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Chapter Eight

“He took all three.” Ben announced and smiled as James jumped in celebration.

“Yes! My goodness, Rita is amazing. Three designs before 24 hours and they all got accepted? She’s a genius!”

Ben nodded, indeed, she was, he thought, nodding at the applause from his staff who’d gathered at his open door for the call to Mr. Uwa. He watched as James dispersed the staff and shut his door.

“We’re celebrating,” he enthused.

Ben nodded, grinning, though his mind wasn’t on their win. He was surprised that he wasn’t excited about the initial millions Mr. Uwa transferred into the company account for the project. The need to succeed and clear his name had taken a backseat to his prospective one night with Rita.

Without warning, he was plagued with flash visions of sinking his hands into her long mane, biting her neck and leaving marks on her fair, perfect skin, pulling back her shirt and getting the first glimpse of her breasts and the colour of her nipple...


“Hmm,” he looked up absentmindedly; James must have been speaking to him while he was lost in...lust. Jesus, when had this happen? Rita had always been a nuisance, he’d never viewed her in a sensual way, but one suggestion to share a night ‘fucking’ as she’d said, and he was jittery like a teenager about to have his first sexual experience.

“You never told me what Rita’s conditions were.”

James gave him a steady look, his eyes speculative. Could he tell him? What would he think of him? He’d been trying to clear his name from a sex scandal and now he’d consciously walked into one, because it would be a scandal if found out. So, he tightened his lips and smiled.

“She was right, it’s something I can easily handle.” James grinned. “You mentioned celebrating, can we do that now?” Ben looked away from James and busied with arranging his table and shutting his laptop.

“Sure. Let me grab my phone.”

When he left the office, Ben grabbed his phone and dialled Rita’s number. He couldn’t sit still, so he paced to the window and looked out without seeing the view. His breath hitched when she answered the call.

“He took all three.” His announcement sounded sober and Rita must have noticed because she said nothing. “I’ll be free on Friday.”


Ben couldn’t concentrate at work and he knew why. It was Friday.

In the last two days, he’d communicated with Rita through text. They’d both sounded as though they were making arrangements for a work event instead of a night of debauchery.

He’d agreed to meet at her house by 6:30pm; she’d texted him her address. Should he bring something, perhaps, a bottle of wine? He didn’t even know if she liked wine. He didn’t know anything about her and he realized, to his dismay that he wanted to. He wanted to know more than her genius in graphic design. He wanted to know how she’d gotten into graphics, a rare skill for women. He wanted to know everything about her.

At 4:15pm, Ben gave in and packed up. James waved him off as he announced he was leaving and he was glad that his friend hadn’t insisted on finding out why he was leaving early as opposed to his culture of leaving last.

Ben stopped on his way home and bought wine. When he got home, he took a shot of brandy, yet it did nothing to calm his anxiety. After choosing and rejecting several shirts because he didn’t want to seem like he was trying to impress her, Ben dropped on the floor of his room and did twenty press-ups.

This was unbelievable. If someone had told him he would be eager for sexual relations with the crazy woman he’d met on that Tuesday morning, over a month ago, he’d have laughed the person to death.

He’d been semi-aroused all day. And despite the exercise to calm his nerves and cold shower, the damn thing seemed to increase as the time drew near. It would be embarrassing to show up at Rita’s house with a protruding fly like a pervert.

“Damn it.” Ben muttered as he shut the shower and stared down at his bobbing erection. A thought crossed his mind, would she think he was too big or would she appreciate his unusual girth? He’d had women who complained about his being too big and even the thought of those unpleasant scenarios couldn’t reduce his excitement.

Growling his frustration he grabbed his length, rubbing from the base to the tip, slowly at first, but when he shut his eyes, all he could see was Rita and his hand quickened. It was like a collage of moments he wasn’t aware had been saved in his memory bank. He could see her eyes twinkle when laughing, could see her flirting with him, her voice when she said outrageous things to him, he could see how she bit her lower lip and he groaned in his bathroom imagining that mouth on his dick.

He could see her on her knees, those hazel eyes staring at him through her lashes while she sucked him. Her mouth would be full and bulging with his length...Ben came at that imagery. He whimpered as his hand squeezed out cream from his semi-hard dick.

“Fuck.” He muttered; Rita was driving him crazy.

Ben was shutting his shower after rinsing off when he heard his phone ring from the room. He grabbed his towel and hurried over to the bed even though the ringing had stopped. He looked at the caller’s ID and frowned. “Gbenga?”

Why was his colleague at the Lagos branch calling him? They’d all believed that slutty Nneka when she’d accused him of trying to rape her at the company’s mid-year gala. The problem was, he couldn’t defend himself because he’d been so drunk, the whole party remained a blur. He’d always been able to hold his liquor but he couldn’t understand why that party had been different.

His phone rang again. Ben stared at it and contemplated ignoring the call. At the last second he picked it, and he was glad he had. The problem was, by the time the call ended, his phone wasn’t just hot and burning his ear, the time had flown to 9:34pm.


Friday had arrived faster than she’d envisaged and she wasn’t ready.

“But this is what you wanted.” Eka had countered when she’d shared her hysterical apprehension.

“Well, I didn’t think it would work!”

Nene had scoffed, “Seriously? With the effort you’d put in chasing him?”

“What if he doesn’t”

“You mean your body?” Eka had always been perceptive. “The man is lucky to have one night with you! Besides, he agreed because he wants it. A man that wants nothing to do with a woman always finds a way to avoid it.”

“Jeez, who are you and what have you done with our confident friend?” Nene had asked.

“She likes him.” Eka had answered as the reason she’d been jittery. “Rita, stop over thinking things. It’s just a one night...thing, so just have fun.”

That advice had been hours ago at Eka’s house. She’d rushed home and prepared a meal of white rice while pulling out her frozen pot of stew to warm. She’d taken a bath and after rejecting several clothe choices had settled on comfort. She’d pulled on her soft pyjama short and its accompanying top over an exercise bra.

She’d stared at her room with a critical eye, having already cleaned and changed beddings the previous day. Rita set the dining table and settled down to wait. She’d expected him to show up at seven but her heart plummeted when at eight, he’d not shown or texted an excuse.

Did this mean she wasn’t even worth an excuse? Like, she’d been used to guys taking her for granted which is why she’d avoided them for years. They’d thought a chubby girl would be desperate for scraps of their miserable affection, but she’d walked away. She’d shown them that she was worthy of more. Except, Ben with just this action of not showing up or calling or texting to make an excuse had made her feel unworthy.

He’d succeeded in crumbling walls of confidence she’d used years in building. She’d already been anxious about what he’d think of her body, but not showing up at all, was the explosive that decimated years of self worth.

Sighing wearily, Rita opted to open a bottle of white wine rather than call her friends; it’d be too pathetic. It took her thirty minutes to drink half of the bottle while watching Avengers End Game. She was aware her eyes drooped and she’d been determined to finish the movie but she couldn’t recall falling asleep.


“Fuck.” Rita wasn’t answering his knocks.

Ben snatched his phone from his pocket and dialled her number the same moment he used his left hand with the shopping bag to try the door. It opened.

He frowned, she didn’t lock her door? Ben was shocked at the barrage of concern that flooded his heart at that thought. He ended the call and tentatively widened the door.

“Hello?” he called over the sound of the movie on the flat-screen TV. His eyes scanned the apartment and he loved what he saw. It was trendy and homey at the same time. In fact, it was a space suitable for both male and female - like an expensive common room.

Ben walked in, shut the door and locked it. When he moved further, approaching the sitting room, he found her asleep on the red leather couch, having almost emptied a bottle of white wine. His heart lurched. Had she been upset? Rita had never seemed upset about anything, even the times he’d been rude on purpose. But he could see tear stains on her cheek.

“Shit. Rita?” he called and reached out to shake her shoulder after he’d dropped the shopping bag on the nearest seat. He shook her again but as a certified, hot blooded man, his eyes unconsciously tracked the soft curve of her hips, thick thighs and fair legs that just fit with everything. She was both adorable and sexy.

When her legs moved he thought she was waking. But her thighs pressed together and then she moaned, “Ben...”

His eyes flew to her face in shock. Her moan went straight to his groin, filling it up and making his jeans uncomfortably tight. Ben went on his knees beside the couch and shook Rita with the desperation of a drowning man. She woke up with a disgruntled groan, refusing to open her eyes, but when she did and registered Ben, she lurched into a sitting position. Ben noticed that her gaze skimmed everywhere but where he knelt.

“Err...what are you doing here?”

Seriously, that was her opening line? Ben frowned as her gaze kept refusing to meet his. This wasn’t the Rita he knew. He’d expected her to say something sarcastic alluding to his arriving late or even make a sex joke about the situation, not this...wait, was she shy?

“To fuck. That was our agreement, right?” he wanted to shock her into looking at him. Ben realized he wanted the blow that came with meeting her hazel eyes and it worked...for two seconds.

Her startled gaze met his, she licked her lips which did nothing to help his fly predicament and then she looked away again.

“Look, for what it’s worth, I’m absolutely sorry for being this late and I should have called you.” Her eyes slowly turned to him in wonder. What now? Ben narrowed eyes at her, was she not expecting an apology? “I really should’ve called that I’ll be showing up late, but I’ve been on a long call with a former colleague.”

Rita’s eyes remained on him. It was like his apology was mesmerizing to her, she couldn’t look away while he spoke and he loved it. So, he kept talking, his eyes on her too.

“Though, now that I think about it, I should have texted you with my second phone, but I couldn’t think of anything else while hearing the good news my colleague was passing. I would love to tell it to you, but, not, I just want to be with you.” Ben was making himself vulnerable to her. Yes, it was an arrangement, but in the two days he’d had to consider sex with her, he’d been so eager it was embarrassing. He believed the burning in his belly would calm when he’d had her; he believed he was just having new situation jitters.

But his confession did the opposite, it took her eyes away from him and she was back to looking everywhere else but at him. It appeared Rita suffered acute shyness, a shock, since he would never have mentioned ‘shy’ in a line-up of her features if asked.

Rita licked her lips, appearing nervous. Her eyes snagged on the shopping bag like a life line, he knew this because he couldn’t bear to look away from her, he followed her every move.

“Wha...what’s in the bag?”


Her eyes widened and met his again. “Are you planning a party?” a smile ghosted over her lips and that made him happy, this was the Rita he was used to.

Ben shrugged, “Well, at first, I didn’t know if I should bring wine. And when I decided I should bring one anyway, I had no idea the kind you liked. So, to be on the safe side, I got both white and red, in all the brands that the super-market carried.”

Silence reigned but their gazes held and Ben was good with that. Except, he noticed her breathing hitched, her eyes seemed melted, so, he guessed his action sort of turned her on and that, definitely, turned him on too.

The tension was palpable in the sitting room while he knelt facing her red leather couch and she sat a few paces from him, smelling like she usually did and driving him crazy.

“Why are you kneeling?” She finally asked with a furrowed brow.

Ben had a realization in that moment, the crazy Rita he was used to was on vacation, and this was a part of her he’d not known existed. Even though she’d made the suggestion of a one night together, it was obvious he had to take the lead.

So, instead of stammering through some sort of explanation, he got to his feet, revealing the monstrous bulge in his jeans. He heard her gasp, he caught her widened eyes on the bulge, watched her bite her lower lip with a tiny throat moan and the bulge increased.

Rita flew from her seat. “Err...umm...” she tittered on the spot, looking around as though not sure of what she should be doing. “I’, let me take the wine to the kitchen.”

She was there one moment and then not. Ben shook his head, smiling, apparently, he had his work cut out for him and by the pounding of his heart, he was eager to start. Rita might talk a good talk, but when faced with the reality, she retreated into her shell. Ben planned to inundate her with so much pleasure her shell would explode.

He pulled off his shirt, unbuckled his belt and pulled off his jeans. He stood with his white boxer brief which left nothing to the imagination, then he stalked to the kitchen.


Rita juggled the bottle of wine she’d been about to put in her fridge when Ben appeared without clothes in her kitchen. While she struggled to hold onto the bottle with fingers that had turned buttery, she acknowledged that her kitchen would never be the same again. She’d never walk in here without seeing Ben in his tall, hard everywhere, big everywhere, smooth everywhere glory.

She looked away the moment she realized he’d caught her staring and shoved the wine into her stocked fridge. Her friends would be slapping her back into her senses if they could see her now. She should be climbing Ben like a tree but the shyness she’d thought she’d overcome had returned with so much force she couldn’t shake it.

Ben marched with determination to her, causing a tightening in her throat. “, Ben, wait. I think we...” his hands glided over her cheeks and neck, held her softly and kissed her.

Oh sweet Jesus. Rita had a full body shiver when his lips met hers. They were warm and tasted of something stronger than wine, something smoky and masculine and sexy. His tongue needed to be given a state of its own with how it licked into her mouth, tangling with hers, coaxing her own hesitant tongue out to play and sipping whatever it gave.

It was a whole meal and yet it wasn’t enough, which explained why her arms rounded his body and drew him closer, moaning into his mouth when he nipped her lips.

“You were saying?” his voice reverberated through her body and she didn’t understand why that sent melting sensations to her lady part; she could feel liquid wetting her sleep shorts.

“Uh?” Her brain must have scrambled because she couldn’t recall what she’d wanted to say. Not when he was plastered to her body, so plastered she could feel his entire hardness, especially the prominent bulge pressed to her stomach. Shit, Ben was actually plastered to her, and if she could feel all of him, it meant he could feel all of her. So, she made to withdraw from his hold but he held fast and kissed her again.

Lordy gracious! He didn’t just hold her face this time, he moved, he moved everything. She found herself leaning on a hard surface, she groaned when his hips moved, pressing his erection on her stomach in slow movements. His hands slid down her shoulders, diverted to her stomach and then glided up to beneath her breasts but didn’t touch, so she arched her back to present her boobs for touching...he still didn’t! Rather, he caressed down, rounded her waist and grabbed her buttocks, squeezing and pulling her closer; Rita was sure she’d have been a pulp on the tiles if he’d not been holding her.

“Rita,” he murmured, grabbing her face again and when she frowned and opened her eyes, his face was levelled with hers and they were eye to eye. “We’re doing this. There’s no need for avoidance, babe, this is happening as planned. Okay?”

She wanted to cringe when he mentioned the plan but he looked so invested that all she could do was nod.

“Good.” He grabbed her wrist and pulled her from the kitchen.

Rita wasn’t focused on where he led them as she was stuck on the hard curve of his arse in those white briefs which contrasted with his dark skin, her mouth watered. When she looked up though, they were in her room and she had no idea how he knew, maybe she’d left the door open.

Ben turned to her and reached for the helm of her pyjama top but she grabbed onto it with widened eyes. “The...the lights.” Rita cringed at her stammer but if they were going to enjoy this, she needed to save him from the sight of her body. Since it was a one night thing, there was no need to reveal all her embarrassing secrets.

He narrowed his eyes at her for a second and then he smiled as though he’d just realized something. He pulled her close and nipped the side of her lips, dragging wet kisses down her chin to her neck which sort of fried her brain as she melted on him. Soon, she found herself flat on her king-size bed with Ben hovering over her.

If her heart could bust a hole in her chest from just beating, the blood pumping organ would be jerking on the tiled floor of the room by now. He flipped open her top and kissed her soft stomach with the embarrassing extra abdominal pouch.

“Ben...” she moaned but cringed too. “Please...the light...”

“Not happening, babe,” he growled without stopping his kiss onslaught on her belly.

“What...why?” she pushed at his head, though the sight of him bent over her was...

“I can smell your arousal, Rita. You want me and I’m half way finished just staring at your arse jiggle in those shorts. I’m aware that you have no panties on,” he knelt on the bed, holding her knees apart, even though she struggled to close them.

“I’m aware that you’re entirely, soaking wet because your short between your thighs are totally damp,” his hand slipped between her thighs without warning and touched her through her wet shorts; she moaned shamelessly.

“I want to see you, Rita. I’ve been driving myself crazy wondering what colour your nipples will be,” he grinned at her widened eyes while he pulled her top over head, so she had to raise her hands and turn slightly on the bed so he could pull it off entirely and dropped it over his shoulder.

Ben bit his lip as he stared at her exercise bra which zipped in front. His gaze flicked to her face and in that brief glance she could see blatant anticipation as he zipped down the bra. He growled when her breasts spilled from the elastic, their weight causing their spill in separate directions.

“It’s better than I imagined,” he muttered, his eyes fixed on breasts she’d always believed were too big for her short height.

But most importantly, Ben imagined her boobs? When had this... “Oh!” he had licked from under her breast to her nipple which hardened to a point of pain...sweet pain.

Rita opened her eyes which felt swollen in time to catch him smacking his lips as though he’d just tasted the most delicious fruit and couldn’t wait to take another bite. He slid to her right side on the bed, his left elbow keeping him up and above her while his eyes took in everything, not cringing in disgust but staring in beatific amazement.

Then, as though that position wasn’t good enough, he got to his knees in a fluid motion that continued till he was astride her, though his weight wasn’t entirely on her.

“I need both hands,” he muttered, and didn’t seem to be talking to her because he immediately grabbed her boobs, excess spilling from the sides and pushed them together before sucking on both her nipples.

Rita didn’t recognise the sound that tore from her throat and her thighs kept pressing together, seeking friction that would guarantee fulfilment but just rubbing thighs together wasn’t enough. She needed Ben...urgently.

“Ben please...” she gasped, her hands sliding up his ripped stomach to pinch his flat nipple. She wound her hand around his neck and shoved off the bed, bulldozing him to lie on his side where she proceeded to clasp her legs around his lean hips, bringing not just her needy pussy close to his huge, hardness but her mouth to his.

“Yes! That’s my girl,” he murmured against her lips before he moulded his to hers, his arms engulfing all of her and holding her tightly while moving his hips in a manner suggesting of the act that Rita was now desperate for.

“Please, I need you... I need you now!” Rita pushed him away, grappling with his boxer briefs, she moaned in appreciation when his phallus sprung from his shorts, proud and smooth, dark and hard and huge...

She shunted her pyjama shorts, flinging it away with her leg and spreading herself for him. Her emptiness suddenly echoed and she wanted to end that, she wanted to be filled with him, had always wanted to be filled with him.

“Oh mercy.” Ben stared with his mouth ajar. He swallowed with blatant difficulty. “ pants are in the... I need condoms, yes, condoms,” he’d shut his eyes when he’d mentioned the condoms like he couldn’t concentrate when looking at her. It gave her a high that ploughed through her body but still ended up pooling in the heat of her cunt.

“I’m safe,” she blurted, eyes wide and desperate, hips undulating and wanting. “Please, Ben, I really need to feel your big cock filling me up to my throat.”

“Oh fuck!” he was on her in a flash, widening her thighs with both hands and directing his huge shaft to her desperately dripping hole.

His obvious desperation to plug her made him miss. The mushroom head smacked on her clit and while dragging it back to where it should be, it rubbed on her clit and she moaned. Ben ended up rubbing the bulbous head of his cock on her, he left one of her thighs, grabbed his hard length and proceeded to torture her pleasure nub.

Up and down, side to side, he went, then he leaned in, pressing the leaking slit of his cock on her clit, while tweaking her nipple with his teeth and she bucked on the bed, cumming so hard, she was sure she stopped breathing.

He didn’t let her catch her breath, she was still gasping and whimpering from the unbelievable climax he’d given, he didn’t mind her impossibly dripping cove, in fact, Ben seemed to love it because she could feel him smearing his dick all over her cream before shoving in, thrusting in one swoop, he buried the entire length of his monster cock to the hilt.

A cry of pleasure tore from her throat. Rita couldn’t recognise her own voice, especially as it blended with Ben’s desperate grunts and the smack of their naked skins echoing in the room...her room. Rita couldn’t understand why the sound of their skin meeting was so endearingly sexy to her. She didn’t get why she wanted more even though she had him deep in her, she had his mouth over every possible naked skin he could reach, yet she prodded him by widening her legs.

“Yes, spread that pussy for me,” he muttered, seeming to like what she’d done. He leaned on his haunches and Rita opened her heavy eyes to catch him staring at her cunt with amazement.

Ben’s hand went as though not controlled by his mind to her pussy and touched her clit, sending her into a tizzy. She moaned, and he began humping shallowly, not giving her his entire length and she began saying things, things she’d probably flinch at when she wasn’t feeling like she was hanging on a balance at the top of the highest building, about to fall but scared to.

Her hearing ceased as she climbed higher, she became so dizzy she had to shut her eyes tight. When Ben leaned his weight on her while his hips pumped ceaselessly up and down, with both his arms under her thighs, raised to her chest and keeping her wide open, her breath hitched and she knew another unbelievable orgasm was close. Rita felt undecided, it was so intense that she didn’t want the orgasm to come just yet but she moved her hips, meeting him half way in pursuing the orgasm which she needed like her next breath.

It was what he did to her. Ben did this to her. Ben made her want things she usually wouldn’t care about. Her eyes opened, and as though they were on the same wave length, he rose from sucking her nipples and their gazes met and held. He looked like he wanted to say something but he bit his lip and smashed his mouth to hers in a kiss that was a statement.

Rita felt he was telling her something in that kiss, but she was too off her head to understand. She gasped, her whole body shivered and contracted as the wave of pleasure became unbearable and she let go. She heard Ben’s gasp of protest and felt the quickening of his hips as he pursued the end.

He was smacking harder than ever. His hands grabbed both her breasts and squeezed. It should have been painful but she loved it all. He was murmuring.

“I don’t want to come.” Ben said it over and over, punctuating each words with hard slaps of his hips into her. His obvious helpless pleasure sent her into another tailspin. This time, she had to grab on to his neck and squeeze her legs to his thigh to avoid falling. Because she was falling...they were falling, and were better as they fell together in mindless bliss.

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