in his eyes, but right before her, he visibly stamped it down. “I refuse to hold back as I’d done the last time, thinking that it was too soon and you would reject me, so, I believed I had to ease you into the idea.”

Ben swallowed with obvious difficulty and reached for the box in her hand. She thought his hand shook as he opened the box but she couldn’t be sure, not when tears clouded her eyes.

Rita sharply swiped the tears from her eyes and sniffled. Ben held out the simple, teardrop shaped stone on gold band. She fell in love with it instantly, shoving her hand forward even when he hadn’t asked.

His eyes widened, “You...will, you will...?”

“Yes, I’ll marry you,” she gushed, crying and chuckling as his hands shook, making it difficult to slide the ring on her finger. When he finally did, she whooped and flew into his arms as he got to his feet.

“This was me shooting my shot.” His words were muffled on her shoulder but she heard him clearly.

Rita shifted back, chuckling, “Ben! What do you know about shooting shots?”

“James mentioned it one time,” he sniffled and she grinned. “I’m afraid you’d assume I’m a weak guy with all these tears, but, I’m just really happy....”

Rita shook her head, struggling to hold her own tears. “No, I won’t, that would make me a weak gal.”

He sniffled, breathing deeply through his mouth, “I keep worrying you’ll think I’m like my uncle...”

“Stop, Ben, don’t spoil the moment with his name. I love you, and enough with assumptions already. If we have uncertainties, I vote we speak up and talk about it together.”

Ben nodded, grinning, “I vote for that too. I love you, Rita. My heart pounds for you.”


His heart was pounding so loud he could barely hear the congratulations from Eka with her three week baby boy on her shoulder, Nene, their husbands, his brother and wife, who’d flown in for a business meeting and had decided to chill a few days with them in their new, larger home, when the labour had kicked in.

“Are you okay, bro?” Jeff asked, always keen to notice what others didn’t.

Ben was unsteady on his feet after the doctor’s announcement of Rita’s safe delivery. “I feel a bit dizzy.”

Jeff shifted close and he leaned on his eldest brother’s shoulder. It was okay to do so without questions as they stood off from the rest. “You’ll be fine. Calm down on the happiness, though.”

“I don’t know how, Jeff, I freaking love her.”

Jeff grinned, “Now, you freaking love them.”

Yes, them, Ben thought as he turned from the tiny, twin boys in their cots to stare at their mother, his three month old wife. Marrying her had given him more joy than he could imagine and his heart always tripped in fear that he would have missed this if she’d not come for him. He was realistic enough to acknowledge that she could’ve fired her shot at some other guy. Ben felt blessed that she had chosen him.

He leaned over his sleeping wife and tenderly kissed her temple. Her face was freshly scrubbed and she was the most beautiful woman at that moment, with her belly still protruding from the birth.

Ben kissed her lips, his heart heavy with love and whispered, “Thank you for aiming your shot at me.”


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